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Best Anime Cat Boys


Thanks to some of the most hilarious & creative anime shows, anime lovers could meet some truly unique anime character designs. Some of these imaginative anime characters happen to be beloved anime cat boys. These charming & cute anime boys are also some of the most interesting characters too with complex & relatable personalities.

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However, there are all types of anime cat boys since there are those anime characters who can turn into animals, including cats, while others keep their human forms but have cat-like features. Some of these cat boys in anime are Fearless warriors while others use their powers to do all kinds of evil things. Thankfully, anime lovers could also meet kind & fun anime cat boys while watching some of the most beloved & feel-good slice-of-life anime shows of all time.


6/6 Cheshire Cat – P&ora Hearts

Cheshire Cat in P&ora Hearts

Cheshire Cat was originally a cat but after a hundred years he was murdered & resurrected as a human, however, some of his cat features remained like his claws, ears, & tail. He was a mostly Peaceful & loving cat but blindly loved Intention & was even willing to kill to protect it.

P&ora Hearts is one of the most fun fantasy anime based on novels. It’s a dark & more twisted version of the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderl& novel by the beloved author Lewis Carroll. The anime’s story follows a young & spoiled duke named Oz who finds himself cast into a prison called Abyss but gets saved by the mysterious Alice.

5/6 Rokumon – RIN-NE

Rokumon in RIN-NE

Rokumon is one of the smallest & cutest anime cat boys who had magical abilities thanks to his contract with the Shinigami. He was able to eliminate evil spirits but could also bring curses & omens & travel between two worlds. Rokumon was also one of the most loyal black cat anime boys who was never afraid to go the extra mile when it came to helping Rinne.

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He was also able to change his body & size & turn into a gigantic & scary demon cat. RIN-NE is one of the funniest & most wholesome anime series with a fun supernatural story. It’s about a young girl Sakura who after suddenly disappearing into the woods reemerges seemingly unharmed but with a new supernatural power. Sakura mysteriously gained the ability to see ghosts just when a mostly absent classmate also started attending school again.

4/6 Schrödinger – Hellsing Ultimate

Schrodinger in Hellsing Ultimate

Schrödinger was one of the darkest anime cat boys & was created by The Doctor to serve Millennium. He had a very unique relationship with Millennium who looked at Schrödinger not only as another soldier & spy but also as a pet. His strongest power was omnipresence & could magically appear anywhere as long as he believed he exists somewhere.

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Schrödinger was mostly playful, but he also often showed great cruelty towards those around him. Hellsing Ultimate is one of the darkest best classic anime with terrifying characters & an eerie supernatural story. This thrilling dark anime is set in Engl&, & it follows the adventures of Alucard & a secret Hellsing organization that tries to stop SS Major & his bloodthirsty vampire army.

3/6 Ikuto – Shugo Chara

Ikuto in Shugo Chara

Ikuto Yoru is a serious but also often mischievous character who has a human form but with cat ears, a tail, as well as cat claws. While at first Ikuto was a normal human boy he went through a considerable character change & gained his beloved cat features. When he’s in his Black Lynx form he can also use his cat-like reflexes & senses.

Shugo Chara is one of the best magical girl anime with a cute art style & lovable characters. The story follows a young girl Amu who gets blessed with three tiny & cute spirits. She also gets the ability to transform into a magical girl & joins a group to fight & free people’s corrupted hearts.

2/6 Leo – Fairy Tail

Leo in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail not only has iconic anime catgirls but also one of the most powerful anime cat boys, Leo. The Celestial Spirit Leo is better known as Loke the powerful leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Leo’s powerful Eclipse form is a much more cruel & colder version of his old self.

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Eclipse Leo was one of the darkest & most powerful anime cat boys who had immense dark magical abilities as well as massive physical strength & immortality. Fairy Tail is one of the most iconic fantasy anime about Lucy & Natsu who join the famous Fairy Tail wizard guild to fight against evil.

1/6 Kyo Sohma – Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma is one of the most beloved iconic anime cat boys of all time. This hot-headed anime boy was cursed by the spirit of the cat & turned into a cat every time he came in physical contact with the opposite gender. Unfortunately, he was not part of the Chinese Zodiac because the Rat tricked him, & he missed the ceremony.

Kyo also turned into a giant cat monster whenever he took off his magical Juzu bead bracelet. However, Kyo was a caring young man who wanted to earn others’ respect & love. Fruits Basket is one of the most motivational anime series of all time. Its story follows the young Tohru, who after losing her mom, moves in with the Soma family, learns about their dark secret, & helps them overcome their emotional traumas.

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