7 Spectacular International Adventures Without a Passport in 2022

7 Spectacular International Adventures: You can enjoy a “staycation” in Western Canada just as much as you would in another country. There is no place like home more than the Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest.

Do you want to visit exotic islands?

Do you want to visit exotic islands?
Do you want to visit exotic islands?

Haida Gwaii is more interesting than Galapagos

The Queen Charlotte Islands are an archipelago off the northernmost coastline of British Columbia that has a mystical beauty and a rich Indigenous culture. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, dotted with a number of breathtaking village sites, has been home to the Haida people for over 13,000 years. The area is home to ancient totems, dense forests cloaked in mist, and orcas that swim offshore. It is possible to see many of the sights during a day trip, but most day-trippers wish they had booked several nights with one of the local outfitters who will take you deep into the protected area with an inflatable outboard motorboat.

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