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Best Forgotten Samurai Anime


Swords & samurai are synonymous with anime. There are dozens of spectacular series about warring nations & historical last st&s where samurai hold the course of history in their h&s. Much of the success of anime has the samurai genre to thank as the moving stories highly inspired by the works of Akira Kurosawa & Hiroshi Inagaki have made massive impacts on the community.

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The elegant & deadly movements made by the most skilled sword masters are brilliantly animated in series such as Rurouni Kenshin, & Sword of the Stranger. While there are many anime that have received worldwide acclaim, there are just as many that fall through the cracks & become overshadowed. Rare diamonds in the rough exist, waiting for fans to rediscover them so that they can return to their former glory. Here are some forgotten awesome anime about samurai.


7/7 Peace Maker Kurogane

peace keeper kurogane

Tetsunosuke was only a child when he witnessed his parents slaughtered right in front of him. The event shook Tetsunosuke to his core but also lit a gr& ambition inside him. Tetsunosuke sought to become strong to avenge the death of his parents & prevent that sort of event from ever happening again.

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To exact his revenge, Tetsunosuke joined the Shensingumi, but with no talent for swordsmanship or killing, Tetsunosuke’s goal seemed far from reach. Now, Tetsunoseke must fight the battle inside himself between never taking a life & protecting the Shensingumi like he swore to do.

6/7 Karas: The Prophecy

karas anime

Yousuke Otoha is dragged into a world he didn’t know existed. The human & demon worlds have been clashing with one another for some time, an ancient being known as Yurine has kept the balance along with her faithful servant, the Karas.

Unfortunately, the current Karas has grown spiteful of humankind’s disregard for his service &, because of that, has turned against his master & waged war on the human race. Yurine searches for a replacement, & now Otoha must face off against the former Karas & reestablish the balance before the human race is lost.

5/7 Shigurui: Death Frenzy

death feenzy anime

Shigurui is a spectacular tale in the samurai genre that follows two samurai separated by consequence. Set in the Edo period in an episodic adventure, Gennosuke, & Seigen revolve around each other’s destiny until they Approach to face each other in a tournament where real swords will be used. Gennouske was one of the strongest swordsmen in his dojo until he lost his arm.

However, Gennosuke’s determination knows no equal, & he pushed himself & adapted his style to fit his disability. Seigen is just as equally skilled as Gennosuke but is the polar opposite in moral opinions & personality. Seigen loses his sight to Gennosuke’s master, & Gennosuke loses his arm to Seigen, which is what fuels their rivalry at its core.

4/7 Samurai Deeper Kyou

demon eyes kyo anime

Two legendary swordsmen meet on the battlefield, but before the final blow can be struck, the divine intervenes in the form of a falling meteor that devastates the battlefield. Kyoushio Mibu & the dreaded manslayer Demon eyes Kyou are never heard from again. Four years later, a lecherous rogue named Kyoushiro finds himself running from a bounty hunter attempting to bring him to justice for debt evasion.

The two are attacked, & Kyoushiro’s body changes, & he dawns the personality of Demon eyes Kyou, trapped in the body of Kyoushiro Mibu. The two Open on a journey of rediscovering who they are & how to mend their situation.

3/7 Kurozuka

kurozuka anime

Kurozuka is an anime that meshes the samurai & anime vampire themes with a love story scattered across time. Kurou was a proud samurai who became chased by a vicious gang of warriors. He & his subordinate, Benkei escaped into a forest where they were granted shelter in a mysterious manner ruled by a Dazzling madam named Kuromitsu.

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Upon receiving protection, Kurou & Benkei were warned never to enter Korimitsu’s room. Due to an insatiable curiosity, Kurou peeked into the room & discovered Kroimitsu’s secret, which lead him to a series of unfortunate events involving his death, the loss of his love, & betrayal.

2/7 Ronin Warriors

ronin warriors

Ronin Warriors is a shounen samurai anime series created by the Sunrise Animation Studio. The stories follow a group of young men gifted with powerful abilities on a mission to defeat an evil being known as Emperor Talpa.

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The Ronin Warriors were each given a magical piece of armor that gives them their abilities. Initially, these pieces of armor belonged to Emperor Talpa, & now he seeks to reclaim his lost possessions & conquer Earth. The Ronin Warriors must fight with every ounce of their strength in order to save the world & overcome the Emperor’s evil plans.

1/7 Blade Of The Immortal

blade of the immortal anime

Blade of the Immortal is a cult classic that has seen its fair share of success but has recently fallen to the wayside in popularity. Blade of the Immortal follows Manji, a vile swordsman who is feared & looked upon in detest for his vicious crimes of murder.

Manji is cursed by a nun who has lived for nearly a century for the murder of one hundred men. Manji has been cursed with immortality, & the ability to heal any wound. Forced to walk the l&s carrying the weight of his sins, Manji’s only option is to kill one thous& evil men to atone for his wrongdoings.

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