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Most Iconic Final Battles In Movies

Final battle scenes are usually the movies’ most emotional & visually impressive moments that are designed to leave audiences in awe. While some Huge-budget & highest-grossing movies of all time had brilliantly crafted last battles, smaller films also featured some of cinema history’s most surprising & unforgettable last battles.

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Thanks to these intense movie moments fans could get follow their heroes through their most difficult moments in a deeply immersive way. Final battles are important in all types of movies & fans could see epic weapons, boxing matches, as well as iconic sword fights in fantasy films, superhero & action movies, & iconic dramas. While many of these memorable moments happened in classic films there are also a few newer final battle scenes that were vital parts of modern movies.


7/7 Bride VS O-Ren Ishii – Kill Bill: Volume 1

The final battle between the Bride & O-Ren Ishii is one of the most visually Gorgeous sword fights in cinema history. After defeating a deadly gang the Bride can finally face her former best friend O-Ren. She was the infamous queen of the Tokyo underworld & the leader of the infamous Crazy 88 gang, as well as the only warrior the Bride was actually afraid to fight.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 is one of the best neo-noir movies with an emotional & dark story & gorgeous fight scenes. The story follows the Bride, a former assassin, who goes on a bloody journey to avenge the brutal attack that was inflicted on her by the same assassin team she was a part of.

6/7 Ripley VS The Alien Queen – Aliens

Ripley in Aliens

Ripley’s unforgettable fight with the terrifying Alien queen is one of cinema’s greatest final battle scenes during which Ripley transformed into one of sci-fi’s bravest & toughest heroines. Her unforgettable exo-suit is now one of the most recognized movie fighting suits of all time. It turned out to be useful too & Ripley managed to survive the horrifying fight.

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Aliensis one of the scariest & most popular sci-fi movies with one of the best nightmare sequences in horror movies as well as plenty of memorable & spine-tingling fight scenes. The story follows Ripley who after fifty-seven years finally awakens from hyper-sleep & tries to warn everyone about the deadly space monsters.

5/7 The Avengers VS Thanos – Avengers: Endgame

Scarlet Witch & thanos in Avengers Endgame

The Avengers’ final battle with Thanos is one of the most popular & visually impressive final battles in movie history. It was both an entertaining & emotional battle during which the MCU’s strongest heroes had to find a way to defeat Thanos & his army despite his almost omnipotent powers.

Avengers: Endgame featured many of the best fights in the Avengers movies & also had the most shocking & saddest moments. The story follows the Avengers who assemble once again & try to save the universe from Thanos, so they can restore balance.

4/7 Furiosa & Max’s Team VS Immortan Joe’s army – Mad Max: Fury Road

Furiosa in Mad Max Fury Road

The final battle between Furiosa & Max’s team against Immortan Joe & his deadly War Boys was one of the most unique & emotional movie battles of all time. The Courageous warriors had to survive & kill not only Immortan Joe but many of his strongest fighters while jumping in & out of as well as around the gigantic cars that were racing through the dry wastel&.

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Mad Max: Fury Roadalso had one of the greatest movie redemption arks & followed the story of Furiosa who goes against the ruthless tyrant of the Citadel. She embarks on a dangerous journey through the post-apocalyptic wastel& with a small group of female prisoners & Max to find the home she was taken from as a child.

3/7 Luke VS Vader – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Luke & Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

No surprise that the iconic Star Wars franchise also had one of the most memorable final battle scenes as well. During the battle between Luke & Darth Vader, fans could not only enjoy some fun lightsaber combat but were also surprised by one of the most iconic plot twists in movies ever.

It’s one of the most shocking final battle scenes that also features one of cinema’s most iconic & most frequently misquoted lines “No, I am your father.”. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back‘s story follows the adventures of Princess Leia’s Rebel Alliance as well as the young Luke Skywalker’s journey as he trains with Yoda to become a master of the Force.

2/7 Rocky VS Apollo Creed – Rocky

Rocky & Apollo Creed in Rocky

While the Rocky franchise had plenty of epic & emotional fights the last battle between Rocky & Apollo Creed is still its best. While this battle might not be as visually thrilling or unique, however, it’s one of the most emotional ones. The whole movie was building up to this final battle when Rocky could finally face Apollo the undisputed heavyweight world champion.

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Even though Rocky ended up losing the match after fifteen grueling rounds he still gained Apollo’s & the boxing world’s respect & started his journey as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Rocky is one of the best classic sport drama movies & its story follows a small-time boxer from Philadelphia who gets a chance to prove himself against the world heavyweight champion.

1/7 The Battle Of Helm’s Deep – The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

Theoden & soldiers in The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers

The Battle of Helm’s Deep is the darkest & deadliest battle in The Lord of the Rings movies. It’s also one of the most stunningly designed battle scenes in fantasy movies that ended on a high note. While thous&s lost their lives, Mankind emerged victoriously after successfully defeating the terrifying forces of Saruman.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is one of the most Gorgeous yet dark fantasy adventure movies of all time that takes its viewers on an emotional ride. The story follows Frodo, Sam, & Gollum’s journey to Mordor while the fellowship has to face & defeat Sauron’s strongest ally, Saruman.

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