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Best Local Co-Op Games On Amazon Luna


Subscription services have taken the gaming world by storm over the last few years, & Amazon Luna is starting to pick up steam. Following a period of early access, Luna officially launched on March 1, 2022 in the United States, presenting customers with a wide range of games they can stream using cloud-based technology.

Amazon Luna‘s library is split into five channels, all of which contain games that support local co-op as a feature. Along with just connecting two controllers to a PC & playing the old-fashioned way, subscribers can also use Luna Couch to take the local co-op experience national. That said, what are the best Amazon Luna co-op games that support Luna Couch?


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World game coop

An underappreciated gem that disappeared for a number of years, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game oozes love & appreciation for the beat ’em up genre. Similar to the graphic novels & live-action movie, the game follows Scott as he faces off against Ramona’s seven evil exes; however, this time, Scott can bring a friend along for the ride.

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Along with simple but intuitive gameplay, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World gets its presentation absolutely spot on. The old-school visuals are vibrant & lively, while the soundtrack is absolutely top-notch. The combat sticks close to the beat ’em up formula, all the while adding enough flare to help the game st& out from the crowd. There are even a few unlockables to encourage repeat runs, so players who fall in love with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will not run out of stuff to do too quickly.

Moving Out

moving out co-op game

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date April 27, 2020
Genre Puzzle
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 5 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Moving Out

Moving Out takes one of life’s most stressful activities – moving – & transforms it into a hilarious but still frustrating experience. While possible to play solo, this title shines far brighter when the load is shared among a few movers. The players have to coordinate & communicate as they attempt to get every piece of furniture into the truck before time runs out.

Straightforward as the gameplay loop might be, Moving Out knows how to keep things interesting for its short but sweet campaign. Each level has additional objectives to inject some variety into proceedings, & the most accomplished movers can even try their h&s at the game’s harder bonus levels.

Tetris Effect Connected

tetris effect connected

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date November 10, 2020
Genre Puzzle
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 3 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Tetris Effect Connected

2018’s Tetris Effect revamped the classic game by emphasizing music, challenging players to match their block placements with the beat. Tetris Effect Connected takes the base version & implements multiplayer, introducing both co-op & competitive modes. The latter supports online play as would be expected, while the former permits players to blend their separate Tetris Effect fields to create one massive puzzle.

Tetris Effect Connected is simply a great game regardless of whether someone is playing alone or with friends. The co-op feature is not the only reason to boot up this game on Amazon Luna, but it certainly adds value to the overall experience.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered

A team of heroes in The Wonderful 101 wearing masks

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date May 19, 2020
Genre Action-Adventure
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 15 Hours
Amazon Luna Link The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Originally released exclusively for the Wii U, The Wonderful 101 is a quirky beat ’em up action game that garnered positive reviews but struggled commercially. Eventually, PlatinumGames crowdfunded a remaster, allowing the superhero title to make its way to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC. The Wonderful 101 puts players in charge of a group of superheroes who can combine to create unique objects. As the player’s roster of heroes increases, so does their array of abilities.

For the most part, The Wonderful 101 is intended as a single-player package, & solo gamers who ignore the multiplayer will not miss out on too much. However, Amazon Luna users who wish to bring along a friend can use Luna Couch to assemble their superhero team. The campaign does not support co-op, but multiplayer can be experienced in the game’s Mission Mode.


overcooked game 1

Amazon Channel Family
Release Date August 03, 2016
Genre Party
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 8 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Overcooked!

“Working in a frantic kitchen sounds like fun” is a phrase that nobody has ever uttered. Yet, Overcooked! manages to take that concept & actualize it. A party game that asks people to work together as they step into the shoes of busy chefs, Overcooked! does a pretty decent job of capturing the overwhelming nature of operating in such an environment. Consequently, the game produces laughs & the occasional bursts of frustration; either way, it makes for a memorable session.

Overcooked! 2 is also available on the Luna+ channel, so those who love the original game can jump into its sequel by opting for a different channel. The two titles are pretty similar, so fans of one are likely to love the other.

