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12 Best Frank Ocean songs List with songs, Blonde, Complex, Full information 2021

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About Frank Ocean | 12 Best Frank Ocean songs

In five years, Frank Ocean has gone from releasing his proper debut album to proving the flimsy absurdity of the words “proper debut album.”

Just last year, his profound insight into music consumption finessed him from an unhappy record deal into prosperous free agency. But four years before Blonde intensified his cultural and critical dominance (as well as his bank account), Frank was just an up-and-comer. Channel Orange was released five years ago Monday (July 10) and before its arrival, a mixtape and handful of features to Ocean’s name.

It’s crazy to think there was once a time he was saddled with descriptors like “Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean.” In the years since, he’s welcomed us into one of music’s most sensitive psyches and delivered on the promise of an artist whose early-career feature bested both Beyoncé’s and…um…Otis Redding’s on Kanye West and JAY-Z’s collaborative mega-flex, Watch the Throne.

In the end, we decided “No Church in the Wild” isn’t enough Frank’s song to crack this early career canon, though certainly not out of failing to go hard enough. Parsing through less than a decade of material to come up with the top 12 Frank Ocean songs was no easy task.

To much critical acclaim, Frank Ocean released his highly-anticipated second studio album, Blonde, on August 20, 2016. An emotional journey through the enigmatic artist’s inner meditations, the album doesn’t disappoint – making it that much more difficult to put together this list.

best frank ocean songs
best frank ocean songs

12 Best Frank Ocean songs List with songs, Blonde, Complex etc.

Here we share 12 Best Frank Ocean songs List, we hope you enjoy:

  1. “Novacane”
  2. “Thinkin Bout You”
  3. Pink + White
  4. Swim Good
  5. Sweet Life
  6. Ivy
  7. Pyramids
  8. Nikes
  9. Strawberry Swing
  10. Super Rich Kids
  11. “Bad Religion”
  12. “Nature Feels”

1 Frank Ocean – “Novacane”

frank ocean best songs

Although Ocean’s grown as a lyricist, it’s not sarcasm to call a track off his debut mixtape his best-to-date simply because, well, he’s always been a fire. The musician was a fan, not an artist, at Coachella 2010 – just like the rest of us! With this woozy, wobbly, instantly quotable smash, Britney encapsulates the bougie malaise amongst millennial festival-goers. It’s disheartening how Ocean went from chatting up a gorgeous woman to a cocaine-fueled fervor while there are dirty dishes in the sink, but Ocean has never made us laugh.

It would take the Weeknd a few years later to sing about feeling his face in a far more popular song, but if there’s a track that can get us going, it’s Ocean’s.

2. Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You”

frank ocean best songs

If you’re still mulling over Ocean’s Grammys performance, check out his uncanny “Thinkin Bout You” performance, a video demonstration of how to change your voice from painspoken to falsetto on a dime. The use of empty sonic space in this unreleased demo-turned single delivers one of the most devastating emotional gut-punches you’ll ever hear — a true testament to the song’s heartbreak. On Channel Orange, Ocean revealed the identity of a man whom he revealed was responsible for his unrequited love.

3. Frank Ocean – Pink + White

frank ocean blonde best songs

Frank Ocean’s love story is perfectly captured on Pink + White. Throughout the track, the artist paints a picture of a romance reaching its climax and then failing to reach its full potential afterward. On an album bursting with nostalgia and perfect in its simplicity, Pink + White is a true masterpiece, accompanied by joyful piano chords and lyrics like “You showed me love / Glory from above / Regard my dear / I’m losing you.”.

4. Frank Ocean – Swim Good

frank ocean blonde best songs

Despite its cool and bleak aura, Nostalgia, Ultra’s single is a pleasant surprise. In this song, we learn about losing everything, cranking up some loud music, and then driving straight into the ocean. A lot of songs about driving into the ocean have been written about driving a car into the ocean, such as Pixies’ Wave of Mutilitation. Frank can make music about dark topics that can be both compelling and fun, unlike most pop stars. One of the reasons why he rises up is because of this.

5. Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

frank ocean blonde best songs

The strong ’70s R&B vibe of this single by Ocean earned comparisons to Stevie Wonder thanks to Pharrell Williams. There’s a semi-dystopian tale in this about the bourgeois lives of the Beverly Hills elite who lie around the pool and stare at mirrors all day while housekeepers and lawnmowers do the dirty work. It’s not clear exactly what’s going on, but something strange is happening: “This neighborhood keeps getting trippier every day/ This neighborhood keeps on going insane.”

It is yet another example of Ocean’s skill at telling a story and taking it in a strange, mysterious direction while holding your attention.

6. Frank Ocean – Ivy

frank ocean blonde best songs

In terms of storytelling and vocal performance, Frank Ocean’s “Ivy” is a triumph. Listeners will be pulled into the story of Frank’s post-romance remorse, as he utters lyrics such as ‘It’s quite okay to hate me now’ and ‘All the things I didn’t mean to say or do’. Despite the lack of percussion, the track is an acoustic guitar-pop dream. Ivy came in at #2 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 best songs of 2016 with its charm – and we’re not the only ones who think so.

