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AEW Fight Forever Teases Lights Out Match Reveal for Full Gear


aew fight forever lights out match full gear 2022

All Elite Wrestling plans to debut a look at AEW Fight Forever‘s Lights Out matches during this Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view. AEW Fight Forever, the debut game from the young pro wrestling promotion, is tentatively planned for release in 2022. Despite the quickly closing release window, much of AEW Fight Forever has yet to be shown publicly. A full Lights Out match, a violent type of match with no rules, would be the best look at the final product yet.


It’s an interesting choice of venue, but AEW will be sharing the new gameplay footage as part of this weekend’s Full Gear PPV. Full Gear is the fourth & final PPV on AEW’s annual schedule & is a reference to a pro wrestler wearing their full kit in preparation for a match. Full Gear 2022 features the highly anticipated rematch between champion Jon Moxley & the young up-&-comer that fans love to hate, MJF. It’s a Enormous event, though a high PPV price will make it relatively exclusive with between 100 & 200,000 viewers expected.

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Hinting at what to expect, AEW shared the announcement on Twitter alongside a teaser screenshot. The screenshot showcased a bloody scene taken from a Lights Out match between women’s wrestlers Britt Baker & Thunder Rosa. Britt currently has Rosa pinned as referee Aubrey Edwards counts. Underneath Rosa & across the ring, oversized tacks can be seen. There’s also a garbage can in the foreground, a baseball bat & a kendo stick in the background, & what looks like a “Wet Floor” warning sign in the background.

Especially noticeable from the screenshot is the amount of blood in the ring. AEW has built a reputation for allowing violent hardcore matches, both for men & women, including spots that leave wrestlers bleeding. It looks like that’s going to be properly carried over into AEW Fight Forever. The blood splatters the ring mat, but can also be seen splattered on Britt Baker’s back & arms, as well as Thunder Rosa‘s stomach.

For fans of hardcore wrestling, it looks like AEW will deliver a rare gaming experience for the modern era. WWE is known for having gone “PG” in 2008 in order to attain a TV rating for a younger audience. It built its audience in the 90s on a lot of violent & bloody hardcore matches, however. The result is that video games for the past 14 years have been very PG as well. This has allowed AEW to st& out.

AEW Full Gear is scheduled to air Saturday, November 19, at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT on all major providers, or via streaming on Bleacher Report or Fite.tv outside the US. When the Lights Out debut is shared isn’t clear, but pro wrestling fans can look forward to it amid the rest of the spectacle.

AEW Fight Forever releases in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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