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Battlefield 2042 Reveals Gameplay for Season 3: Escalation in New Trailer


battlefield 2042 season 3 escalation gameplay trailer

DICE & Electronic Arts have shared a look at Battlefield 2042‘s upcoming Season 3: Escalation content, including a new map & Specialist. Since its launch one year ago, Battlefield 2042 has gone through some ups & downs. The live service aspect of Battlefield 2042 hasn’t met expectations, but content continues to be produced. Season 3 will be arriving for all platforms on November 22, potentially giving Battlefield 2042 the boost it needs to keep players happy into 2023.


Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 has been a long time coming, but that’s been expected of the game’s live service content since it arrived. Season 1: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042 didn’t arrive until June 9 of 2022. Setting an aggressive tempo for seasonal content, DICE delivered Season 2: Master of Arms 12 weeks later on August 30. It’s now coming up on another 12 weeks, & DICE remains on schedule. Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 will arrive as expected.

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The trailer for Season 3: Escalation offers an extended look at the upcoming update’s biggest addition, the new map, Spearhead. Spearhead is a massive & long map set in the Swedish wilderness. There are two huge square buildings, offices, industrial facilities, & a river winding down the middle of it all. Players will be able to use both aerial & terrestrial vehicles to push the action, as well as destruction elements for the buildings. It should be incredibly intense to play on, but Battlefield 2042 player expectations are high.

In addition to the Spearhead map, DICE is introducing the new specialist Rasheed Zain, three new weapons, a new tank vehicle, a new throwable knife, & two vault weapons to unlock. This content will all be available starting with Season 3’s arrival. There are more changes planned, though. DICE is also reworking two Battlefield 2042 maps, with both Manifest & Breakaway receiving significant improvements. The Specialist System is getting a rework, too. Expect them spread out over the first & second seasonal updates.

For those who have put off trying Battlefield 2042 out, DICE & Electronic Arts are providing an opportunity to experience the new season without paying. Starting on December 1, both PC & Xbox players can try Battlefield 2042 out free for several days. PlayStation players will also have a free opportunity to play between December 16 & 23. It’s not permanent, however. Players will have to buy Battlefield 2042 to continue playing.

Battlefield 2042 was at serious risk of dying an early death between launch & mid-2022 due to the lack of content options. With the release of Season 1 & Season 2, players have seemingly begun to return & have stuck around. Season 3’s launch will be a Huge test for the game, though. Perhaps Battlefield 2042 can Start building an even larger playerbase, or perhaps DICE might be better off looking forward to the next Battlefield game.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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