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There are plenty of movies & anime series that feature characters who can manipulate elements, but very few have managed to obtain the kind of success that Avatar: The Last Airbender has. The series debuted on Nickelodeon in 2005, & although it was aimed at kids, it is the type of show that can be enjoyed by all ages because of the action & subject matter.

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The world of Avataris split into four nations, & each nation specializes in a form of elemental bending. Firebending is the only bending art that allows the user to generate the element from nothing, & it is known for its aggressive & intense fighting style. Fans of the franchise have seen a number of firebenders, but some are far stronger than others.

Updated December 3, 2022 by George Voutiritsas: Avatar: The Last Airbender continues to have a loyal following despite Aang’s story ending more than a decade ago, & The Legend of Korra did a good job of exp&ing the lore. Both series featured a good amount of action, & many of the fights involved firebenders. Fire is the most dangerous of the four elements, & firebending masters can use it to deal a lot of damage.

Fans of the franchise have seen a number of powerful & skilled firebenders, & most of them were shown to be quite formidable in battle. If most fans were asked to name the strongest firebenders, many of them would likely give the same names, but there are other firebenders who deserve to be mentioned as well.


15/15 Mako

Mako In Jail In Republic City

Mako was a fairly skilled firebender, but most Avatar fans will remember him for being Korra & Asami’s former boyfriend. He & his younger brother grew up as orphans in Republic City, where he came in contact with a criminal organization before becoming a Pro-bender.

Mako specialized in a more modern form of firebending, especially during combat, but he was well-versed in the traditional style as well. He was known for using defensive weaving & dodging patterns, which he then followed up with offensive flurries. He was also able to create & redirect lightning.

14/15 Admiral Zhao

Admiral Zhao Fighting Zuko In An Agni Kai

Admiral Zhao was the first real villain that Avatar Aang dealt with, & he was nearly responsible for the complete destruction of the Northern Water Tribe. During his invasion, he managed to get to the Moon Spirit, & he was able to kill it with his firebending.

He was trained by Jeong Jeong, & he went on to become one of the Fire Nation’s strongest fighters. Contrary to Jeong Jeong’s teachings, Zhao focused on the destructive side of firebending, which allowed him to develop powerful moves, & he was proficient in defense.

13/15 Zolt

Zolt Smiling As He Gets To Fight Amon

The Triple Threat Triad was a criminal organization in Republic City that was known for committing crimes against non-benders. Zolt was the organization’s leader, & he was known for being a very skilled firebender. Lightning bending is an extremely powerful specialized form of firebending, & Zolt mastered it.

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His nickname was “Lightning Bolt” Zolt, & he was the one who taught Lightning bending to Mako. He was one of the only firebenders who could rapidly generate lightning in consecutive bursts, & he could switch between fire & lighting effortlessly.

12/15 Combustion Man

Combustion Man Receiving The Contract To Kill Aang

Combustion Man was the nickname given to the firebending assassin & bounty hunter that Prince Zuko hired. He was supposed to kill Avatar Aang, & he nearly succeeded thanks to his combustion-bending abilities. This is a telekinetic form of firebending which produces powerful explosive beams of energy from the user’s forehead.

The intricate third-eye tattoo is what allowed him to channel his chi into his forehead, & unlike normal firebending, all he needed to do was inhale & concentrate on a target. His blasts could disintegrate large boulders with ease, & he could singleh&edly evaporate large bodies of water.

11/15 P’Li

P'Li Of The Red Lotus

P’Li was a member of the Red Lotus, a militant group that wished to bring balance to the world by eliminating the Avatar & all of the world’s governments. She & her friends attempted to kidnap Avatar Korra, but they were thwarted, & she was imprisoned at the North Pole for 13 years.

Other than Combustion Man, she is the only known firebender who is capable of combustion bending, & she uses the same third-eye tattoo. She could fire multiple shots in quick succession, & unlike Combustion Man, she could curve her blasts to hit her target from different angles & directions.

10/15 Zuko

Zuko Battling Azula

Zuko was permanently scarred & banished by his father, & he hunted the Avatar in hopes of regaining his honor as Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. He started off as an enemy of Team Avatar, but after seeing the error of his ways, he joins the team & becomes Aang’s firebending teacher.

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It took time, but Zuko became a firebending master. He could redirect lightning, but in terms of actual combat, he was not as skilled as his younger sister, in fact, he was only able to defeat her with help from Katara & her water abilities. In The Legend of Korra, he is in his late 80s, but he is still a capable fighter.

9/15 Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong Calling Forth A Lot Of Fire

Jeong Jeong was a firebending master & prodigy who preferred to use his bending for defensive purposes. He was an honored Fire Nation admiral, but he defected from the military after realizing what his nation & bending were doing to the world.

