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Best Horror Games On Xbox Game Pass (November 2022)


Horror titles are no longer the niche genre they used to be, with terrors & frights now a remarkably popular medium for both films & games. Luckily for fans of fear & Xbox Game Pass owners, there is a downright treasure trove of horror games available on the Xbox Game Pass library.

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From gritty survival experiences to jump-scare-filled co-op adventures, this collection presents a more than decent offering to players. Steeled nerves & a willingness to be terrified are the only things needed (aside from a Game Pass subscription) to dive right in.


21/21 Amnesia: Collection

Amnesia Brannenburg Castle

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Horror Adventure
Developer Frictional Games, The Chinese Room
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 5 GB (November 2022)

One of the finest horror additions to the Xbox Game Pass library arrives in the form of the Amnesia: Collection. This install comes with The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, & Justine, so that’s basically three terrifying horror games in one package.

Obviously, the jewel of the collection is The Dark Descent, which is a genre-defining title. Millions of people flocked to watch Let’s Plays of their favorite streamers & YouTubers attempting to uncover the secret of the Orb & relearn why they had to kill Alex&er. The scares in Amnesia are expertly crafted, bringing a perfect balance of tension & fright. If you haven’t played these classic games, now’s the time to give them a try.

20/21 Soma

Soma game

Approximate Game Length 10 Hours
Genre First-Person Horror
Developer Frictional Games
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 16 GB (November 2022)

Soma is another one of Frictional Games’ masterpieces. It controls very similarly to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but the narrative takes a definite upward turn. Philosophical questions about the exact meaning of consciousness are presented to you thanks to a narrative that deals with humanity’s attempt to cope with an extinction event.

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However, despite these gr&iose leanings, Soma does not wholly ab&on its horror roots. Set in a dilapidated deep-sea research facility, Soma features deformed creatures kept alive by the area’s general AI, & they shamble after your character in these creaking & leaking hallways. If you love pondering the meaning of life while dipping into a fantastic horror experience, Soma is just for you.

19/21 Moonscars

grey irma special painwheel bloody attack

Approximate Game Length 11 Hours
Genre Platformer
Developer Black Mermaid
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 960 MB (October 2022)

It’s a bit cliché these days to compare a tough game to Dark Souls, but Moonscars’ unforgiving combat truly feels reminiscent of some of the more frustrating aspects of a typical FromSoftware game. Though you might think it is more akin to a Metroidvania (& there are similar elements), Moonscars leans into the complexity of its combat the way a Soulslike experience would.

It’s more action-oriented than your usual horror game, but its grim, pixelated art style is one of its major draws. So if you find overcoming difficult bosses & learning convoluted combat mechanics appealing when trying out a game, Moonscars might just be your next favorite title.

18/21 Secret Neighbor


Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Multiplayer Social Horror
Developer Dynamic Pixels, Hologryph
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 6 GB (October 2022)

Its cartoon-y art design might fool you into thinking Secret Neighbor is just a juvenile mystery game, but you’ll rue the day you think so. Secret Neighbor is secretly terrifying in all the best ways. For those not in the know,it is a multiplayer game where you & a group of neighborhood kids need to rescue a compatriot from the basement of this plain-old creepy neighbor. The catch? One of your teammates is the creepy neighbor in disguise.

If you like Dead By Daylight, Secret Neighbor will feel fun & familiar. It’s basically the same gameplay loop minus the blood & gore. But seriously, nothing is more heart-stopping than turning a corner & seeing the neighbor’s face right up in your grill.

17/21 Inside

Inside Window Courtyard

Approximate Game Length 3 Hours
Genre Puzzle Platformer
Developer Playdead
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 2 GB (October 2022)

A game does not need to be riddled with bloody scenes or heartstopping jumpscares in order to be a top-notch horror game. As a matter of fact, the most important thing a game needs to have to be one with this genre is the right atmosphere. And Inside has atmosphere in spades. Without ever having a character in the game utter a word, Inside tells a gripping story of a boy running from hostile forces that are out to capture him, murder him, or worse. It does this by Incredible environmental story-telling techniques.

