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The Best Moments From Enola Holmes 2


Enola Holmes 2 is a turbulent & thrilling adventure that sees Millie Bobby Brown thrown back into action as Enola Holmes on her first case as a professional detective. From being chased through the chaos of the bustling streets of London, to dancing awkwardly in a bathroom, Enola sees her fair share of action & incident in Harry Bradbeer’s latest film.

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With this family-friendly watch taking many directions with its plot, it is fair to say that there are plenty of crucial scenes spread over a lengthy two-hour time period. Each memorable moment helps Enola uncover the murder mystery that plagues its characters of all classes & all leads back to a group of working-class women being mistreated in the workplace.

Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers


10/10 A Very Drunk Sherlock

Enola Holmes, along with her brother Sherlock & Lord Tewkesbury, studying a piece of paper

When seeking to solve her mystery, Enola encounters her drunk older brother on the street & must escort, or rather, carry, him home. It is a fantastic older/younger sibling role-reversal as viewers get to see another side to Enola & Sherlock’s dynamic. This is also the first time that the iconic 221b Baker Street location has been portrayed in the films.

Portraying Sherlock Holmes as comedic is a great alternative characterization & Henry Cavill performs this fantastically. He & Millie Bobby Brown have a great on-screen chemistry as brother & sister.

9/10 Murder, She Encountered

Enola Holmes looking directly at the camera with an angry look in her eye as she tries to evade police

Whilst searching for clues, Enola discovers a house in complete chaos & a woman murdered. This is the first real intense moment of the movie, with the scene suggesting that Enola Holmes 2 may be more chilling than its prequel.

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This moment is woeful & worrisome by equal measure. Viewers are also introduced to the slimy Superintendent Grail who instantly despises the protagonist & thinks she is not only an inconvenience, but a liar. These moments truly embroil Enola in the case & causes the police to Approach after her as a part of their murder investigation.

8/10 Chased Across London

Enola Holmes hanging from the gutter from a house looking shocked

This scene shows Enola running to escape the police from stopping her investigating the murder further. This scene is characteristic of what audiences recognize as an Enola Holmes movie as she escapes from the clutches of corruption. Even she herself acknowledges: “you’ve seen this before”.

Cameras follow Enola as she climbs the heights of London architecture to lose her enemies. It is arguably the best & main source of drama from the film as her fate quite literally hangs in the balance. It is not clear if she will win the chase, but it is a dramatic thrill to watch.

7/10 Dancing… In A Bathroom?

Lord Tewkesbury teaching Enola to dance in a large bathroom

Enola then attends to a ball & loses her way as she desperately tries to remember rules of etiquette that govern a high society that she does not approve of. In a last-ditch effort to uncover the information that she needs, Lord Tewkesbury steps in to save the day & gives her an impromptu dance lesson in a rather vast bathroom.

This scene is silly as it makes fun of what those at the time viewed as suggestive: waltzing. Romantic string music & a Gorgeous dance sequences between the two is the first time that explicitly indicates that a young romance may be blooming. It is also a testament to the wonderful on-screen chemistry between Millie Bobby Brown & Louis Partridge.

6/10 Mother To The Rescue

Enola Holmes & her Mother lying down in a carriage facing the camera in shock

Who better to Fracture Enola out of prison than her own Mother? With a brief appearance from Helena Bonham Carter, she is accompanied by fellow suffragette, Edith, as the second dramatic chase scene of the film gets underfoot with a bang.

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A turbulent house-&-carriage chase through rural woodl& is comedic & outrageous in equal measures, as explosive effects & a crescendo of music dominate. There are plenty of following shots that are immersive & bumpy & viewers find themselves wincing & gasping at what happens next. Alongside the multiple twist & turns in the script for this scene, there is also a very heart-warming solidarity between the women, specifically mother & daughter.

5/10 A Confession Of Love

With Enola being too much in her own head & finally cracking the case herself, after fleeing jail, Tewkesbury blurts out his truth in a shock revelation. When Enola’s brain finally catches up with her, it is a very sweet moment when both of them admit how they feel about each other.

Although not quite perfect, Tewkesbury accompanies Enola on her case & make a sweet double act. The next moments after this scene are full of love & laughter as two young people slowly Approach to realize how they feel about each other.

4/10 The Final Act

David Thewlis as Inspector Grail from Enola Holmes 2 looking angry

It is apt that the final showdown of this mystery movie takes place in a theater auditorium. Fast-paced action sequences & an interesting police versus detective scuffle takes place as bone-chilling revelations occur. With plenty of dark corners & stage props & costumes to hide behind from, there is a clever use of space that really put Enola’s skills to the test.

This scene consists of great stunts that do not look too over-staged & are dramatic & deadly of equal measures. As Enola, Grail, Sherlock & other characters try to inflict genuine pain on each other, this part of the film actually holds genuine threat to Enola & her confidantes. It occurs to the viewer that this movie may end badly.

3/10 Moriarty Revealed

good to meet you sherlock holmes enola holmes

The key to this scene is a very surprising plot twist from a character that audiences were not necessarily expecting to see in this film. True to Moriarty, but also a new & unique re-interpretation of the character, a game was being played the entire time based on those who underestimated Moriarty.

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Questions of society & success are woven into the scene in a clever & calculated way. These moments set this movie apart as this was a wild uncovering of a red herring with a dramatic reveal. Action taking place on stage made it feel like a true Shakespearean villain moment.

2/10 Female Solidarity

Sarah Chapman st&ing in her matchstick factory speaking to her colleagues

Full of drama & camaraderie, this final factory scene is full of power as Sarah Chapman reveals to her fellow workers that their lives are in danger because of their work. Overly dramatic performances from the main actors are overwhelming & moving & do well to show anxieties & fears that women faced at work during this time period.

The simplicity of the scene in terms of structure & script is where its emotion lies. Empowered in themselves & each other, the women & girls can take back their personal agency & their lives back through their actions. It is also great to see Bobby Brown is not the crowning glory of this scene & instead the focus is rightfully placed on the ensemble cast.

1/10 Final Credits

A combined image: illustration of the matchgirls strike/police protest, alongside a black & white image of real-life matchgirls outside of their factory

Finally, the real-life true story about the Matchstick Girls Strike led by Sarah Chapman herself is revealed. The film is based on the true 1888 industrial action taken by women & the film cements this lesser-known historical event into the film narrative.

These final moments create a warm end to a movie with a key & crucial message about empowering women & gives historical figures more of a voice. For a family film to convey this powerful message speaks volumes about the positivity of the Enola Holmes series itself. “It only takes one flame to start a fire”.

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