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TikToker Discovers 40-Year-Old D&D Dice & Miniature in Junk Yard


A small cache of Dungeons & Dragons dice & a miniature in need of some TLC are discovered hidden away in a junk yard.


A TikToker has discovered a secret treasure trove of D&D dice & a miniature, though it looked like anything but loot when it was discovered. The odd tabletop find was located in a junkyard, hidden inside a spare tire belonging to a Mustang.

Any Dungeons & Dragons player underst&s the importance of dice & miniatures. Dice are essential for determining whether a player’s action is successful, the strength of attacks, & other odds in the tabletop game. Miniatures, while generally not required, add a level of customization & detail to the game’s world in a visual way. Many players collect dice & miniatures, but it seems that someone’s small collection was separated from them at some point.


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TikToker Girthy_Canoe shared a brief video on their account of the discovery. A small, oil-soaked bag is shown, visibly stained & quite greasy. Inside of it, several dice were found, along with a single miniature. The TikToker explained that they planned to clean it, hoping that it wouldn’t cause any further damage to the D&D collectibles. They soaked the bag & the contents in a vat of soapy water, letting the oil loosen up.

In a second video they shared, the results can be seen. The bag is now a much lighter color, though it has been a bit damaged. Girthy_Canoe noted that they took a toothbrush to the D&D dice after soaking, & they look to be in primarily good shape after cleaning, though some of them are visibly dented or scuffed. Finally, the miniature is much easier to make out clearly after the cleaning. Courtesy of an imprint on the base of the figure, commenters & the TikToker were able to piece together that it’s a 1983 Tom Meier figurine. Though the TikToker was initially concerned about it being made of lead, it’s reportedly made of pewter, a much safer option.

The nearly 40-year-old find is remarkable, & raises the question of what it was doing stashed in a spare tire. There’s no telling how long it’s been waiting there for someone to find it, but there’s a good chance that this set was meaningful to someone at some point. Sadly, there’s no identifiable characteristics that could help to track down the original owner. With any luck, the dice & miniature can find new life in a modern-day Dungeons & Dragons game sometime in the future, thanks to the help of this TikToker.

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