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Best Free-To-Play PS5 Games


Free-to-play games are enticing options on the PlayStation 5. This category of games has drastically shifted in recent years. With the explosive popularity of titles like Fortnite & Genshin Impact, many games are adopting a free-to-play formula.

The best free-to-play games are arguably the ones without microtransactions. Veiled in a cloak of misleading features, pay-to-win games can also be free-to-play. Simultaneously, the benefits of buying into microtransactions might outweigh the cost of a retail game since a regular triple-A PlayStation 5 title can be valued anywhere from $49.99 to $69.99. Here are some of the best free PS5 games.


Updated November 21, 2022 by Mark Sammut: A few Enormous free-to-play PlayStation 5 games were released over the last two months, providing owners of Sony’s console with a few new options to try out.

Astro’s Playroom

PS5 Astro's Playroom God Of War Kratos Atreus Bots Boat

Release Date (PS5) November 12, 2020
Developer Japan Studio
Genre Platformer
PlayStation Store Link Astro’s Playroom

When someone picks up a PS5, the very first game they should play is Astro’s Playroom. This free title is largely designed to showcase the console’s capabilities, specifically the DualSense controller. Its status as a tech demo might not inspire confidence, but Astro’s Playroom pays loving tribute to Sony’s PlayStation br& while also being a pretty good 3D platformer in its own right.

Charming, gorgeous, & packed with neat references, Astro’s Playroom is close to a perfect free-to-play game. The campaign lasts roughly five hours, which is about the right length for a tech demo that also happens to be a genuine platformer.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Player Has Fun Idea For Alternate Kiriko Ultimate

Release Date (PS5) October 4, 2022
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Hero Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Overwatch 2

2016’s Overwatch made an instant splash when it hit the scene, & the hero shooter maintained its moment for more than five years. For its sequel, Blizzard opted to take a different approach by producing a free-to-play title. This move garnered a mixed reception from players & critics, & the game’s launch only added fuel to this discourse. Overwatch 2‘s battle pass has been especially controversial.

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Moving away from the monetary side of things, Overwatch 2 is, at its core, a fun first-person shooter with an endearing roster of characters. The shift to 5v5 battles should allow for more flexibility in team setup, although it remains to be seen whether this proves to be a positive or negative move.

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 teammates

Release Date (PS5) November 16, 2022
Developer Infinity Ward, Raven Software
Genre Battle Royale FPS
PlayStation Store Link Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Released less than a month following the debut of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0 launched a new era in the lifespan of Activision’s battle royale spin-off. Some of the best free PS5 games fall within this genre, but most battle royales cannot match Call of Duty‘s polish, budget, & tight gameplay. Warzone 2.0 is not a significant departure from its predecessor, & the 2022 iteration should be regarded as an evolution of what came before rather than a completely new entity.

That said, the game does switch things up in some regards. Warzone 2.0 launched with a new map called Al Mazrah, which takes inspiration from Modern Warfare 2‘s arenas. DMZ is a unique mode that changes up the core gameplay loop by tasking players with collecting loot & escaping before they are gunned down by enemy players (or AI). In the battle royale mode, the Gulag has been revamped to allow for 2v2 encounters, adding an element of teamwork to proceedings.

Warzone 2.0 has not had the smoothest launch so far, but hopefully, things improve as the weeks & months pass.


MultiVersus Co-Op

Release Date (Beta) July 26th, 2022
Developer Player First Games
Genre Fighting
PlayStation Store Link MultiVersus

Player First Games is trying its h&s at developing a multiplayer PvP fighter in the same vein as Super Smash Bros. & Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl. The end result is entering Public Beta on July 26th & has been well-received so far thanks to its interesting lineup of characters, as well as its smooth & entertaining gameplay. There’s hope that the developers will focus a lot on adding new & interesting characters to the mix as they have so many mediums to draw from thanks to their support from Warner Bros.

MultiVersus has the potential to be one of the best “Smash-like” releases ever created & players are anxious to see what shows up in the near future.



Release Date August 11th, 2022
Developer Epic Games
Genre Action, Fighting
PlayStation Store Link Rumbleverse

There are many unique & engaging battle royale titles out there, but none are quite as unique & wildly entertaining as Rumbleverse. Players will launch themselves into a sprawling cityscape & find a wide array of available wrestling moves in order to punish their opponents & gain a knockout. There are no guns or ranged weapon in this title (aside from throwables). Instead, players will need to throw a series of furious punches at their opponents to do damage & reign supreme.

