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Prime Gaming Should Offer More Racing Games After WRC 9


This month, racing game fans can grab WRC 9 at no extra charge if they are Amazon Prime Gaming members. It offers a boatload of content for off-road racing fans to chew through, & players may not want to miss out on it. They have until November 30 to grab this one, so they will want to act fast.

WRC 9 is a treat for off-road racing fans, & it should just be the start of Amazon Prime Gaming‘s racing offerings. There are so many different racing titles that are released all the time, & many players are just waiting to rev their engines. It does not seem like Amazon has any plans for a new racing game before the year is up, but it would feel like a missed opportunity if it did not give players another fast-paced adrenaline pumping racing title.


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WRC 9 Is Free for Prime Gaming Members Right Now

0_0000_WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 9 was developed by Kylotonn & serves as the official racing game of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship. Players can get behind the wheel of numerous off-road vehicles, & race across all sorts of different locations inspired by real-world FIA World Rally locations. Each location is varied & unique, & will surely test the player in all sorts of different ways as they desperately try to win the day.

WRC 9 offers multiplayer for those who want to race against other players, but most players will spend their time in the singleplayer career mode. The career mode puts players in charge of an entire racing team, & they will spend a lot of time making sure the team is the best it can be. As players compete in all sorts of rally races, they acquire skill points that they can use to upgrade various aspects of their team so that they can have an even better chance at winning the day.

Players will also have to juggle their reputation with the various car manufacturers throughout their WRC career if they want a chance at getting ahead. Reputation can rise & fall in many different ways, & players want to ensure the best relations possible, so that they can sign contracts to advance their career. However, the car that the player drives is only as good as the crew that helps operate it. Players also need to make sure that their crew is as good as it can be so that they can become the best off-road racer in the world.

Prime Gaming Should Finish the Year With Even More Racing Games

WRC Generations - Dirt Road

WRC 9 is a pretty decent racing game, but it should only be the start of Prime Gaming’s racing offerings. There are so many different racing games on the market right now, & racing fans will need something to turn to after they chew through all the content that WRC 9 has to offer. While it does not seem like Amazon has a racing game in the cards for December, it should really consider giving away another one to finish off the year.

Amazon could continue down the WRC series & offer WRC 10 next, but the two titles are very similar to each other & may not be different enough for players. Amazon could also go after a different series like Dirt or The Crew. It could also give out titles like Mudrunner or Snowrunner, or it could offer an indie racing title like BeamNG.drive. Forza Horizon 5 would also be a hot-ticket item, but it’s less likely than other c&idates.

There are many different racing games that Amazon could include in Prime Gaming, & genre fans would probably rush to it in troves. Time will tell if Amazon has plans for any new racing games, but for now players can at least race through everything that WRC 9 has to offer.

Prime Gaming members can grab WRC 9 until November 30.

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