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Attack On Titan: Best Leaders

Attack on Titan is a grim fantasy & action show that is currently dominating the anime popularity charts. The show began in 2013 with a powerful first season, but then went on a hiatus for about 4 years. Fortunately, upon its return in 2017 it still managed to blow away anime fans with its haunting plot threads & intriguing characters & has since continued to maintain its status as the king of fantasy anime. The show follows a young boy names Eren Yeager & his quest to rid the world from the monstrosities known as the Titans.

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Aside from the menacing Titans, this show has no shortages of brilliant characters. From Captain Levi’s remarkable battle abilities, to Comm&er Erwin’s mind-blowing tactics, there are many human characters in the show that makeAttack on Titan one of the most thrilling series across all anime. These are some of the great leaders in the show who were able to display their great decision-making skills & helped the narrative move forward in an intriguing manner.


5/5 Dot Pyxis

Dot Pyxis was a friendly yet cunning baLd old man. He was the Garrsion Regiment’s top Comm&er for the Souther District. Pyxis was a strong leader & an exceptional strategist. He enlisted Eren’s help in sealing off the hole in wall Rose & ordered his cadets to aid Eren unquestionably. Pyxis always saw one step ahead of his peers when making his decisions.

When Comm&er Erwin decided to stage a rebellion against the government, Pyxis confronted Erwin to confirm his intentions & joined his cause willingly. He came up with a cunning plan to test those in power & determine if they should be allowed to keep their status or not. Later on in the series, when Zeke makes his intentions known to the inhabitants of Parais Isl&, Pyxis was the one to truly consider allying with Zeke in order to progress the state of their isl&.

4/5 Dhalis Zachary


Dhalis Zachery was the Supreme Comm&er of the Military of the Paradis Isl&. As such, he was the overseer of all three of its regiments. Zachary was a leader through & through, who claimed that his sole purpose was to serve & protect humanity. He oversaw the hearing of Eren Yeager & decided in favor of pardoning Eren due to his usefulness to the military. Zachary also aided Comm&er Erwin is his efforts to overthrow the monarchy.

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Noble as he may have seemed, Zachary was in actuality a sociopath who only cared about his own survival in the end. He took pleasure in mocking the monarchy after its eventual fall. Zachary also made his opinions known at the meeting held to discuss the alliance with Zeke Yeager. After the time skip Zachary was seen to hold alot of power in the military & had held Eren captive on the suspicion of him forming an alliance with Zeke behind everyone’s back. He had a knack for sensing danger & coming up with counter measures to counter it.

3/5 Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe is an eccencentric red head who obsesses over studying & researching the nature of Titans. Hange has played a very crucial role since the very beginning of the show, serving as the mad scientist in the Scout Regiment’s war against the Titans. Early on in the series, Hange was the Section Comm&er of the fourth squad of the Scout Regiment. Though she appears to be quirky at times, her observation & technical skills are well above most other leaders seen in the series.

She was one of the first people to accept & see Eren’s true potential. Later on in the series she helps guide the young heroes on their missions. Her research & guidance also lead to the creation of the thunder spear missiles, which ended up significantly boosting the Scout’s military prowess. With the aid of these missiles the Scouts could effectively pierce through a Titan’s flesh. She also helped subdue Reiner in the battle to Retake Wall Maria. After the heroic death of Comm&er Erwin, Hange Zoe was selected as the 14th Comm&er of The Survey Corps & has continued to lead them ever since.

2/5 Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman was once an orphan child who did what he had to do in order to survive. Fortunately, he was pulled out of his miserable life one day by Comm&er Erwin, who offered him a chance to join the Survey Corps. Levi then went on to not only become a Captain in the Survey Corps, but was also regarded as the strongest warrior in the Scouts altogether. Captain Levi is a one-man army capable of going against the most ferocious of Titans single-h&edly. From very early on Levi is seen taking control of the matters, by convincing the Scouts of Eren’s usefulness, protecting him from being kidnapped over & over again, & later leading the charge against many foes in the show.

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Levi held Comm&er Erwin in very high regard & thus believed in Erwin’s cause of finding the truth about the Titans at any cost. After the merciless butchering of the first Levi Squad by the h&s of the Female Titan, Levi confronted the Titan alone & was able to subdue it. Later on, He formed the new Levi squad consisting of the remaining top ten members of the 104thTraining Corps & Armin with the mission to protect Historia & Eren from being taken by the Titans. His heroics did not stop there as he then went on to clash with the Beast Titan nearly killing it in the process; after Comm&er Erwin lead a suicide charge against the Titan. From the beginning of the show Levi has served as a pillar for all the scouts to rely on.

1/5 Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

Comm&er Erwin Smith was the embodiment of hope for the humans residing within the three walls of Paradis Isl&. Erwin was the 13th Comm&er of the Scouts Regiment & was shown to be a very Peaceful but fierce leader. Time & time again Erwin had to make very difficult calls in the show & had to bear the consequences of his decisions as well. Erwin was a master stratigist & had an unwavering charisma capable of motivating others.

It was his intentions that helped the Scouts accept Eren. Later Erwin lead the mission to bait & trap the Female Titan. However, Erwin’s tenacity was best showcased in his suicidal charge against the Beast Titan during the conquest of recapturing Wall Maria. Knowing that there was no other way to reach the menacing Beast Titan, he riled up his soldiers & made them charge forward towards the Beast. The soldiers knew what fate awaited them, but they still chose to follow their leader to their deaths. Each of Erwin’s action had a lasting impact on the Scouts & gave them the hope the needed to continue fighting.

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