Rumbleverse is a blast to play & features some hilariously cartoony visuals that add to its goofy & over-the-top aesthetic.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

pubg studios battle royale update new vehicle

Release Date December 7th, 2018
Developer Krafton, Inc.
Genre Shooter
PlayStation Store Link PUBG: Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was, arguably, the first great battle royale release & was responsible for helping to kickstart the genre into the massive space that it is today. There are tons of players out there that love the prospect of battle royale & many still Approach back to PUBG to get their fill of its unique & sometimes punishing gameplay.

Those that want to see & experience the roots of the genre can download the title for free from the PlayStation store & load it up on their PS5. It may not be the most graphically intensive game (especially by today’s st&ards) but it still maintains a level of visual charm that makes it instantly recognizable for most battle royale fans.

World Of Warships: Legends

World of Warships

Release Date (PS4) September 17th, 2015
Developer Lesta Studio
Genre Vehicular Combat
PlayStation Store Link World of Warships: Legends

Those looking to take their warfare gameplay to the high seas should definitely check out World of Warships. The free-to-play title has been going strong since 2015 & features some interesting tactical & skill-based gameplay where players use a variety of ships in a PvP format that has players battling against one another in a variety of water-logged locations. Much like World of Tanks, players will have the opportunity to pilot some real-life & inspired military vehicles.

World of Warships can be a ton of fun for players that are looking for some PvP vehicle-based combat that is different from the norm.

Rec Room

Rec Room, 4 people w/ toy guns, having fun

Release Date (PS4) November 21st, 2017
Developer Rec Room Inc.
Genre Game Creation / MMO
PlayStation Store Link Rec Room

Players that are craving something a bit more social & open-ended can download the free-to-play Rec Room. This game begins in a hub-like area where players are free to explore before heading out on an adventure into a world filled to the brim with all sorts of games. There are quite a few entertaining & engaging pre-made games that players can enjoy, including things like Soccer, Paintball, Paddleball, & Bowling.

But what really makes Rec Room shine are the user-generated rooms & adventures. Here, players are free to let their imaginations run wild, creating hangout spaces or games for other users to join & enjoy. Players are free to enjoy a variety of games in 3D or even VR-based gameplay.


brawlhalla fight

Release Date (PS4) October 17, 2017
Developer Blue Mammoth Games
Genre Fighting
PlayStation Store Link Brawlhalla

Super Smash Bros. might not be available outside of Nintendo’s ecosystem, but there are some other options out there for those who don’t own a Switch. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl made its debut to a decent enough reception & will undoubtedly attract fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob, & company; however, over the last few years, Brawlhalla has established itself as one of the definitive Smash alternatives.

A platform fighter with a solid roster of Legends, including Rayman, Brawlhalla‘s combat should be instantly recognizable for Smash alumni, although the free-to-play game is not lacking in novel features. For example, movement is a touch less restrictive in Brawlhalla. For those looking to engage in a fun platform fighter, they can do much worse than this title. As only a select few fighters are free, it might be worth investing in the “All Legends Pack” to unlock all the characters.


Latest Splitgate Update Makes Quality of Life Improvements & Other Changes

Release Date (PS5) July 27, 2021
Developer 1047 Games
Genre First-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Splitgate

Take Halo & mix in a bit of Portal & the result would be Splitgate. Comparing something to either of those two classics is a recipe for disappointment, but Splitgate somehow makes it work, delivering a fun first-person shooter with a neat central mechanic. Focusing solely on the gunplay, Splitgate gets the basics right: its combat rewards skill, the weapons locker is diverse, & there is some balancing in place. Even without the portals, Splitgate is an above-average multiplayer shooter.

The portals just take it up a few more notches, adding a unique strategic element to team play. While the gunplay is immediately accessible, the portals introduce a learning curve that makes repeat matches more rewarding.

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale - Circling The Ally Direction UI Element To Show How Small It Is

Release Date (PS5) August 26, 2021
Developer Pixile Studios
Genre Battle Royale
PlayStation Store Link Super Animal Royale

With so many battle royale games on the market, it has become difficult to get excited about any newcomer to the genre. Super Animal Royale is worth making an exception for. Played from an overhead 2D angle, Pixile Studios’ game is essentially a twin-stick shooter, albeit one that pits 64 adorable creatures against each other in vicious battles to the death.

