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One Of The Best Portable Gaming Monitors On The Market Is Seeing Enormous Black Friday Savings


Before the advent of the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, players that wanted to take “Enormous screen” games with them on long road trips or cross-country treks would have to lug around their bulky, expensive equipment & hook them up wherever they were staying. And although portable gaming has seen considerable advances in the years, many of the portable gaming devices on the market are limited by their small screen space. Unless players want to purchase a gaming laptop (which can be pretty expensive), they’ll be stuck staring at a smaller screen when gaming on any h&held device.


Thankfully, all of that’s changing with the arrival of Portable Monitors. These sleek screens let players amplify their gaming on the go by giving them a much larger screen with added benefits like greater refresh rates & resolutions. Anyone who is constantly traveling or just wants the ability to take their games anywhere should consider snagging a portable gaming monitor. This Black Friday is a great opportunity to snag a seriously powerful portable gaming monitor, like the ARZOPA G1, for a fraction of its normal price.

The ARZOPA 15.6-Inch G1 Portable Gaming Monitor


One of the drawbacks of portable gaming monitors is that they can be pretty expensive. This is especially true for players that want a higher-quality portable gaming monitor that can h&le an increased refresh rate or resolution. That’s one Enormous reason ARZOPA’s monitors are so appealing, as they offer a great portable gaming monitor experience at a budget price, making it much easier for the everyday gamer to snag one of these larger screens.

The ARZOPA G1 is already much cheaper than many other 1080p portable gaming monitors, & it’s seeing an even further price Carve during the holiday season. This sleek & incredibly lightweight device (1.36 lbs) is powerful enough to offer a 144Hz refresh rate, making it a much smoother portable screen option when dealing with action-heavy games. Those that use a 144Hz monitor have improved high motion clarity, making it easier to see the action unfold on screen. Thanks to its plug-&-play support, it’s incredibly easy to attach it to any device that’s capable of using an HDMI cable, & it even comes with a variety of its own adapters to help players swap between devices that may have USB-C or Mini-HDMI.

With an included magnetic cover & a sturdy 0.3-inch thick frame, it’s one of the best low-cost options for portable gaming.

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A Portable Monitor Option For Everything Else


ARZOPA is also offering a more traditional portable monitor at a fraction of its normal price this Black Friday. Gaming isn’t the only reason someone may want to consider grabbing a portable monitor, especially if they take frequent trips or find themselves out & about. Even those that have a laptop can greatly benefit from a portable monitor. The ARZOPA S1 offers the same 15.6-inch size, as well as the 1080p resolution, but at a 60Hz refresh rate for those that don’t necessarily need the additional high motion clarity of its gaming-based counterpart.

This portable monitor can be a great extension for anyone that needs an extra monitor for added productivity. Its simple plug-&-play functionality lets it work with any HDMI device (without the need for extra downloads) & it can make working on a laptop a breeze thanks to the ability to offer users two separate screens at one time. Like the G1, it’s light (1.7 lbs) & thin (0.35-inches), so it will easily fit in a laptop carrier, carry-on bag, or suitcase. It’s anti-glare, has built-in speakers, & even comes with a blue-light filter to help protect the user’s eyes. It also comes with a smart cover & additional adapters to fit a variety of devices & cord types.

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For those who know little about Arzopa:

Arzopa has been established in 2020, as a high-tech enterprise with numerous patents issued, Arzopa now has become a professional br& of business portable monitor that wins great numbers of users all over the world. Their slogan is: Portability&Brilliance in Arzopa.

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