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The Best Marvel Board Games


Sitting down at a table with friends to play board games is one of the greatest joys of life. If those friends are also Marvel fans, it can be a night full of guessing which movies might be made next, & playing games that let everyone live out their own heroic fantasies.

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Luckily,Marvel has made an incredible amount of high-quality games featuring their characters. These aren’t just boring run-of-the-mill br&ing opportunities either, they went out of their way to get Incredible designers to make something special.

Updated November 28, 2022, by Kristy Ambrose: The Marvel universe is more than the Avengers vs. Thanos. The X-Men, Deadpool, & Spiderman also make appearances, & there are also tabletop games that include a wide variety of these characters. The huge selection includes strategy games, card games, & RPGs that feature fan favorites along with more obscure characters to fill out the lore. A few use storylines & quests while others focus on different & more creative objectives.


13/13 Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Marvel Champions Game

One of the most recognizable parts of Marvel media is when heroes Advance together to stop a terrifying threat. Marvel Champions: The Card Game allows players to do just that, building decks with their favorite heroes & working cooperatively to save the day.

Unlike trading card games that can get expensive, Marvel Champions is a living card game. This means they release expansion packs that all have the same cards, allowing players to grab some for their absolute favorite heroes while ignoring the rest.

12/13 X-Men: Mutant Insurrection


Marvel fans who are more interested in the mutant side of the franchise can enjoy this role-playing adventure game. Unlike other tabletop games that include miniatures & figurines, these are ready for gameplay. This is one of the best Marvel board games for gamers that like the X-Men universe.

Up to six people can play this game & each session takes about two hours. A single player can also grab the dice, & their chosen team, & finish some mission cards if they want to build up their players or construct a unique storyline.

11/13 Splendor: Marvel

Marvel Splendor

The original Splendor was nominated for & won countless awards. Its reimplementation with a Marvel theme is just as Incredible with some signature superhero flair making this version one of the best Marvel board games.

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This version of the game has the Avengers coming together to try & get the Infinity Gauntlet to stop Thanos & save the day. Each player competes against the others to assemble the strongest team & win the game.

10/13 Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game

Marvel Love Letter

Imagine playing an engaging card game that only requires sixteen cards to play. That was the idea behind the original Love Letter, a microgame that won loads of awards.

Now Marvel fans can play the same game with a twist featuring some of their favorite characters. Will players be able to stop Thanos from getting the infinity stones?

9/13 Marvel United

Marvel United

Marvel United is particularly unique as the game itself controls the villain that heroes have to beat. This Marvel board game is also cooperative with all of the players working together to try to save the day, just like the real heroes.

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The game also has many expansions that cover the gambit of famous superhero teams throughout the ages. If players end up liking the game, it makes it easy to keep adding variety to it on the cheap.

8/13 Marvel Dice Masters

Marvel Dice Masters

What tabletop gamer doesn’t need more dice? Marvel Dice Masters allows players to grab packs with some of their favorite heroes in them, make a team, & take on other players in this Marvel board game.

While the dice might make it feel a bit too r&om, enough strategy is involved that the best player will almost always Advance out on top. It was huge upon release & is now easier to get cheaply for those who want to try it out.

7/13 Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Marvel Legendary

Arguably, the famous game Dominion launched the deck-building genre across the world. This Marvel board game is just one of many versions.

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Legendary builds on those basic concepts to create a game where each player starts with their favorite hero & adds cards to their decks until they can defeat the Huge baddie they’ve decided to go up against. With countless expansions, the game can have an incredible amount of variety.

6/13 Marvel HeroClix

Marvel HeroClix

There’s a whole library of variations on the Marvel HeroClix board game, which began as a Kickstarter in 2002. This is the original game from that era, & once a player has a few of these basic miniatures ready for gameplay, they can be used in different versions.

At a minimum, players will need dice, tokens, & maps to start any heroic adventure. The collection also includes st&alone sets that are designed to follow the characters & plots of certain Marvel movies.

5/13 Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins

Marvel Heroscape

Heroscape has long been considered one of the best board games out of print. Being able to build Incredible boards with modular terrain tiles makes the game incredibly immersive & just plain creative.

The Marvel version of Herocscape is incredibly similar to the original but allows players to experience built-in scenarios, or create their own, with heroes taking on dastardly villains.

4/13 Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power

Marvel Villainous

Far too many games put the spotlight on the heroes, so why not play as a villain for a while? The Villainous series of games normally feature the villains of classic Disney but this version brings Hela, Killmonger, Taskmaster, Thanos, & Ultron into the fray.

This is one of the best Marvel board games for players who like a more immersive & complex RP experience. They’ll get a chance to take down the heroes, make evil plans unfold, & Advance out victorious!

3/13 Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Gamers who want to play a tabletop miniatures game now have a Marvel-themed alternative. Like other games in this genre, Marvel Crisis Protocol requires more time commitment & preparation. Players paint their miniatures & put together teams of heroes to fight on the battlefield, which can also be built & manipulated depending on the exact details of the overall objective.

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The figurines include all of the Huge names from the movies along with a few more obscure ones as well as a few additions from the Spiderman universe. Other details include stat & mission cards to build characters & give them specific quests & goals.

2/13 Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

Thanos Rising

This cooperative card & dice game — yes both — has players rallying their heroes to take down Thanos before he can get the Infinity Stones.

This Marvel board game is heavy on critical thinking & takes a ton of communication & strategy to Advance out on top. Make no mistake, this game isn’t easy & it will feel Incredible to win for those who can.

1/13 5-Minute Marvel

5 Minute Marvel

Maybe players don’t have enough time for a long game, so why not one that plays in just five minutes?

Players can choose between ten different heroes & have to take on various villains, each becoming harder to take down until they have to face Thanos himself. The game is also cooperative so b& together & try to be victorious at a rapid pace.

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