Even though gameplay mechanics deal with platforming & puzzle-solving, excellent sound design, camera placement, & backgrounds clue players in to what’s going on. Inside never directly tells you about the world, & the ending is ambiguous as heck, but it keeps you riveted right through to the astounding conclusion.

16/21 Omori

Sunny From OMORI

Approximate Game Length 20 Hours
Genre Indie RPG
Developer OMOCAT, LLC
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 2 GB (October 2022)

Though many aspects of Omori will feel lighthearted & slightly zany, there are deep themes of loss, isolation, & other psychological traumas within the game’s narrative. There is a dark undercurrent to Omori’s story that is belied by its h&-drawn aesthetic. So while Omori will not necessarily make you jump out of your skin with sudden scares, it will easily disturb & challenge your expectations.

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Without spoiling too much of the story, the game revolves around a young boy facing the many trials of growing up in both a real & a dream world. That’s probably vague & not descriptive enough, but we seriously don’t want to risk revealing too much about the plot, as its gut-wrenching twists are all part of what make Omori special.

15/21 7 Days To Die

Art from 7 Days to Die

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Open-World Survival Horror
Developer The Fun Pimps
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 3 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

Straightforwardly building itself as a “survival horde crafting game,” 7 Days to Die definitely leans pretty hard into the “survival” aspect of survival horror — but that goes for miles in terms of ratcheting up the tension of the horror aspect. The premise is simple: contend with the elements, your needs, & hordes of shambling zombies to eke out a living & survive.

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While the zombies themselves are easy enough to evade during the day, nighttime is an entirely different story — when the sun sets, these brain-hungry horrors don’t just shamble, they sprint after you & don’t tire out. Your best bet is to huddle behind closed doors & keep quiet, which is much easier said than done, especially when you can hear them stomping around & groaning mere feet from your chosen hidey hole. Nothing says horror quite like waiting in the dark, with one errant noise or motion being all that separates you from seeing the sun rise one more time or meeting a grisly end in the night.

14/21 Aliens: Fireteam Elite

control flute aliens fireteam elite

Approximate Game Length 10 Hours
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Developer Cold Iron Studios
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 19 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One / Series X

While not as terrifying as, let’s say, Alien Isolation, Fireteam Elite holds the general horror of the Alien franchise in its DNA. You & up to two other friends play as marines stationed on board the UAS Endeavor. After answering a distress call, you realize the Xenomorph threat has reared its ugly head once more.

Though you can mow down hordes of Xenos as they flood your position, there will always be something terrifying about their very existence. Whether you’re playing as a Gunner, Demolisher, Doc, Phalanx, or Technician, you’ll need to rely on your teammates if you want to survive the waves of aliens leaping toward you.

13/21 Telling Lies

Telling Lies

Approximate Game Length 8 Hours
Genre Interactive Film
Developer Sam Barlow & Furious Bee
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 9 GB (October 2022)

More in the vein of a thriller than a gruesome horror game, Telling Lies nonetheless is a chilling title to experience. Players must examine various video recordings to piece together the truth of an event, & the scope of how little privacy the characters have is haunting. The very beginning is shrouded in mystery as you do not have a clue why your character has apparently tasked themselves with sifting through these videos.

Only by searching through the recordings & piecing together keywords from separate portions can you uncover what your job is, what happened over the period of time these videos take place, & who is/isn’t telling the truth. Nothing will jump out & terrify you, but the mystery will definitely creep you out.

12/21 Prey

Prey Mimics, 3 mimics attacking in a hallway

Approximate Game Length 25 Hours
Genre First-Person Shooter/Immersive Sim
Developer Arkane Studios
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 37 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

Of course, Prey is solidly within the purview of Arkane’s distinct br& of immersive sim before it’s anything else, but there’s a pretty solid case to be made concerning its survival horror elements. Largely following protagonist Morgan Yu’s struggle to survive aboard remote space station Talos I after a hostile, phantom-like alien species known as “Typhon” have slaughtered most of the people living there, Prey channels both psychological & sci-fi horror elements over the course of its run.

