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Hidden Secrets You Might Have Missed

Bendy & the Dark Revival is the latest game to be released in the Bendy series by Joey Drew Studios. Gamers play as Audrey, a young artist who works at the animation studio. She must learn new abilities & solve puzzles to find an exit from the animation studio as she is trapped inside.

Players must fight for their lives & keep Audrey safe from ink monsters, which are haunting the animation studio & will attack Audrey at any chance they get. People might have missed these hidden secrets in the survival horror game while playing Bendy & the Dark Revival.


10/10 He Sees Everything

The dark atmosphere of the game can cause players to shy away from exploring different parts of the animation studio. People can find clues about what’s really going on in the animation studio from mysterious artifacts placed around the map.

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Players can find eyes painted on a desk drawer In the first chapter of Bendy & the Dark Revival. These eyes have the message “He Sees Everything” written on top of the table in black ink. Audrey can collect an audio log from on top of the desk to discover more secrets about the animation studio.

9/10 Strange Pictures

Player collects a mysterious picture kept on a desk

There are several mysterious objects that can be found inside the animation studio that makes the game far more interesting. These objects usually have yellow sparks on top of them, indicating that Audrey can collect them.

The young artist can use the pictures & documents found around the map to make sense of her situation. These documents have cryptic messages told from the perspectives of other people that were involved with the animation studio. The pictures have strange drawings on them that can be fun to collect.

8/10 Vents Worth Taking

Player crouches through a dark vent

Beginners new to the game might find that certain areas in Bendy & the Dark Revival are locked. These areas have hidden pathways around them that lets people get into locked areas without breaking a sweat.

Vents are the most common ways to get into locked areas on the map. Players might have to crouch to get through the vents before gaining access to these locations in the game. These places have tons of collectible items like slugs, which can help Audrey survive longer without getting hurt.

7/10 Animation Is On The Wall

Player watches stills of the cartoon displayed on a projector

Audrey is an enthusiastic animator who spends most of her time at work. The young artist can find it challenging to balance her work & survival skills in Bendy & the Dark Revival. People can find hidden artwork & animation stills dispersed throughout the chapters of the game.

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In chapter 2, Audrey can discover a room with multiple projectors turned on. These projectors have a number of stills that look wonderful on the wall. The animation stills display a happy Bendy smiling at his viewers, expressing lighter moments in the survival horror game.

6/10 Corpse Of Jane Todd

Player finds a corpse in the game

Jane Todd was a former employee at Joey Drew Studios. Her corpse can be found next to an audio log in Chapter 2 of Bendy & the Dark Revival. Jane Todd’s corpse looks defeated as it lies lifeless on the floor. Her body is blue with dark hair.

Audrey can collect the audio log from Jane Todd from the table next to her corpse. The log reveals that Jane Todd was working on animating a fourth character that could be part of the Butcher Gang. Jane Todd wanted to make her character, Carley, join the Butcher Gang along with Bendy, Alice, & Boris.

5/10 Lounge At The Artist’s Rest

Player discovers the Artist's Rest in the game

Audrey can access the Artist’s Rest after learning the new ability, Flow. Players can use Flow to travel short distances within seconds. Flow can be learned after freeing Porter from the ink puddle in Chapter 2.

Make sure Audrey charges the Gent Pipe to let the weapon open locked areas on the map. Players can use the charged Gent Pipe after crossing a ledge to unlock the door to the Artist’s Rest. The lounge area inside the Artist’s Rest is filled with ink monsters that are waiting to attack Audrey. The Artist’s Rest leads to the Lost & Found Section in the animation studio.

4/10 Unstable Ink Vessels Can Strengthen Audrey

Player discovers an unstable ink vessel to boost abilities

Audrey has very few resources to fend off the ink monsters that dwell inside the animation studio. Fortunately, there are several unstable ink vessels hidden throughout the game to strengthen Audrey’s abilities.

Players can use unstable ink vessels to permanently upgrade their maximum health, maximum stamina, & the cooldown times of their abilities. It can be exciting to watch Audrey smash the unstable ink vessel with her h& to gain permanent boosts. Many people miss these unstable ink vessels, making it harder to progress through the game without them.

3/10 Find Out About Nathan Arch

Player collects an Audio Log of Nathan Arch

Nathan Arch is the owner of the Archgate Films, a famous film company in the game’s universe. He is an old friend of Joey Drew, the founder of Joey Drew Studios. Audrey can find audio logs from Nathan Arch placed around the animation studio.

The voice of Nathan Arch can haunt players as they uncover the truth about the animation studio. Messages from Nathan provide information about the history of the animation studio & the circumstances that led to its dark present.

2/10 Bendy Is Elusive

Player finds Bendy as he flees from sight

Bendy is the loveable lead of the cartoon that Audrey works on at the animation studio. Players get a chance to look at Bendy during the first few seconds of the game, where Audrey can be seen illustrating Bendy at her desk. However, there are several places that players can catch a glimpse of Bendy throughout the game.

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Audrey can collect a doll of Bendy in the first chapter. She will meet Bendy right before the second chapter begins. Audrey unintentionally uses Banish on Bendy, making him flee from her. He can be seen again during chapter 3; however, Audrey won’t be able to approach Bendy until later in the game.

1/10 Wilson Knows

Player looks around to find meaning in the artwork hidden within the game

Wilson isn’t just the janitor of the animation studio. He is also the son of Nathan Arch, the founder of Archgate Films. Wilson is the first character Audrey meets in Bendy & the Dark Revival. He is a bald man with one eye who talks to Audrey at different points in the game.

Players can discern a lot of information from their interactions with Wilson. He provides key clues throughout the chapters that elaborate on the truth behind the goings-on of the animation studio. Look out for indications left behind by the game developers that speak to Audrey about what Wilson knows in Bendy & the Dark Revival.

Released on November 15, 2022, Bendy & the Dark Revival can be played on PC.

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