He was able to fend off Admiral Zhao & his men when they came for Aang, & he helped to liberate Ba Sing Se by creating immense walls of flames. He was Aang’s first firebending master, but things did not go well because Aang lacked discipline at the time. That being said, Jeong Jeong proved to be a good teacher.

8/15 Fire Lord Azulon

Fire Lord Azulon On The Throne

Fire Lord Azulon ruled for most of the Hundred Year War, & he was Zuko & Azula’s paternal gr&father. He was 95 when he was assassinated, but he was still powerful despite his advanced age. In fact, his killers needed to resort to poison instead of fighting him outright.

Azulon was a firebending prodigy, but he was also a master strategist. He was directly responsible for the Southern Water Tribe’s near annihilation. He also led his forces to victory in the Earth Kingdom by conquering Garsai & the Hu Xin Provinces.

7/15 Fire Lord Sozin

Younger Sozin Confronting Roku

When he was younger, Sozin was best friends with Avatar Roku, but when he became Fire Lord, he thought about exp&ing the Fire Nation so that it could encompass the entire world. He often sparred with Roku when they were younger, & he would go on to become a powerful firebending master

When Roku ordered him to stay out of Earth Kingdom territory, he unleashed a powerful attack, but Roku was able to overcome this thanks to the Avatar State & his mastery of all four elements. When the volcano on Roku’s Isl& erupted, Sozin was able to absorb & redirect the heat, which is something even Roku could not do.

6/15 Azula

Azula Hamging On The Edge Of A Mountain

Azula was a Fire Nation Princess & Zuko’s younger sister, & to this day she is the only firebender capable of producing blue blames. She was a true prodigy, & during her time, she was considered to be one of the strongest & most skilled firebenders alive.

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She was capable of using lightning, an advanced form of firebending, & she used it to critically injure Aang while he was in the Avatar State. Unlike most firebenders, she could fight for long periods of time without tiring. She could even use fire to propel herself through the air like a jet.

5/15 Iroh

Iroh Summoning Fire During Sozin's Comet

Iroh was a Fire Nation General & the Crown Prince, but he lost the will to fight in the Hundred Year War after his only son died on the front lines. His younger brother then usurped the throne. He was able to breathe fire like a dragon, which was seen as an advanced skill, & he is the one who invented the lightning redirection technique.

Unlike other members of his family, Iroh believed in a balance between the four elements, & he incorporated aspects of each bending style into his own. When Sozin’s Comet came, his true strength was revealed when he was able to Fracture through the impregnable inner wall of Ba Sing Se.

4/15 Fire Lord Ozai

Fire Lord Ozai Smiling Ruthlessly

Ozai was Zuko & Azula’s father, & Iroh’s younger brother, & he is arguably the franchise’s best villain. Like other Fire Lords, he was a firebending master, & at the time of his rule, he was considered to be the world’s strongest firebender.

It was believed that only the Avatar was strong enough to actually beat Ozai in combat, but Aang was only able to do it after successfully reentering the Avatar State. Prior to that, Ozai overpowered Aang with relative ease & nearly killed him.

3/15 Avatar Wan

Wan Learning To Master Firebending

Wan was the original Avatar, but he technically started out as a firebender because he was originally given the bending art by an Isl& Turtle who unlocked it through Energybending. He honed his skills by training with a dragon, & he eventually became the first human firebending master.

When he fused with Rava during the Harmonic Convergence, he could use all four elements at once, but firebending was still his preferred form of bending. Wan is responsible for developing high-level firebending techniques like jet propulsion & flame deflection.

2/15 Avatar Szeto

Avatar Szeto Using Lava Bending

Szeto was the firebending Avatar before Roku, & he spent the majority of his life helping the Fire Nation. As the Avatar, his job was to maintain peace throughout the world, but he was born during a time when the Fire Nation dealt with multiple plagues, natural disasters, & civil unrest.

Instead of using force to set his Nation on the right path, Szeto chose to become a minister & a diplomat instead, & he was able to lead the Fire Nation back to a form of prosperity. As the Avatar, & a natural-born firebender, Szeto was the strongest & most skilled firebender of his time

1/15 Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku With A Dragon

The franchise’s strongest firebender was not a Fire Lord or a member of the royal family. He was much more than a firebender. Avatar Roku was the Avatar before Aang, & if he had survived the volcanic eruption on his isl&, he would have stopped the Hundred Year War before it even started.

As a fully-realized Avatar, Roku was a master of every element, including fire. He was so skilled with firebending, that he used it to Quiet the lava flow of the volcano. The Avatar is meant to be the strongest being in the world, & Roku is the only Avatar from the Fire Nation that fans actually got to meet.

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