Supplies are scarce, Morgan’s mortality is well-emphasized, & it’s difficult to not find oneself incredibly unsettled over the very nature of the alien threat overtaking the installation. Prey’s sure to satisfy any horror aficionado’s craving for tense, hair-raising encounters & the occasional jumpscare.

11/21 The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

Approximate Game Length 14 Hours
Genre Survival Horror/Adventure
Developer Tango Gameworks
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 29 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Page Xbox One

While the successor to the first Evil Within is not as grimly horrific as the original, it still maintains the same gruesome, nightmare-like visuals. Detective Sebastian Castellanos is back, but this time it’s personal. In an attempt to rescue his daughter, he must dive into the world of STEM once more. A purportedly idyllic mental community has been overrun by a sadist’s imaginings, & players have to trudge alongside Sebastian as he navigates through these horrors.

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There is a campiness to The Evil Within 2 that is mostly missing from the first game, making it arguably less frightening. While you might guffaw at Sebastian participating in an arcade shooting minigame while his daughter remains in mortal peril, you’ll also cower in terror whenever ghost-lady Anima decides to show up for a visit.

10/21 Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Approximate Game Length 9 Hours
Genre Sci-Fi Survival Horror
Developer Visceral Games
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 13 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox 360

The first Dead Space was frightening enough, but Visceral Games decided to outdo themselves with the sequel. Players return into the engineering shoes of Isaac Clarke as he struggles with horrific visions of his dead girlfriend & the rise of the gruesome Necromorphs. Even though Clarke is more than capable of tackling these monsters, the horrors that await him, from an ab&oned, bloody elementary school to a Unitologist church are still terrifying.

And the return to the Ishimura is as fright-packed as you remember. Its availability on the Xbox Game Pass library is a horror lover’s dream. The sequel brings back everything you liked about the original, & then some. New Necromorph types, new weapons, new armor for Isaac, you name it, it’s got it. And the best part? Dead Space 2 improved the zero-G controls from the last game. ‘Nuff said.

9/21 Kill It With Fire

TNT placed around a toilet in Kill It With Fire

Approximate Game Length 5 Hours
Genre Spider Killing Simulator
Developer Casey Donnellan Games LLC
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 1 GB (October 2022)

Look, spiders are scary. They’re positively frightening. This goes double for arachnophobes. In that sense, Kill It With Fire can be a scary game — it’s all about spiders, after all. However, Kill It With Fire is also a game about confronting those fears with a variety of ludicrously destructive implements. Knowing that a clutch of dastardly, despicable spiders could be lurking beneath every piece of furniture, behind every family portrait, or tucked away into practically every nook & cranny of your abode can certainly induce a cold sweat.

But once players recover from the initial terror & elect to burn down the entirety of their home utilizing an aerosol can & lighter, there’s an accompanying feeling of empowerment. The further one progresses, the more extensive their array of anti-spider weaponry becomes. Yes, it’s a simple little indie jaunt that’s fairly straightforward in execution, but if you hate spiders, it’s equal parts scary & satisfying. Give it a whirl next time you’re trawling for a timekiller.

8/21 Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood enemy (left) & gameplay (right)

Approximate Game Length 5 Hours
Genre First-Person Shooter
Developer Turtle Rock Studios
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 54 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox Series X

The world’s been waiting for a cooperative zombie survival experience that, at minimum, holds a c&le to Left 4 Dead’s distinct br& of horde-slaying, run-&-gun madness for roughly eleven years — & that game has finally arrived with the fittingly titled Back 4 Blood. What’s more is that it’s a day-one full release on Xbox Game Pass.

Jump into the role of a “Cleaner” whose sole job is to dispose of endless amounts of “Ridden” that practically fall over themselves in the rush to swipe at you. Back 4 Blood’s campaign can be a breeze on the easiest difficulty setting & with three competent friends at your side, but the higher levels & intriguing card system ensure no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

7/21 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Senua in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Approximate Game Length 7 Hours
Genre Action-Adventure
Developer Ninja Theory
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 19 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

The immersion found in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is top-notch. Players are placed in control of Senua as she seeks to save the soul of her dead lover by traveling to Helheim. However, her mental illness & its accompanying symptoms continually plague her, & players are given the opportunity to see what it is like to experience auditory hallucinations & visual disorientation as a result.

