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10 Best Mac miller songs of all time 2021, Full information, Reddit

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Best Mac miller songs

“The people that have the best chance of knowing me that would like to, “Mac Miller said, “would just listen to my music.” This was from an interview published on Vulture on the day before he fatally shot himself.

Though his later work developed an alchemy of complex pain and frank characterizations of substance abuse, it is still possible to find the sweetness that this Pittsburgh rapper brought to the world.

The artist’s discography paints a portrait of an artist who created records bleeding with sincerity, spanning his “EZ Mac with the cheesy rap” days in the late 2000s to the harrowing and poignant Swimming album released earlier this year.

A number of roles occupied Miller’s career. His work developed into an album artist at its end when he started to abandon the carefree image and work of his youth and become an experimentalist. The best way to view his work, especially his swimming, is as an entire whole.

It’s important to sample songs from every era of his varied career to gain a sense of what made him popular with such a diverse audience, and how much he changed over time.

We’ve therefore assembled a mix (not chronological) containing Mac’s most well-known and obscure tracks to raise awareness of him to people who never had a chance to hear him when he was still with us.

10 Best Mac miller songs of all time

  • That’s Life Time
  • Time
  • Small Worlds
  • Blue World
  • The Way
  • My Favorite Part
  • Good News
  • Dang
  • Self Care
  • Weekend

10. “That’s Life” – 42 Million

The last song Miller produced with 88-Keys was “That’s Life,” which featured Australia’s pop songstress, Sia. Despite being recorded in 2015 but released posthumously, the song incorporates an upbeat jazzy production as Miller reflects on the everyday trials and tribulations of living.

best Mac miller songs

It gets more personal in his first verse, as he discusses what his mother used drugs for. One of 88-Keys‘ most popular singles, “Which Way” resonated with many listeners.

9.”Time” – 43 Million

A collaboration between Mac Miller and Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis and R&B band, Free Nationals, made this song possible. Miller’s bittersweet ballads often find the singers trying to accept the struggles of an unhappy relationship while Free National’s groovy instrumentals make the experience even more affecting.

Mac miller best songs

It explores this maturation of two partners as their relationship progresses in accordance with its title. The song “Dang!” by Miller included guest vocals by Anderson Paak that touched on similar themes. Free Nationals is often Paak’s touring band, as the two have a long-term partnership.

8.” Small Worlds” – 79 Million

Miller raps monotonously and lethargically in “Small Worlds” while musing on his shortcomings. This story is about how he realized the world that he built around him is much bigger than he thought and how his actions have an impact on it.

Mac miller best songs

Its release came after an intense month in his life accompanied by “Buttons and Programs.” The album dropped after a highly-publicized breakup, a DUI crash in 2018, and his split with Ariana Grande.

7.”Blue World” – 107 Million

Miller’s last album, Circles, features another philosophical song, “Blue World”. Probably most popular as one half of British electro duo Disclosure, Guy Lawrence handled the electronic influences of the hallucinatory production. Throughout the song, the rapper’s voice is chopped up and pitched to accompany the soothing yet chaotic rhythm.

Mac miller best day ever songs

The song’s refrain hits close to home considering the release date of the music video. It evokes the ghostly presence of Miller’s legacy as he sings, “Hey, one of these days we’ll all get by. Don’t fear, don’t fall in line.” “Circles” seems like the singer is directly speaking to his audience.

6.”The Way” – 181 Million

During the time that Mac Miller’s discography was less dark and thoughtful then, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller collaborated for the first time. With his guest verse, he continues Grande’s theme of a flirty, playful relationship, similar to how he describes the sound of a more carefree phase in his life.

Mac miller best songs

As a result of the song’s success, the pop star saw his music become more popular with an older audience. After releasing “My Favorite Part” in 2013, Miller and Grande went on to date for three years before collaborating.

5.”My Favorite Part” – 190 Million

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller publicly confirmed their relationship just a few days after their song was released. Initially, Miller seemed to suggest the song was a celebration of their love, but she later said the song was composed before they began dating.

Among Ariana Grande’s contributions on The Divine Feminine is “Cinderella (feat. Ty Dolla $ign).” Even after the two broke up and the rapper died, Grande lent uncredited vocals to the Circles song, “I Can See.”

 4.”Good News” – 200 Million

A bittersweet confessional track, this single offers a fresh insight into those who bear the weight of their flaws. As a commentary on celebrity culture, the song serves as a kind of commentary. The veneration of social icons and artists in today’s age of social media is so great that followers just wish to see them as perfect and as bearers of good news.

The issues Miller has just make him uncomfortable and make him fear being judged by his fans. Miller ultimately suppresses his emotions in the process. A mellow background guitar matches Miller’s nonchalant raps as he delivers them.

 3.”Dang!” – 217 Million

Featuring Anderson Paak in the chorus, Dang is the lead single from The Divine Feminine. As Miller shows his emotionally vulnerable side in this song, he reveals his wish to reunite with his romantic partner. However, the chorus of Anderson Paak’s song is quite intense, despite the funk sound growing merrier.

The “Dang!” verse was penned by Paak as a remembrance to the departed, as Mac Miller mentioned in an interview. Several dark undertones lurk under the repeated lyric, “I can’t keep losing you.”.

2.”Self Care” – 296 Million

One of Mac Miller’s most unabashedly honest tracks, “Self Care,” features haunting lyrics as well as haunting production. In the song, he acknowledges he has hurt himself and others and that he needs to get over these mistakes in order to become a better person. The song also serves as a wake-up call for those who lack self-control.

Miller’s single gave birth to one of his most memorable videos as well. In a tight box made of wood, in which he is buried, he begins to write his first verses. As the song’s interlude creates an atmosphere of hope, the rapper punches his way out of the box and achieves his awakening moment.

 1.”Weekend” – 313 Million

Even though “Weekend” has some profundity woven throughout, it’s mainly a jubilant party anthem about wanderlust. Miller and featured artist Miguel discuss their weekend plans over drinks and getting acquainted with strangers.

Miguel is the perfect choice to helm the chorus and outro of the song, given his previous involvement with such merrymaking songs (“Come Through And Chill” and “Luke Skywalker” are notable examples).

FAQ Related to Best Mac miller songs

Who Is Ariana Grande Mac Miller?

Despite meeting Mac Miller, a fellow artist who died in 2018, Arianna Grande has remained the artist’s biggest fan and she is still in touch with him. The story of Mac Miller was heartbreaking for Arianna Grande.

How old was Mac Miller when he made the best day ever?

Aged 19
Whenever Mac Miller was anywhere in the world, he always had a smile on his face. In 2011, just seven months after K.I.D.S., Miller found himself just about anywhere the world had to offer. A young Pittsburgh emcee was achieving rapid success at the age of 19.

What is considered Mac Miller’s best album?

Delusional Thomas is another name for him. Among Mac Miller’s best albums, Swimming ranks number 1,755 on the overall greatest albums list with a total rank score of 980. The total rank score for Mac Miller is 2,674, ranking him at number 660 in the overall artist rankings.

What was Mac Miller on when he died?

On the 7th of September 2018
Death date of Mac Miller
Apparently, Reavis was the runner who met Pettit and allegedly delivered the pills to him. A team of detectives is investigating Pettit’s sale of the fentanyl pills, cocaine, and Xanax to Miller early on September 5th. During the week of September 7th, 2018, Miller, age 26, died of an accidental overdose.

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