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Best Anime Bikers


Anime is a vast genre of entertainment that has something that everyone can enjoy. Exciting intergalactic stories, spectacular animation, & brilliantly crafted characters of various types. Anime has everything a fan could Inquire for, from cute magical girls, heroes with hearts of gold, & even Rotten-boy bikers.

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The rough & rowdy characters that ride on top of steel horses make significant impacts in the series they appear. Whether they are the protagonist or antagonist, these characters burn rubber throughout the series & cause as much chaos as they can in the process. Fans flock to these characters who go against the rails & make up their own rules as if the world revolves around them with no regard for the people around them. Here are some of the best anime bikers, ranked.


7/7 Hibari Ginza – Speed Grapher

hibari ginza speed grapher

Hibari Ginza is a recurring character in the Speed Grapher anime series, which follows photographer Tatsumi Saiga, who gets involved with an underground syndicate with special powers. In the series, Ginza is infatuated with Saiga on a romantic & psychotic level, both wanting to kill him & sleep with him in the same instance.

Ginza is a loose cannon, driving her motorbike into public spaces regardless of the consequences & throwing caution to the wind by killing anyone who st&s between her & her goal or threatens Saiga’s life. What makes things worse is that Ginza is a woman that carries a badge that she uses as an excuse to fire off her dual pistols at anyone who may irritate her, claiming self-defense.

6/7 Reiko Terayama – Golden Boy

reiko terayama golden boy

Golden Boy is a simple story about a young boy’s dream of getting lucky with that special someone. Kentaro Oe is a twenty-five-year-old good-for-nothing who left home to find himself. The Golden Boy anime follows Kentaro on his whacky adventures that usually l& him into deeper trouble than when he started, thanks to his lecherous nature.

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Reiko arrives on the scene in her rally racer, & instantly sparks fly between her & Kentaro. Reiko is an arrogant & aggressive woman who refuses to give Kentaro the time of day unless he can beat her in a race.

5/7 Yuusei Fudou – YuGiOh 5Ds

yuusei fudou yugioh

Yugioh 5Ds is the fifth installment in the Yugioh anime franchise & takes the card games on the road when duelists can utilize special equipment called D-Wheels are used in high-speed games. Yuusei Fudou is the main character of the series, & he resides in a city split in half between the haves & the have-nots.

As a part of the latter, Yuusei sets out on a revenge mission after being betrayed by his breast friend. He breaks the rules & enters Neo Domino City to become a top-ranked duelist & win back the card his former friend stole from him.

4/7 Celty Sturluson – Durarara!!

celty durarara

Celty is the headless or black rider in the Durarara!! series where she works as an underground currier for hire. Celty is a mythical fairy who originally came to Japan searching for her head. Along the way, through a series of aimless events, Celty eventually l&ed as a member of both the Snake H&s organization & the Dollars gang.

Celty’s bike is a manifested familiar with several different forms, the first being a headless horse & carriage that has been her partner since she can remember. For a headless entity, Celty is surprisingly well-mannered & Cold-headed. She thinks rationally & ponders thoroughly before making rash actions weighing the consequences.

3/7 Manjiro Sano – Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

Sano is the main character in the Tokyo Revengers anime & manga series. He serves as the leader of the Kanto Manji Gang, made up of himself & his closest childhood friends. The show tells the story of Manjiro living an uneventful life until he dies & wakes up a decade in the past, given a second chance to do things right.

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Manjiro is a cheerful & mischievous young boy but is a dedicated protector of his friends. He is a strong fighter & has sworn to change the outcome of his future no matter what he has to do.

2/7 Mitsuru Kuwata – Akira

Mitsuru Kuwata akira

Mitsuru was a typical, everyday street punk fighting against rival gangs with his friends until Kaneda, one of his comrades, had a crash that led to a completely outrageous series of events involving psychics & secret military organizations.

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While Kaneda was kept under lock & key & walked down his own journey, Mitsuru fought tooth & nail to get to the truth & set his friend free. Unfortunately, both boys are hot-headed egoists, which led them to fight instead. Mitsuru chases down answers & tries to get to the bottom of what happened on his red Ducati Diavel, which has been immortalized in the anime community since its first appearance in the Akira animated film.

1/7 Eikichi Onizuka – Great Teacher Onizuka

onizuka gto

Great Teacher Onizuka is a classic anime series that follows the reformed life of former biker gang leader Eikichi Onizuka, who is now a prominent school teacher. Onizuka decided to become a school teacher to guide the youth of tomorrow away from the poor decisions & regrets he lives with in his adult life.

Onizuka takes the best care of his students in the most nonconventional ways, such as stalking, threatening, & harassing them with good intentions. With his biker roots, Onizuka takes on the task of shaping young minds with an aggressive style of teaching that drives his students & coworkers insane.

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