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Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming subscription service. What should people know about it?

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Amazon Luna fully joined the video game subscription service gauntlet at the start of March 2022, specifically targeting the cloud gaming market. Announced in 2020 & then going on to spend more than a year in early access, Amazon Luna is now available throughout the mainl& United States. While still in its infancy, Luna launched in a rather polished state, offering people a convenient way to access a sizable gaming library permitting their internet connection can h&le the load.

Similar to Sony’s new PlayStation Plus model, Amazon Luna sets itself apart by splitting its library into channels, permitting subscribers to invest in whichever area better suits their needs. Since its debut, the service has been steadily adding new games, including some exciting Capcom titles.


Below, players will find articles relating to Amazon Luna’s features & channels, along with pieces about cloud gaming.

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Amazon Luna has a lot to prove since cloud gaming has yet to convince everyone that it is currently a valid option. The service comes with a variety of features that should help make it more enticing to those on the fence about trying subscribing. As Amazon Luna is still an unknown quantity to a wide range of people, it is crucial to know what the service entails so that expectations are shaped realistically.

Amazon Luna Features

Amazon Luna Pre-Full Launch Articles

Amazon Luna’s Play Free With Prime

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Along with getting an array of games & freebies through Prime Gaming, members of Amazon’s premium service will also be able to stream a h&ful of Luna titles per month. A Prime subscription costs $14.99 & is not required to use Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna’s Channels

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Amazon Luna offers subscribers the option to select from an array of channels, all of which cater to a unique market. These channels Approach with their own price tags & types of games, so people are free to pick what suits their needs. It should be noted that if someone subscribes to multiple channels, their games will appear together in that user’s library.

Luna+ Channel

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Luna+ is the platform’s core channel &, consequently, contains the most diverse & biggest roster of games. From JRPGs to racing & strategy titles, Luna+ has most of its bases covered, & there are quite a few heavy hitters in this library. While its selection caters to all age groups, this channel leans slightly towards older people, especially through its array of horror games.

Family Channel

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As its name suggests, this channel is all about family-friendly fun, which translates to a line-up packed with titles predominantly designed for young children. Seasoned players are unlikely to find too much to get excited about here, but Luna’s Family channel is a good & affordable option for people looking to ease their youngsters into the world of gaming.

Retro Channel

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Once upon a time, arcades were around every corner & at the cutting edge of gaming; nowadays, they are considerably more obscure, prompting people to look elsewhere to get their fill of Metal Slug & Street Fighter 2. Luna’s Retro channel uses the modern technology of cloud-based streaming to celebrate gaming’s past, delivering a library packed with iconic fighting & run ‘n’ gun games. There are also a couple of non-arcade titles.

Ubisoft+ Channel

amazon luna ubisoft channel ac valhalla & division 2

Amazon Luna’s most expensive channel, Ubisoft+ makes it simpler than ever to play a selection of the publisher’s best & most recent releases. Along with the option to stream 30+ games through Luna, this subscription also includes access to Ubisoft+’s wider library that can be downloaded through the Ubisoft Connect PC app.

The Jackbox Games Channel

jackbox games channel amazon luna

Luna’s Jackbox Games channel contains every mini-game party pack released since 2014. It is an incredible deal.

The Best Games On Amazon Luna


Except for the Jackbox Games category, Amazon Luna’s channels cover a wide spectrum of genres. As such, potential subscribers will need to carefully look over each option’s content to see which one(s) best fit their needs. The following articles focus on the best genre games across all of Amazon Luna.

Cloud Gaming

cloud gaming xbox & switch

Amazon Luna is hardly the first cloud gaming or streaming service; in fact, PlayStation Now has been available since 2014. Since then, cloud gaming has developed quite a bit, developing into a more tempting option due to improvements made when it comes to internet services. Xbox Cloud Gaming has also gained steam in recent years, & Nintendo has used streaming to provide Switch owners with a way to play games that the console’s hardware cannot run.

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