Matches move at a blistering pace & someone could meet their demise within seconds of dropping in the park. So, don’t be fooled by the cute art, Super Animal Royale is cutthroat. Luckily, the game is fun enough to override the frustration from a quick loss.

Deathverse: Let It Die

hunter character with a shotgun type weapon in deathverse let it die

Release Date (PS5) September 27, 2022
Developer Supertrick Games
Genre Battle Royale
PlayStation Store Link Deathverse: Let It Die

Deathverse: Let It Die has, unfortunately, struggled to find an audience, at least going by Steam’s player count. Let It Die‘s battle royale spin-off infuses the concept with a refreshing dash of wackiness, all the while delivering perhaps the most unapologetically violent entry in the genre. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players must stylishly take each other down as they perform in a reality TV show.

For the most part, combat is hack & slash, although Deathverse‘s impressive arsenal of weapons can alter the flow of battles. The game also has a crafting system that needs to be used to unlock new weapons.


fortnite season 5 every map change

Release Date (PS5) November 11, 2020
Developer Epic Games
Genre Third-Person Shooter Battle Royale
PlayStation Store Link Fortnite

Epic Games’ Fortnite has never looked better than it does on the PlayStation 5. The game offers DualSense controller support, which creates immersion like no other controller. Loading times are faster, & the game plays in a targeted 4K at 60 frames per second.

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Moreover, the split-screen multiplayer offers 60 fps support, providing an unprecedented experience for Fortnite. Fortnite continues to dominate the free-to-play scene, despite having been released way back in 2017, & that seems unlikely to change anytime in the near future.

Apex Legends

finisher Apex Legends Octane Mirage

Release Date (PS5) February 8, 2022
Developer Respawn Entertainment
Genre First-Person Shooter Battle Royale
PlayStation Store Link Apex Legends

After the proliferation of Fortnite on the online forefront, developer Respawn Entertainment answered back with Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game differs from Fortnite because it’s more focused on combat & doesn’t have a building component.

Matches have a 60-player count & pits teams of three against each other, pushing coordination & communication to the forefront. Apex Legends is also a first-person shooter, setting itself apart from Fortnite. Lastly, Respawn’s game classifies itself as a Hero Shooter, as it contains various characters who cater to different play styles.



Release Date (PS5) December 2, 2021
Developer Phoenix Labs
Genre Action
PlayStation Store Link Dauntless

Dauntless tends to be regarded as the free-to-play alternative to Monster Hunter, & while Phoenix Labs’ game shares similarities with Capcom’s franchise, it also does more than enough to differentiate itself. The PS5 version delivers a fast-paced action RPG with plenty of content. Slaying Behemoths is still the main focus, however, Dauntless has steadily added new elements to diversify the gameplay. Nowadays, combat is complemented with bouts of exploration, creating a more enjoyable & long-lasted overall experience.

The gameplay loop revolves around defeating Behemoths to collect the loot necessary to craft new items, & it should be able to keep most people coming back for me. Dauntless is also quite accessible as the combat is instantly satisfying & the difficulty level is paced well, however, the mechanics have depth & need to be properly mastered once players face off against the harder Behemoths.


Some of the mythological figures in Smite

Release Date (PS4) May 30, 2016
Developer Titan Forge Games
Genre Third-Person Shooter MOBA
PlayStation Store Link Smite

While it has yet to be released on current-gen consoles, Smite is available on the PlayStation 4, meaning PlayStation 5 owners can play the MOBA. From developers Hi-Rez Studios & Titan Forge Games, Smite is one of the most addicting free-to-play games on the market.

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In Smite, players control gods or goddesses from a third-person angle. With unique abilities & team-based combat, players must work together to win multiple PVP modes. It’s no wonder why Smite has dominated eSports for so long.


enlisted tanks supporting soldiers

Release Date (PS5) April 8, 2021
Developer Darkflow Software
Genre First-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Enlisted

A military shooter set in World War 2, Enlisted might not look all that unique or impressive at first glance, but the free-to-play has developed nicely since its debut in early 2021. In its beta phase, Enlisted‘s unique feature is that it puts players in charge of a squad or vehicle, pairing first-person gameplay with man management in the form of issuing instructions to the AI soldiers. This twist adds a distinct dimension to battles that helps set Enlisted apart from other WW2 games on the market.

