12 Easy Ways To Get Better Fuel Mileage Right Now

12: Watch out for warning lights

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Be aware of the warning lights on your dashboard. A glowing check engine light is not important to car owners because it only means there is an “emissions problem.” Guess what? The problem with emissions is almost always the result of an incomplete burn, so you’re not getting the most out of your investment. Another way to say this is that a check light means you’re wasting fuel.

Additionally, all that extra fuel gets right into your expensive catalytic converter, which prematurely fails. In addition to having to replace a new catalytic converter, you still have to fix the underlying issue that triggered the check engine light in the first place. It is often the fault of a bum sensor or vacuum leak that causes the check engine light to illuminate. Fixing a vacuum leak or replacing a sensor will save you far more than you’ll lose in reduced fuel economy.

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