River City Girls

river city girls kyoko & misako

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date September 05, 2019
Genre Beat ‘Em Up
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 7 Hours
Amazon Luna Link River City Girls

Kunio-kun has been around since the early ’90s, but it would not be until the 2010s that the franchise would start to consistently make its way to the west. Funnily enough, arguably the most well-known entry in North America is a spin-off, River City Girls, that switches things up by having the heroes’ girlfriends be the ones in charge of saving their partners.

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A beat ’em up overflowing with humor, River City Girls controls like a dream, even if its gameplay does not do too much to differentiate itself from other modern releases in the genre. Although fun alone, this game really comes alive in co-op since that allows Misako & Kyoko to truly spread chaos across the streets. The game’s visuals are also incredibly charming, having an almost Saturday Morning Cartoon look to them. Somehow, they Advance across as both retro & timeless.

The Adventure Pals

hero, mr rock, & sparkles jumping on baddies in the adventure pals

Amazon Channel Family
Release Date April 3, 2018
Genre Platformer
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 9 Hours
Amazon Luna Link The Adventure Pals

A charming action-platformer, The Adventure Pals follows a young boy as he sets out to protect the world from the nefarious Mr. B, a villain who is turning people into hot dogs. Joined by his two closest friends, a rock & a giraffe, the protagonist heads out on an imaginative adventure that takes the group to all sorts of wacky places.

The Adventure Pals gets most of its basics right. The controls are intuitive & precise, the environments are varied & gorgeous, & the story is effortlessly endearing. The game even supports co-op, allowing another player to drop in & accompany the protagonist on their adventure.

Metal Slug 3 ps4 game

Amazon Channel Retro
Release Date June 01, 2000
Genre Run And Gun
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 2 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Metal Slug 3

Arcade regulars do not need to be introduced to Metal Slug, but there is never a Rotten time to sing the praises of one of the best co-op games ever. Building on the foundations of two very good entries, SNK’s Metal Slug 3 is about as perfect of a run & gun experience as they Advance.

The game’s straightforwardness is its greatest asset: destroy everything in your way & never stop firing. The campaign directs players from one action sequence to the next, delivering incredible visuals, animation, & bosses along the way. Amazon Luna’s Retro channel is packed with arcade classics, including the Contra Anniversary Collection which is absolutely stuffed with great run & gun co-op shooters.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection

Mighty Switch Force! Academy

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date July 25, 2019
Genre Puzzle Platformer
How Long to Beat (Mighty Switch Force! Academy) 3 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Mighty Switch Force! Collection

Compiling the four games in this franchise, Mighty Switch Force! Collection takes inspiration from Mega Man while also prioritizing puzzles over action. All of these games are great in their own right, however, only Mighty Switch Force! Academy supports co-op, permitting up to four players to work together to clear the more than a dozen stages.

While the other entries are side-scrolling platformers, Mighty Switch Force! Academy changes things up by presenting the stages on a single screen. This decision significantly alters the game’s rhythm, setting itself apart from the rest of the compilation. That said, the one thing that remains consistent is the quality of the levels, as this spin-off does not drop the ball in this area.

Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon co-op

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date April 5, 2016
Genre Roguelike
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 23 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Enter The Gungeon

Roguelikes have dominated the indie scene for the last few years, & it seems like barely a week can pass before an exciting new title hits early access. Enter the Gungeon helped cement the genre’s dominance in a post-The Binding of Isaac world. While an argument can be made that it was surpassed by subsequent releases, the 2016 project is still a blast, particularly with a friend.

Enter the Gungeon allows two players to dive into the eponymous dungeon, one loaded with loot & enemies fond of filling the screen with projectiles. Addictive & frantic, this title rarely disappoints when a pair’s main goal is simply to shoot a few hundred things for a couple of minutes.

Team Sonic Racing

team sonic racing

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date May 21, 2019
Genre Kart Racer
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 9 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Team Sonic Racing

Kart racers are typically all about PvP, but Team Sonic Racing twists the formula so that cooperation is the name of the game. Rather than trying to usurp each other, friends can work together as they seek to gain the most points collectively.