Featuring more than 20 classes & a variety of maps split across five campaigns, Enlisted is still growing, with the developers frequently releasing updates & improvements. That said, this is quite a grindy game, especially for those who don’t invest in the premium packs.


spellbreak fire vs lightning fight

Release Date (PS4) September 3, 2020
Developer Proletariat
Genre Third-Person Shooter Battle Royale
PlayStation Store Link Spellbreak

Ever wanted to become a battlemage in a battle royale game? Spellbreak places players in a large-scale multiplayer arena, inspiring them to unleash their inner mages by coordinating with teammates.

This game has role-playing game elements but is largely considered a battle royale game. Spellbreak plays homage to retro games like Unreal Tournament & Quake but brings enough to the table to distinguish itself. There are certainly more popular free games on the PS5, but Spellbreak is a unique alternative for those looking to add a bit of magic to their play sessions.

War Thunder


Release Date (PS5) November 17, 2020
Developer Gaijin Entertainment
Genre Vehicular Combat
PlayStation Store Link War Thunder

Taking its beta stage into account, War Thunder has been around for nearly a decade, although it made its official debut in 2016. Now available on nearly every console not called the Nintendo Switch, War Thunder is arguably the premium vehicular combat game on the market, & that extends beyond just free-to-play titles.

Through its wide range of modes, War Thunder offers something for just about everyone, regardless of whether they yearn for a realistic or more casual experience. Since its inception, War Thunder has blossomed into a far more ambitious title, one that seeks to capture the feel of being on a battlefield.

Genshin Impact

RPG free-to-play

Release Date (PS5) April 27, 2021
Developer miHoYo
Genre Action RPG
PlayStation Store Link Genshin Impact

There are only a h&ful of role-playing games that are free-to-play. Genshin Impact is rapidly becoming one of the most popular free-to-play games of all time. The game is story-based, but it includes a multiplayer & single-player mode.

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To make Genshin Impact st& out even more from the crowd, it is an open-world game. The endgame has been criticized, but the gameplay & freedom of exploration are phenomenal. Genshin Impact made its way to the PlayStation 5 on April 28, 2021, & updates are constantly being released for the game. There is already a ton to do in Genshin Impact & this universe will only exp& further in the future.

Knockout City

Promo art featuring characters from Knockout City

Release Date (PS5) May 21, 2021
Developer Velan Studios
Genre Action
PlayStation Store Link Knockout City

Dodgeball – that basically summarizes this project. Knockout City transitioned into a full free-to-play experience in June 2022, a decision that helped revitalize interest in the game since it had lost quite a bit of momentum since its 2021 launch. While it will probably never attract Rocket League numbers, Knockout City has a decent playerbase at the moment, & the 2022 Summer season might be the best time to jump into this title.

Injecting the basic concept of dodgeball with a healthy helping of over-the-top mayhem, Knockout City succeeds in being accessible & simultaneously deep. In matches, team compete to try & knock each other out using a variety of ball types, each of which can take a while to master.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt


After more than a decade of inactivity in the gaming industry, the World of Darkness series has recently made a Enormous return, producing a range of titles across a spectrum of genres. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is the franchise’s take on battle royales, & it does an impressive job of blending that concept’s conventions with ideas unique to the franchise. For the most part, Bloodhunt sticks to the same structure as most battle royales out there: be the last vampire (or team) st&ing while avoiding the constantly shrinking map.

As strong as those fundamentals are, Sharkmob refreshingly opts to shake up a few things. Bloodhunt incorporates a PVE aspect that comes with an ingenious risk & reward balance. The game utilizes a clan/class system that diversifies the combat since players have access to an arsenal of progressively improving powers to complement the loot drops. These things combine to create a familiar but singular experience in an oversaturated genre that could use a touch more creativity.


Paladins Free-to-play

Release Date (PS4) May 8, 2018
Developer Evil Mojo Games
Genre First-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Paladins

Basically the Overwatch of the free-to-play game world, Paladins is an online hero shooter that is playable on the PlayStation 4, meaning it can be booted up on the PS5. It is set in a world called “Realm,” a science-fiction fantasy universe with medieval & futuristic themes. There are two factions, meaning two teams that players can play as. The matches are goal-oriented, & the two competing teams battle it out with five players.

