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Attack on Titan: Best Titan Fights, Ranked

Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy & action anime adapted from the Manga of the same name, created by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is a show that has revolutionized the anime medium, forever creating a new bar for storytelling. It started airing in 2013, & after a long hiatus came back with its second season in 2017. The show has gained mainstream popularity ever since returning to the screens of anime fans & has received critical acclamation for its narrative, action, & plot twists. Attack on Titan currently tops the popularity charts at My Anime List making it one of the most influential anime of all time.

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The show follows Eren Yeager & his quest to find the truth about the Titans that inhabit & threaten his world. Every time, Eren gets closer to revealing the mystery surrounding the Titans, he ends up losing more of his friends & himself. After the completion of the Manga, the show is setting up its final arc, which will be aired in 2023. This makes it the perfect time to look back at some of the most thrilling & entertaining fights that occurred between the heroes & the Titans, during its 4 seasons run so far.


5/5 The Confrontation: The Attack Titan Vs. The Female Titan

The Enormous Depraved of the first season Annie Leonhart left fans bewildered with her Female Titan Transformation. The audience was shocked to learn the identity of the Female Titan which only set up more questions for the series. But for Eren, nothing mattered more than killing all the Titans in the world. After being cornered by the Scouts, The Female Titan went all out & tried to make an escape.

Initially, Eren was seen hesitating & unable to transform, but after getting tired of watching people die Eren transforms into his Attack Titan form. What unfolded next was a clash between a rampaging Eren & the ever so sly, Annie. After a spectacular sparring match between the two, Eren is able to overthrow Annie, but before he can make her talk, she crystallizes herself to protect her secrets. This fight scene sets up the scope of the entire show & leaves fans eagerly anticipating the mystery surrounding the Titans.

4/5 The Traitors: The Attack Titan Vs. The Armored & Colossal Titan

Attack Titan Vs Colossal Titan

Coming in next we have one of the most shocking betrayals seen not only in Attack on Titan, but across all anime. Plagued by his guilt, Reiner ends up revealing his & Bertholds true identity directly to Eren, in hopes that he would be able to recruit him without further bloodshed. When Eren refuses to go along however & takes Reiner’s words as a joke, Reiner realizes he has no other choice but to make his st& right then & there.

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After being slashed by Mikasa, Reiner & Berthold transform & grab Eren. Betrayed once again, Eren gives in to his Enrage & transforms as well. Though initially overpowered by Reiner’s Armored Titan, Eren is able to make a comeback using the skills Annie once taught him. The two Titans clash mercilessly, but as Eren is about to make his win, the Colossal Titan releases his gas explosion. In the aftermath of the fight, Reiner & Berthold take Eren & Yimr hostage & flee. The shock of this betrayal still vows fans today & seeing Eren confront the traitors was an absolutely thrilling ride.

3/5 The Declaration of War: The Attack Titan Vs. The Warhammer & Jaw Titan

Attack Titan Vs. Warhammer Titan

Season 4 of Attack on Titan sees a time skip occur after the events of season 3. During this time, Eren is shown to have undergone a drastic change in his personality & mindset. After successfully infiltrating Marley & learning about the truth, Eren makes his move & declares War on the Marley nation at a festival at Liberio. Blurring the lines between good & evil, Eren transforms right in front of Reiner killing many people in the wake of his transformation. After Reiner falls unconscious, The Attack Titan confronts the Warhammer Titan in a brutally menacing manner.

However, the Warhammer Titan’s strength proves too much for Eren. But just as he is about to be killed by the Warhammer, Mikasa arrives to save Eren. Following these events, the Jaw Titan also makes an appearance & engages with the Attack Titan. Eren then goes on to display his brute strength & tenacity as he mercilessly takes down the Jaw Titan. He figures out the Warhammer’s weakness, & rips its crystallized user (Lara Tybur) from beneath the ground, & proceeds to use the Jaw Titan’s teeth to split open the crystal & eventually devours Lara Tybur. This fight marked a turning point for Eren in the series, with him making his intentions known to the world.

2/5 The Take Back of Wall Maria: The Suicide Scouts Vs. The Beast Titan

Levi Vs. Beast Titan

Following the clash between the heroes & the Armored & Colossal Titan in Season 3, It appeared as though Humanity was finally winning. But the biggest threat still remained in the form of the Beast Titan. With his exceptional intellect & unbound power, the Beast Titan was continuously slaughtering the scouts. Knowing that there was the only way to take the Beast Titan down, comm&er Erwin riled up his soldiers & convinced them that a suicide cavalry charge was the only way to make their final st&, giving Captain Levi the chance he needed to make his move on the Beast.

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The scouts, knowing what fate awaited them, charged at the Beast behind their beloved Comm&er. Unmoved by the scouts’ conviction, the Beast Titan continued to rain down boulders at them, mercilessly annihilating them. Angered at the loss of his comrades, Captain Levi is finally able to reach the Beast Titan & makes a valiant attempt at taking him down. Levi continues to slice through the Beast’s neck until an amputee Zeke finally comes out of the nape. This battle resulted in the brutalist massacre seen in the entire show.

1/5 The Take Back of Wall Maria: The Attack Titan Vs. The Armored & Colossal Titan Part 2

Colossal Titan

Season 3 sees Eren & the Scouts take revenge on the traitors that once resided within the Scouts Regiment. Under the comm& of Erwin Smith the Regiment prepares to take back control of their l& by sealing off wall Maria. The Titans emerge under the order of the Beast Titan to take back Eren & his Attack Titan. What follows is a tactical clash between Humanity & the Titans, with both sides desperate for a win.

Eren distracts the Armored Titan & engages in close-range combat with him. Aided with new piercing missiles, the scouts lend Eren a h& & almost succeed at capture Reiner. But once again Berthold comes to Reiner’s rescue. Convinced that nothing was their fault, Berthold transforms into the Colossal Titan. At first all hope looks lost for the scouts, but with Armin’s strategy Eren is able to slash through The Colossal Titans nape & pull Berthold out. Elsewhere, Mikasa & the scouts succeed in subduing the Armored Titan. These confrontations were by far the most thrilling Titan fights seen in Attack on Titan.

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