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Most Iconic Kings In Anime


There are many brilliant anime about kings & queens, however, there are only a few great leaders who truly became unforgettable anime kings. Anime fans could meet some of the most iconic royal families in anime but not all great kings had royal blood. Some of the most powerful & strongest anime kings fought hard & used their unmatched intellect & supernatural abilities to achieve their goals.

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While some kings in anime are traditional kings there are also all sorts of royal leaders that anime lovers could get to know while watching fantasy, isekai, & the best historical anime shows. From the best anime kings to the worst, viewers could meet mighty, cute yet powerful kings & even anime demon kings who decided that instead of protecting others they’ll use their might to cause pain & mayhem.


7/7 King Cobra – One Piece

King Cobra in One Piece

King Cobra was one of the fairest & most patient kings in anime who deeply cared not only about his own family but all people in the Kingdom of Arabasta. He was of royal blood & took his royal duties seriously so much so that he would even sacrifice his life to protect the throne & the kingdom.

While he didn’t have superhuman powers he was still a strong king who managed to find his inner strength during dire circumstances. He was one of the kindest characters in One Piece who went on a few fun adventures with the Straw Hat pirates. Once Piece is one of the best anime series of all time about Luffy, a young pirate, who embarks on an epic adventure to become the King of Pirates.

6/7 Sora – No Game, No Life

Sora in No Game, No Life

Sora is one of the youngest & cockiest anime kings who didn’t Advance from a royal family but won his throne thanks to his almost unmatched intellect. He was also one of the most intelligent anime characters who used his wit, charm, & manipulation skills to always get what he wanted.

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Sora was also a brilliant gamer who was able to defeat an actual god. No Game, No Life is one of the greatest slice-of-life anime with a unique story & two of the most brilliant queens & kings in anime. The story follows Shiro & Sora who get transported into a new fantasy realm where every dispute is resolved by playing games.

5/7 Andragoras III – The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Andragoras III in The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Andragoras III is one of the best anime kings of all time who was not only a powerful warrior but also a ruthless king of the Pars kingdom. He was one of the most power-mad anime kings who murdered his own brother to get the throne, & he felt he deserves it more than anyone else.

The Heroic Legend Of Arslan is one of the most visually Gorgeous & twisty military anime series about a young crown prince named Arsalan who gets kidnaped from his palace in Pars. When he manages to escape he sets out on a journey that opens his eyes to life beyond his fancy Royal Palace.

King Bradley in Fullmetal Alchemist

King Bradley is one of the strongest & worst anime kings of all time. The ruthless Führer of Amestris had superhuman powers & was the most skilled & powerful swordsman in the series. Since he was one of the homunculi created by Father he had unmatched abilities & was able to easily defeat not only other warriors but even powerful alchemists.

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Thanks to the Philosopher’s Stone that was infused with Bradley’s body he became one of the strongest kings in anime who had superhuman strength & reflexes, & he was also able to anticipate his opponent’s moves thanks to his ultimate eye. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular anime franchises ever about the Elric brothers who set out on a journey to find a Philosopher’s Stone & get back their original bodies.

3/7 Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji is one of the most ruthless & strongest demon kings in anime. He is one of the most intelligent demons of all time who used his intellect to physically & mentally torture others. He not only despised humans but liked to play with them, & he didn’t care much about other demons either.

However, he was also one of the strongest anime kings who used all his deadly might to murder & torture everyone who stood in his way or simply to amuse himself. Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime shows with iconic anime guilds, mighty & Fearless heroes, & a deadly anime demon king no viewer will ever forget.

2/7 Soo-Won – Yona Of The Dawn

Soo-Won in Yona Of The Dawn

Soo-Won is the proud king of the Sky Tribe who has been working hard to create a strong nation for all his subjects. He came from a long line of royals & was one of the strongest characters in Yona Of The Dawn. Thanks to his intelligence & strategic thinking Soo-Won became one of the best anime kings of all time.

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While he was able to be merciless & calculating he was always led by good intentions & wanted to lead his people bravely. Yona Of The Dawn follows the story of a young princess named Yona who has to flee her l& after her father gets assassinated. She sets out on an epic adventure to find the four dragons who will help her take back her kingdom.

1/7 Bojji – Ranking Of Kings

Bojji in Ranking of Kings

There is no doubt that Bojji is not only one of the strongest anime kings of all time but also the most intelligent & kindest one. He was the tiny crown prince of the Bosse Kingdom who became king after defeating his mighty father King Bosse. He became one of the youngest anime kings who inspired & motivated fans with his determination.

Even though Bojji was deaf & much tinier than the giants of the Bosse Kingdom he was always hard-working & thanks to his brilliance & good heart he was able to win all his battles. Ranking of Kings is one of the most uplifting & entertaining anime about kings & queens, & it follows the story of Bojji who dreams about becoming a great king just like his father, so he sets out on all kinds of adventures to fulfill his dream.

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