7. Frank Ocean – Pyramids

frank ocean blonde best songs

It’s like two tracks crammed into one, but it flows seamlessly in this nearly 10-minute-long version from Channel Orange. Cleopatra is involved in it, and it’s a spectacular odyssey. Initially, the song is funky; subsequently, it is smooth. “The pyramid” is where Cleopatra works and Ocean gives her very hip demands regarding the music, one of which is, “Let there be some jazz playing.” Oh, and John Mayer plays a solo guitar, which is actually pretty cool.

8. Frank Ocean – Nikes

frank ocean blonde best songs

Blonde, Ocean’s second album, features the song Nikes as the first track. As the album’s first track, the track embodies layers of mystery and ambient soundscapes underscored by pitched-down vocals. On his new album, Frank Ocean is scattered lyrically, but he remains political and sentimental – he pays tribute to a series of people who were killed because of racial profiling, drug addiction, and poverty.

9. Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing

best songs of frank ocean

Ocean sings directly over most of the sound from Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing, so you might expect this to just be Ocean singing over the Coldplay song. Your statement is entirely accurate. The lyrics of Ocean’s song are what you need to pay attention to. Let’s hope Ocean gets just this weird – actually, even weirder – on his new album. While Coldplay’s song is a typical love story, Ocean turns it into a post-apocalyptic love epic. We would like to see more spaceships.

10. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

best frank ocean songs blonde

As Ocean sings, “there’s nothing like this type of view to start your day.”. Life is good for him. In the pool was a group of friends, including a super-rich kid who was terrible and perhaps not the best friend. Parents not present. Housemaids. The Jaguar. Nothing was too much trouble, even the showerhead, which Ocean, a singer who pays attention to details, says “feels amazing.”

Do you know how it kind of sounds like Elton John’s Benny And The Jets? At the middle of Ocean’s song, she references Mary J Blige’s track “Real Love.”. A lethargic but complex verse follows from Frank’s Odd Future pal Earl Sweatshirt. As the day ends on the roof, the night follows until the end of the year.

11. Frank Ocean – “Bad Religion”

During the same period, Channel Orange side D is closely connected to Ocean’s coming out as bisexual on the eve of the album’s release, as well as to another sparse confessional on the opening side (see below). “If it brings me to my knees, that’s a bad religion,” Ocean confides to his taxi driver after hearing only religious platitudes.

 Channel Orange’s signature moment is the Prince-like scream he squeaks out at the end, after careening between falsetto and plain-sung pleas throughout the song.

12. Frank Ocean – “Nature Feels”

best frank ocean songs blonde

As on “No Church”, Frank relies heavily on the disco bass on “Electric Feel” on this mixtape track, too. It’s been a long time since MGMT sound this good. They never sounded so provocative since the Oracular Spectacular in 2007. Lyrically, Ocean cuts to the core, managing to sexualize photosynthesis (“I’ve been meaning to f— you in the garden / Been breathing so hard we both could use the oxygen”) and link it to mankind’s most primal (also garden-related) instincts (“Feeling like Adam when he first found out this existed.”)

FAQ Related to Best Frank Ocean songs

What was Frank Ocean’s first hit?

“Novacane” and “Swim Good” are two of the first singles from his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, released in February 2011. It peaked at number 82 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it became his debut single.

Why are Frank Ocean songs so good?

It is the Atlantic Ocean’s ability to tread so deeply into introspection and make it sound universal and transcendent, along with his ability to feel fresh and powerful, that defines ‘One of our Time’ as a defining artist.

Did Frank Ocean grow up rich?

He was born in New Orleans to a single mother and her recovering-addict father but grew up primarily in California due to his California references in his songs. With $1,100 in cash on hand after Hurricane Katrina, Ocean left for Los Angeles to kick-start his music career.

Is Frank Ocean Odd Future?

Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy, Left Brain, Casey Veggies, the Super 3 (Matt Martians and Pyramid Vritra), and Jasper Dolphin were the original members. In addition to Earl Sweatshirt, later members were Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Taco Bennett, and Syd Tha Kyd.

Why is Frank Ocean not making music?

According to the message, “the song you purchased on vinyl will no longer be available,” as a result of the events of this year. Those additional items that are part of your order will begin shipping next week after we refund this purchase.

Which Frank Ocean album is better?

According to the overall greatest album chart, Blonde is the best album credited to Frank Ocean, ranking 106th overall with 15,157 points. The overall artist ranking of Frank Ocean shows him as number 84 with a rank score of 28,044.

    According to the overall greatest album chart, Blonde is the best album credited to Frank Ocean, ranking 106th overall with 15,157 points. The overall artist ranking of Frank Ocean shows him as number 84 with a rank score of 28,044.

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