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Best Evil Duos In Movies


The usual course of action when it comes to movies is to take sympathetic characters & build the surrounding story. That gives the audience heroes they can cheer for & sympathize with. However, some movies don’t follow this typical recipe & choose a different approach instead. The main heroes can be less sympathetic or even downright evil.

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These characters are dangerous enough alone, but when they join forces with someone who has no qualms about hurting others, they become even deadlier. While in the normal world, most people wouldn’t enjoy empathizing with criminals & evil people overall, in movies, it’s fascinating to watch some of the best evil duos take on the world together.

Updated on November 21st, 2022, by Kristy Ambrose: The popularity of the evil duo continues to fascinate & entertain audiences, which is why it’s a trope that keeps appearing in movies & TV shows. The concept works in every genre but seems to appear more often in action movies & thrillers. Older movies use the evil duo just as often, giving villains a chance to network their talents instead of multi-tasking & taking care of their nefarious plans alone. Although the evil duo is usually a romantic couple, the dichotomy can also include family members & close friends, & it’s nice to have some variation to keep the storylines fresh.


10/10 Xenia Onatopp And Alec Trevalyn, Goldeneye

Alec Trevelyan & Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye split image

Most viewers remember Famke Janssen as Jane Grey of the original X-Men movie franchise but her breakthrough role was as Bond girl Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye. Her ruthless demeanor, stunning beauty, & hot accent seem to have no equal, but Sean Bean also has a part in this movie. He plays the main antagonist, Alec Trevelyan, which also means the audience will get to see a dramatic & gory death at some point.

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A former pilot who is always cheerfully sadistic, Onatopp is the brawn, doing the dirty work that she loves which includes mayhem, stealing, kidnapping, & driving a mean Ferrari. Trevelyan is the brains of the operation, pretending to be a double-0 while secretly running a Russian cartel that’s made a deal with a Bent military leader.

9/10 John Hartley And Nolan Booth, Red Notice

Red Notice Ryan Reynolds Netflix

The recent Netflix action piece Red Notice (2021) uses the fact that even villains become sympathetic when they’re effectively utilized as protagonists. Hartley & Booth, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson & Ryan Reynolds, are forced by circumstances to work together, & the buddy chemistry between them as well as the strong amount of jokes they share more than makes up for the somewhat convoluted plot.

And whenever Gal Gadot enters the scene, & the duo becomes a trio, the movie gains even more energy & drive than it had before. If for nothing else, watching Red Notice for the main cast & the jokes between them is a time well spent.

8/10 Imhotep And Anck-Su-Namun, The Mummy

Mummy Imhotep & Anck-Su-Namun

The Mummy series is the ultimate adventure piece full of action, danger, Gorgeous settings, &, of course, the complex love story between the two main villains, Imhotep & Anck-Su-Namun. The movie series subverts the usual plot in which a villain falls for an innocent woman, & things go wrong. In this scenario, neither of them is all that innocent. Imhotep will stop at nothing, killing people included, if it means getting the woman he loves back.

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As for Anck-Su-Namun, when she had to choose to risk her life & save Imhotep or protect herself, she chose the second option. Whether that makes her selfish or not, that’s up to every viewer to decide. Whatever the case, Imhotep & Anck-Su-Namun were the ultimate evil power couple while they lasted, & their shared history spanning thous&s of years made for a fascinating story.

7/10 Veronica And J.D., Heathers

Heathers Veronica & J.D.

Most couples in movies focused on teenagers ultimately Advance across as sweet, even when they fumble & make their fair share of mistakes. That’s not the case for Veronica & J.D. J.D. is indeed the one who convinced Veronica it was okay to get back at the people who were mean toward her & others, even if it meant hurting them or worse.

But Veronica went with it anyway, at least initially, & while she might have had a reason for hating the Heathers, that doesn’t justify killing them. It might be difficult to cheer on the couple but Heathers (1989) offers an intriguing story of a twisted relationship. Plus, Winona Ryder & Christian Slater are excellent in the leading roles.