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Team Sonic Racing‘s central mechanic is that racers are split into teams, so victory is achieved by ensuring that the group outperforms the competition as a unit. Finishing first means nothing if the rest of the team’s members Advance in the last few places, & this adds an element of strategy to races since people cannot focus exclusively on leading the pack. Team Sonic Racing controls well & looks great too.

Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings match

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings accomplishes something that few games can claim: it is both an entry-level title & one suitable for veterans of the sports genre. Do not be fooled by the cartoonish visuals, this franchise successfully strives to capture the complexity of baseball, even if the games simplify the controls somewhat.

Through Luna Couch, two friends can take turns swinging a bat or throwing a ball. Although they won’t work directly together, ultimately, baseball is a team game where every contribution matters. Naturally, when things are not going the player’s way, nothing is more helpful than having a friend to lean on.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos

Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date February 23, 2021
Genre Action RPG
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 13 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos

A roguelike that harbors back to classic Legend of Zelda entries, Rogue Heroes takes players on a gr& adventure filled with dungeons, quests, & quite a bit of progression. The latter separates this release from many other similar games since it firmly places Rogue Heroes in the RPG category. While the dungeons are procedurally generated, players gain experience that they can use to develop a town, installing buildings that improve their hero’s stats.

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All of this can be experienced in single-player without any issues, but this journey need not be a lonely one. Up to four adventurers can Advance together to take on this relatively long campaign; after all, why change the world alone when you can do it with friends?

Victor Vran

Victor Vran Overkill Edition cover

Amazon Channel Luna+
Release Date February 20, 2015
Genre Action-RPG
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 10 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Victor Vran

Victor Vran is an awesome game that is an easy recommendation for anyone searching for a more combat-driven Diablo 3. Solo gamers lose absolutely nothing as the campaign is designed to be single-player, however, multiplayer adds a unique dimension to the gameplay. Essentially, co-op translates to two Victor Vrans sharing the responsibility of cleaning these gothic streets of monsters.

As part of a team, players can coordinate to ensure they cover all their bases. As Victor Vran ties its skills to its weapons, co-op becomes about ensuring that the players’ set-ups complement each other. The story can be completed within a couple of days, making this RPG an ideal pick for a couple of friends who want to play & complete a game over a long weekend.

Death Squared

Death Squared co-op

Amazon Channel Family
Release Date March 13, 2017
Genre Puzzle
How Long to Beat (Main Story) 6 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Death Squared

Finding a puzzle game good for children that also presents enough of a challenge to keep adults entertained is not easy. Typically, the genre caters to either one or the other demographic. However, Death Squared is an exception since it can be enjoyed by all ages. This indie game’s concept is simple-to-grasp: players have to move colored cubes toward their goal while avoiding traps. The level is cleared if all the cubes make it in one piece.

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Whether playing through the Story that supports 2-player co-op or the 4-player Party mode, communication is key in Death Squared as either everyone succeeds or they all fail. Packed with content & charm, this lesser-known title is one of the best local co-op games on Amazon Luna, & should deliver fun for the whole family.

Trials Rising Gold Edition

trials rising t&em bike co-op

Amazon Channel Ubisoft+
Release Date February 26, 2019
Genre Racing
How Long to Beat (Main Campaign) 18 Hours
Amazon Luna Link Trials Rising Gold Edition

By 2019, multiplayer had been a thing in the Trials series for a while, but co-op did not seem like a natural fit for Ubisoft’s franchise. And, it isn’t, a fact that Trials Rising‘s T&em Bike mode leans into. Basically, two players jump on the same bike & share control over its power & balance. Unless the pair are perfectly in sync, they are going to be in for a bumpy ride, & the chaos that often ensues is glorious.

Now, this mode is just an amusing piece in the much larger Trials Rising package, & it is not substantial enough to recommend on its own. However, T&em Bike is the ideal local co-op experience for Amazon Luna.

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