A wide array of game modes like Siege, Onslaught, Team Deathmatch, & Ranked give Paladins tremendous replay value. Furthermore, the Hero Shooter offers quite a bit of customization options, permitting users to adapt the characters to their preferences.


warframe deimos arcana infested weapons

Release Date (PS5) November 26, 2020
Developer Digital Extremes
Genre Third-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Warframe

Warframe continues to be one of the most played free-to-play games because of its abundance of content. The PlayStation 5 version was ported in November 2020. Developer Digital Extremes has pumped more content into the game post-launch than possibly any other of its type.

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The game’s structure revolves around completing quests & upgrading the Warframe armor set. With an in-game currency called Platinum, players can upgrade & customize their spaceship & trade with other players. The clan features of Warframe are exceptional.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel Gameplay

Release Date (PS5) January 18, 2022
Developer Konami
Genre Card Game
PlayStation Store Link Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Be it as a trading card game, manga, or anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! has been a fixture of pop culture for more than two decades. The license has produced plenty of games, most of which flew under the radar or were not even released in Western nations. Master Duel is Konami’s most recent attempt to perfect the formula, & it is a solid representation of the franchise.

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The free-to-play title does away with distractions like a story – this is a pure digital trading card game. Master Duel lives up to its title in the fact that it does not simplify the franchise’s mechanics; newcomers to the series might find themselves overwhelmed with the options & rules, although a tutorial that goes over the basics is included.

World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks Blitz

Release Date (PS5) October 26, 2021
Developer Wargaming Minsk
Genre Vehicular Combat
PlayStation Store Link World of Tanks

World of Tanks might seem similar to War Thunder on the surface, but the vehicular combat games play quite differently. While the latter is more of a sim, the former opts for an arcade-style experience. Consequently, the gameplay is quicker-paced & easier to get into, although which game is better will depend on a player’s preferences.

Featuring six game modes, World of Tanks‘ loop generally involves players dropping into a large battlefield consisting of two armies. With some modes focusing on short battles, World of Tanks has a pick-up-&-play quality to it that allows the MMO to st& apart from many other entries in the genre.

Rogue Company

Flank enemies if possible - Rogue Company Tips

Release Date (PS5) March 30, 2021
Developer First Watch Games
Genre Third-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Rogue Company

When it comes to multiplayer shooters, the free-to-play scene is not lacking in representatives, which might explain why Rogue Company tends to slip through the cracks. While not exactly breaking new ground, First Watch Games’ tactical shooter offers a confident & comforting experience.

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Featuring a solid roster of playable characters called Rogues, teams duke it out on a map as they attempt to complete goals. The combat is enjoyable, the visuals are colorful, & Rogue Company has personality to spare.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon H&gun

Release Date (PS5) November 12, 2020
Developer Bungie
Genre First-Person Shooter
PlayStation Store Link Destiny 2

Developer Bungie’s online-only multiplayer first-person shooter made its way to PlayStation 5 with free next-gen upgrades. The free-to-play version of Destiny 2, referred to as Destiny 2 New Light, contains most of the game’s content before Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, one of the game’s major expansions.

Destiny 2 has been free-to-play since the last video game console generation, & it continues to be a phenomenal shooter on the PS5 at no cost. Please note, Destiny 2‘s free version does not contain all that much content or variety, so it is more like a sample of what to expect rather than a full, satisfying package.

Rocket League

rocket league 120fps xbox series x

Release Date (PS4) July 7, 2015
Developer Psyonix
Genre Driving, Sports
PlayStation Store Link Rocket League

Now that Rocket League has joined the free-to-play club, it is one of the industry’s most-played games. It’s a vehicular soccer game that has been called a blend of racing, soccer, basketball, & hockey.

With steadier framerates, playing Rocket League on PlayStation 5 might give people a competitive edge. While a native PlayStation 5 version has yet to be released, that will deter only a few from hopping into this sports phenomenon via backward compatibility.

Every Game Coming Out In 2022 (And Beyond)

Free-to-play games are just a drop in the bucket that is the PS5’s library, especially when the console’s upcoming games are taken into account. Spread across the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, & PC there are hundreds of games set to Approach out in the near (or far) future. For those people contemplating which titles they should spend their hard-earned cash on, these schedulers should help:

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