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Senua’s journey is harrowing, & that’s the point. Grotesque figures attack Senua, &, whether they be real or figments of her mind, their danger to her is quite real. The horror of her struggles is quite unlike anything seen in other titles of the genre.

6/21 Dead Space

dead space ea play

Approximate Game Length 12 Hours
Genre Third-Person Shooter/Survival Horror
Developer Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores)
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 6 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox 360

Something about mashing up the genres of science-fiction & horror has always managed to yield desirable results, & Dead Space is no exception to this rule. Guiding Isaac Clarke through the derelict halls of the USG Ishimura after a particularly unfortunate space-fender-bender is nothing short of tense, & the design direction of the Necromorphs is appropriately horrifying. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, let’s just say that the narrative presented in Dead Space has the psychological trappings of a horror classic, making it a must-play for survival-horror aficionados.

5/21 The Evil Within

Horror The Evil Within The Haunted Approach

Approximate Game Length 18 Hours
Genre Survival Horror
Developer Tango Gameworks
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 34 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

Horror has a way of getting into a player’s head, & The Evil Within showcases this literally. Psychological horror is the name of the game, as players spend the entirety of the narrative w&ering through the mind of a killer.

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Walls shift into floors, l&scapes change in the blink of an eye, & enemies are grotesque shapes that stem from the tortured past of the villain that created them. Fair warning: The Evil Within is not for the faint of stomach.

4/21 Doom 3

Doom 3 monster

Approximate Game Length 10 Hours
Genre First-Person Survival Horror
Developer id Software, Aspyr, Vicarious Visions
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 7 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Page Xbox 360

After a decade-long lull in mainline releases, Doom 3 brought a distinctly different flavor to the table by leaning hard into a survival-horror take on the genre-defining FPS franchise. This would prove divisive, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t impressive.

Stepping into the familiar role of a lone space marine str&ed on Mars after a portal to hell is ripped open by the overly ambitious scientists of the UAC, it’s up to the player to stop the demonic onslaught by journeying into Hell — & hopefully back again. The measured, tense pacing & emphatic horror setpieces are a far Weep from Doom 2016’s breakneck, adrenaline-fueled extravagance, but it’s still a worthy experience that strikes an interesting middle ground between first-person action & horror thrills.

3/21 Dead By Daylight

Stay Put - Dead by Daylight Outlast Killers

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Survival Horror
Developer Behaviour Interactive
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 51 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

Asymmetric multiplayer titles can, ironically, turn out to be rather lopsided experiences, but Dead By Daylight’s horror spin on the formula really manages to pull itself off. Pitting one killer against up to four survivors successfully channels the tense vibe of a typical horror story setup as the killer punishes reckless individual behaviors.

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Conversely, the killer can be stunted by well-coordinated cooperation. Dead By Daylight has seen continuous updates since its 2016 release, adding great bits of DLC channeling horror greats — packs are available that allow players to take on universes ranging from classics like Friday the 13th to more recent hits like Stranger Things.

2/21 The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Approximate Game Length 13 Hours
Genre Episodic Adventure
Developer Telltale Games
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 4 GB (October 2022)
Amazon Store Link Xbox One

Telltale’s The Walking Dead isn’t just a horror game, but the troubled studio’s lasting legacy in gaming as a whole. Borrowing the wildly popular universe established by Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name, TWD follows the evolution of young protagonist Clementine as she develops from an impressionable & fearful child into a stalwart & seasoned survivor well-suited to the rigors of the zombie-infested post-apocalypse.

In true Telltale fashion, players will need to navigate dialogue options thoughtfully & remember the impact they will register on the other characters. If ever one needs a game that’s emblematic of Telltale’s design philosophy, this one’s it. Also, there are zombies.

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