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20 Best Fliz movies Web Series, click to watch now, 18+ 2021 | Best Fliz Movies Hindi

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Index of Fliz Movie Full Web Series Cast Full Film Review

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Best Fliz Movies
Best Fliz Movies

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Index of Fliz Movie Web Series Full Detail

We at Fliz Movies are among the few OTT services in India that feature 18+ web series. Similarly, the platform is quite popular among the masses and is much like HotShots. The popularity of adult content on the web is increasing due to the lack of censorship. Voicie la liste des top 10 webseries on Fliz Movies.

List of Fliz Movie in 2021

  • News Anchor
  • Nasha
  • Bhookh
  • Vengeance
  • Pathetic
  • Honey Trap
  • Saturday Nights
  • Brides
  • Usal Misal
  • Magic Girl
  • Rosgulla
  • Maska Maar ke
  • Ek Prem Katha
  • Idiyappam
  • Teddy
  • Lonely Girl
  • Cyber Death
  • Game
  • Fantasy
  • Love on Rent

News Anchor

She meets Rahul at a party, where he is a news reporter by profession. She finds him attractive and he approaches her for a relationship. Meanwhile, Maya shows interest in him, but the story takes a turn when she kills him.

Maya informs the news channel about the murder before the police have even arrived at the crime scene. Could she be using this as an opportunity to improve her career? Pallavi Singh, Sunil Pal, Mustak Khan star in the drama, crime webseries News Anchor


As each episode unfolds, we learn something about how addiction affects our lives. The series examines the various ways in which we all become addicted to something, whether money, sex, life, dreams, drugs, books, or whatever else – this series explains the same thing via various stories.


An individual kidnaps the person she loves and makes him her servant out of love. The unquenchable hunger for love will be fatal for both woman and man and push societal standards to their limits.


The hell breaks loose when two girls set out to exact revenge by turning into serial killers. They hate those people, so here is the story of how the hated people take revenge on those girls. The police are in pursuit of them, but they have no clue where they are.


We learn about the bond shared by two sisters in the story. The film shows how two sisters navigate life’s mazes and try to survive in a world that is constantly changing. It is a complex love story between these two sisters and their common love leads them to fall in love with the same man.

Honey Trap

Intense and captivating, this thriller series grips you from beginning to end. You will see the story of two girls taking revenge because of gruesome events which happened to them in the past. Throughout the series, the message is clear: Everyone is responsible for his or her acts.

Saturday Nights

There is a series that focuses on the collective experiences of a bunch of housewives who experience nightmares and hallucinations. Then they can question them and find the answers to their questions by investigating and surviving through their experiences.


Featuring a series about wedding customs and brides from different religious and cultural backgrounds. The show describes the life of a bride who must deal with different forms of culture and customs which will determine her future.

Usal Misal

The story of a girl trapped by her boyfriend in the entanglement of a relationship is the underlying theme of this series, which describes relationships as traps today. It is the realization that it is a trap that makes her realize she must escape the plot.

Magic Girl

The bite of an unusual insect causes a young girl to gain unnatural powers. Her use of these powers in society and for her benefit constitutes the plot. This show should not be missed.


There are some interesting Bengali stories in this collection from Kolkata. KALPD’s first episode centers on a housewife who arranges for another man to have anal contact with her husband for the sake of their happily married life. The second episode is about a husband who sets up a trap for his cheating wife to force an unconditional divorce on her.

Maska Maar ke

A collection of unsettling stories from rural India, “Maska maar ke” is a web series about a Maar. The first episode of Jalwa tells the story of a husband and wife who cannot live a happy marriage because of issues they are having. The second episode, kaamchor, tells the story of kall, a lazy villager whose wife makes him work hard.

Ek Prem Katha

‘Nidhi’, a young woman getting married to a handsome boy, is shocked when he is killed by gangsters and becomes like an infant. Shyam, a young man with the name Shyama, rescues her after she leaves her home. When Nidhi has recovered from shock, shyam falls in love with her while taking care of her. However, when Nidhi forgets everything about him, he remains in shock.


A story about one woman who was owned and treated like a slave by her husband. When his husband insulted her the way he did one day, she decided to teach him a lesson in similar ways.


During the film, the plot revolves around a newlywed couple. Unfortunately, their seemingly perfect life is filled with challenges and complications. Their new lives present new challenges every day, so they take the opportunity to try out new things. Will they be able to live happily ever after?

Lonely Girl

The story revolves around the life of a girl who gets hurt by her relationships. Although she expected true love, none of her relationships turned out that way. Her journey to discover her true self and to find love forms the storyline. Can she finally find love or will she remain single for the rest of her life?

The story revolves around the life of a girl who gets hurt by her relationships. Although she expected true love, none of her relationships turned out that way. In this story, we follow her journey to discover her true love and find out about herself. What happens when she finally finds love in her life or does she remain single forever?

Cyber Death

Fliz Movies is putting together an 18+ Romance web series called Cyber Death. Those who are interested in seeing it should wait until October 18th. Kamini, Sarath, and Sanjini are the main actors in Cyber Death.

You can find the complete list of actors, actresses, plot, release date, and trailer for the (Fliz Movies) Cyber Death. This short film follows a happy girl on social media as she engages with a stranger. However, when they meet, everything turns upside down.


This film focuses on the life of a happily married couple. They decide to try something new in their lives when the twist comes in. The result is completely unexpected. Does this mean the end of their relationship or can they get together again?


An aspiring photographer is in love with a pair of twins after meeting them at a party. The relationship takes a dangerous turn as her plans don’t go according to plan. Their lives have been forever changed because of their fantasy and experiments. The situation gets shocking as it proceeds further. Is it possible to get back to the way things used to be?

Love on Rent

An important place where people meet and spend time with their loved ones is the focus of the plot. The couple arriving with no money comes up with a new idea and allows the business to expand. It is an opportunity they decide to take advantage of and make the business successful.

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On Fliz Movies, you can watch titles from regional and Indian short film networks. There are several shows on this video-on-demand and multimedia platform that showcase Indian actors, ranging from audio stories to short films to web series.

Genres such as thrillers, romances, and LGBTQ+ are available on the Lifestyle app. All members will be able to access the content. Those who do not pay for streaming have access to a wide selection of audio content and drama that they can access for free. I don’t particularly like the user interface. I find it difficult to navigate and slow. I recommend you use Hotstar instead.

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20 Best Fliz movies Web Series, click to watch now, 18+ 2021 | Best Fliz Movies Hindi
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