6/10 Gordon & Abigail Craven, The Addams Family

the addams family 1991 fester-christopher-lloyd elizabeth-wilson-abigail-craven

The previous media related to the Addams Family franchise never explained the family’s finances, but this 1991 movie had a secret vault of gold & jewels in the basement & the Cravens find out about it. With the help of the Addams’ lawyer, who is also a grifter, they dress Gordon up as Uncle Fester, who’s been missing for decades.

A mother-son evil duo in this case, or at least it seems that way at first. Part of the twist here is that Gorden isn’t exactly who Abigail says he is & only the authenticity of the Addams Family can get through the facade she’s created. This family has some experience with evil, & the Cravens are no match for them. If they were antagonists, Morticia & Gomez could be on this list.

5/10 Sweeney Todd And Mrs. Lovett, Sweeny Todd

Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett

The worst thing about this couple, other than the fact that they murder people & later bake meat pies from them, is the fact that they don’t st& on equal ground. Mrs. Lovett is in love with Sweeney Todd & dreams about the future they will share, but all that Todd is focused on is getting revenge on the man who ruined his life. And if it means killing people who get in his way, then he will do so.

Unlike other romances between two evil people, this one comes across as one-sided, especially since the movie later reveals that both Todd & Mrs. Lovett are lying to each other. Thanks to all of this, as well as Helena Bonham-Carter’s & Johnny Depp’s performances, it’s interesting to watch how the relationship between the two main evil characters evolves.

4/10 Harley Quinn And The Joker, DCEU

Harley Quinn & Joker in the DCEU

While the DCEU movies don’t give this villainous couple as much space as they would have deserved, some animated movies fixed this problem & show Harley & Joker living their best life of terror in Gotham while Batman’s after them. The first Suicide Squad (2016) offers only a glimpse into how dangerous these two truly are, & then Harley eventually breaks free from her boyfriend.

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That doesn’t change the fact that together, Harley & Joker are both intelligent & unpredictable, which makes for a fatal combination for many. Luckily, Harley later changes her ways & becomes one of the anti-heroes. She even helps to create the superhero team Birds of Prey & stop the villainous Black Mask.

3/10 Mickey And Mallory, Natural Born Killers

natural born killers

When watching Natural Born Killers (1994) for the first time, the audience might recall Bonnie & Clyde. But this story is even more brutal than theirs. Mickey & Mallory are very much in love but instead of settling down & leading a peaceful life, they choose a different road.

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They kill dozens of people, all the while running from the law & enjoying their love. Woody Harrelson & Juliette Lewis give one of their best performances in the movie. The film is full of action but also has the power to make the viewers think, for example, about how the media portrays violence.

2/10 Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow, Bonnie And Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde 1967

Bonnie & Clyde are the ultimate evil duo, & the 1967 movie is one of the classics that no one should miss. Once again, real life proved stronger than anyone’s imagination as the movie is based on real events that happened in the 1930s.

Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty star as lovers who ride around the USA & rob banks. Bonnie & Clyde became a huge hit & was nominated for ten Academy Awards but only won two. Whether the audience sympathizes with Bonnie & Clyde or not, their affection comes across as genuine & the movie is so fast-paced & intelligent that it makes for an unforgettable experience.

1/10 Macbeth & Lady Macbeth, Macbeth (1971)

macbeth & lady macbeth, macbeth 1971

A collection of the most deadly evil duos in movies would have to include the couple that started the whole trope. That’s one of the reasons both Hollywood & independent filmmakers keep putting “that Scottish play” on film, & Roman Polanski is only one of many directors who have interpreted this story in their own way.

Some versions of this play view the titular character as more of a sympathetic character who was misled, while others portray him as an arrogant, entitled snob & a paranoid coward. This is the latter, & this character is as much beyond redemption as his notorious partner in crime, Lady Macbeth. It’s a duo that goes down together, in a puddle of gore, & it’s ideal for those who want to see Dark Shakespeare at its very darkest.

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