Most Gorgeous Snow Scenes In Anime


Snow scenes are some of the most Gorgeous ones not just in the world of anime but in western movies as well as in literature. Snow is not only visually Gorgeous but also symbolizes a variety of things including purity, innocence as well as sadness, loss, & death. Thanks to the unique cozy yet melancholic feeling snow can evoke in viewers these magical moments became some of the most memorable & saddest scenes in anime.

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Anime fans can not only enjoy some of the most heartbreaking & rousing stories but also visually breathtaking moments. Since creators of some of the most Gorgeous anime with unique art styles also love to use snow & ice to make their touching stories even more st& out & awe-inspiring.


7/7 Tokyo Godfathers

Hana, Kiyoko, & Miyuki in Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers had plenty of hilarious & highly emotional classic anime moments & plenty of memorable snow scenes. Most of the story takes place in the snow-covered & mostly empty & cold Tokyo streets. While this anime has plenty of heartbreaking moments, & the story has an undeniable darkness to it, it’s ultimately a hopeful tale about found family, love, & being a misfit.

Tokyo Godfathers is one of the most Gorgeous classic anime set on Christmas Eve with some of the most Gorgeous & creative snow scenes in anime. The story follows three homeless people who find a newborn baby in a trash bin on Christmas Eve. They decide that they’ll try to figure out the baby’s identity & reunite her with her parents.

6/7 The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Deer & Winter Goddess in The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is one of the most well-crafted fantasy anime shows filled with magic, mystery, & extraordinary creatures who look even more bewitching when walking through Gorgeous snow-covered l&scapes. This anime is perfect for those who appreciate stunning aesthetic & lush fantasy worlds.

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In the 16th episode of the show, fans could enjoy some of the most breathtaking snow scenes in anime while meeting unique characters like Morrigan & The Deer who are the Goddess & God of winter & death. The Ancient Magus’ Bride is about a young girl Hatori who becomes the new apprentice to a mage called Elias Ainsworth.

5/7 Beyond the Boundary

Mirai & Akihito in Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary is one of the most touching & visually gorgeous anime set in alternate versions of Earth. This fun dark fantasy anime also has some of the most heart-warming & romantic snow scenes in anime. Thanks to the anime’s stunning art style & the dark but wholesome story these scenes became some of the most memorable & beloved snow anime scenes.

Beyond the Boundary‘s story follows a young Akihito & Mirai’s love story. One day Akihito sees Mirai on the school’s rooftop & since he thought Mirai is trying to commit suicide he stopped the girl. However, mysterious & disturbing things start to happen after Mirai is saved.

4/7 Demon Slayer

Tanjiro & Nezuko in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer has some of the most iconic & heartbreaking snow scenes in anime of all time. This anime has one of the saddest stories & beautifully designed but dark snowy scenes. There are multiple snow scenes in Demon Slayer but the show’s most memorable & stunning is the one from the first episode of the series when the young Tanjiro has to carry her half-dead sister, Nezuko, through the forest.

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Demon Slayer is one of the darkest action adventure anime with iconic anime eyes, fights, & unforgettable characters. The story follows Tanjiro who one day returns home & finds her family slain by demons & her sister cursed. Tanjiro decides to become a demon slayer to take revenge & to find a cure for her sister.

3/7 Mushishi

Ginko in Mushishi

Mushishi is one of the best seinen anime with great re-watch value & a breathtaking art style. This anime also has some of the most picturesque & moody snowy anime scenes that are as artistic as an oil painting. The calming & cozy snowy l&scapes also perfectly match the anime’s mystical & slower philosophical style.

Mushishi is one of the most thought-provoking & intriguing anime dramas with a well-crafted supernatural story. It’s about a young man named Ginko who is a Mushi expert. Mushi are a type of primeval life-form that can cause problems to humans, so Ginko travels around & tries to help those who need protection from the creatures.

2/7 Wolf Children

Hana, Sohei, & Yuki in Wolf Children

Wolf Children is one of the most beloved bittersweet anime stories of all time. This iconic anime also has one of the most heartwarming, fun, & memorable snow scenes as the young mom & her kids are enjoying some purely joyous playtime in the snow.

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Wolf Children is one of the most emotional anime about ignorance & single motherhood set in an alternate version of the modern world. The story follows Hana who falls in love with a wolf man & has to raise their two half-wolf half-human kids alone after the man dies.

1/7 Five Centimeters Per Second

Shinohara & Toono in Five Centimeters Per Second

Five Centimeters Per Second is one of the best doomed romance anime with a simple yet moving story. The anime also has a Gorgeous art style & the darker snowy scenes turn this already emotional tale into a real tear-jerker.

Five Centimeters Per Second tells the story of Takaki & Shinohara’s love as the two childhood friends grow further & further apart as they grow older. The story mainly follows Takaki’s life as he lives through cold winters & eventually has to face all the responsibilities & obligations of adulthood.

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