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Best Characters Who Are Only In One Arc


As one of the longest-running anime series, One Piece has no shortage when it comes to characters. The anime has over a thous& episodes already, & it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The series has a variety of arcs, each of which is set in a different place.

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Once an arc concludes, many characters from the very same arc never get involved again in the series. They might have a cameo, but they do not have any kind of impact on the story as a whole. Considering the multitude of characters in One Piece, it is underst&able why even some of the best characters only appear in just a single arc.


8/8 Enel

One Piece God Enel lounging against colorful backdrop

Enel was the ruler of Skypiea. He came to the isl& after destroying his entire home nation. Enel ate the Goro Goro no Mi, which is a logia-type devil fruit. It allows him to control lightning at will, making him a very dangerous opponent.

Aside from his devil fruit, Enel was also able to use Observation Haki, which the Skypieans called Mantra. He combined his devil fruit powers with mantra to keep an eye on everything that happened in Skypiea. Enel had a very serious case of megalomania, to the point where he didn’t care if he had to kill the population of an entire nation. It is unlikely that Enel will ever make an appearance after he went to the moon.

7/8 Charlotte Katakuri

charlotte katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is one of the three Sweet Comm&ers of the Enormous Mom Pirates. He possesses the Mochi Mochi no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit that enables him to create & control mochi. Unlike most characters, Katakuri did not rely on the powers of his devil fruit. Instead, he trained a lot to refine his Haki.

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He is one of the few characters who can use future sight to avoid getting hit by the attacks of his opponents. What makes Katakuri different from most of Luffy’s enemies is the fact that they both have a great deal of respect for each other.

6/8 Wyper

Wyper with his burn bazooka

It would not be a stretch to call Wyper one of the best side characters in the story. Introduced in the Skypiea arc, Wyper is a descendant of the legendary Sh&ian warrior, Kalgara. Wyper was the leader of the Sh&ian warriors, who were involved in a bitter struggle to take back Upper Yard.

While most side characters typically ally with the Straw Hats, Wyper subverts this trope. In fact, he clashed against the Straw Hat Pirates several times before eventually siding with them. The best thing about Wyper is his tenacity, & intrepidness, which allowed him to face someone as powerful as Enel.

5/8 Jozu

Jozu Covering His Body In Diamonds

Jozu was the Third Division Comm&er of the Whitebeard Pirates. He possessed the Kira Kira no Mi, which allows him to turn his body into diamonds. Jozu has appeared in a couple of other episodes, although he was only ever involved in the Marineford arc.

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In the Marineford arc, Jozu showed his mettle as he clashed against the likes of Crocodile, Aokiji, & Mihawk. Sadly, despite the best efforts of Jozu & the rest of the crew, they couldn’t save Ace from being killed. After the Summit War, Jozu & the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates disappeared.

4/8 Mont Blanc Cricket

Mont Blanc Cricket from One Piece

Mont Blanc Cricket made his debut in the Jaya arc. He was a descendant of Mont Blanc Nol&, who made it his goal to find the City of Gold. Cricket had to wait for a long time before he got the opportunity to confirm if his ancestor had indeed told the truth.

In the Skypiea arc, when Luffy rang the Golden Bell, it was a moment to rejoice for Cricket as he finally found the evidence that proved that Nol& wasn’t lying. After the confirmation, he set out to pursue a new dream.

3/8 Whitebeard

One Piece Whitebeard Causing Tremors Through The Air

Whitebeard held the title of the “World’s Strongest Man” before Roger became the Pirate King. Originally, Whitebeard was a member of the Rocks Pirates, but he & the others left after the God Valley Incident. Whitebeard started his own crew, which came to be known as the Whitebeard Pirates, & soon enough, they became one of the most infamous pirate crews in the world.

Whitebeard & his crew were heavily involved in the Marineford arc as they tried to rescue Ace from the clutches of the Marines. Unfortunately, the Marines emerged victorious in what would be Whitebeard’s last-ever battle. Whitebeard has appeared in a couple of episodes & in Oden’s flashback from the Wano Country arc, but the only arc where he was involved heavily in the story was the Marineford arc.

2/8 Cavendish

Cavendish Performing A Monologue With His Rose

Cavendish is a Supernova & the captain of the Gorgeous Pirates. Prior to becoming a pirate, Cavendish used to be the Prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom, but he was exiled. Cavendish featured in the Dressrosa arc & toward the end of it, he pledged allegiance to the Straw Hat Pirates & became the captain of the first ship of the Gr& Fleet.

Cavendish is a rather unique character, as he suffers from a dissociative personality disorder. When he falls asleep, his aggressive side, Hakuba, takes over. Unfortunately, after the arc ended, his screen time drastically dropped, & he has only appeared in cover stories.

1/8 Senor Pink

One Piece Senor Pink Devil FRuit Sui Sui no Mi Dressrosa

Senor Pink was a member of the Donquixote Family. Often praised by fans for being Cold, Senor Pink is actually a very cruel person, who deceived his wife for an extremely long time. He hid the fact that he was a pirate, & then he married her.

Sadly, she was involved in an accident, which left her in a Rotten state. Senor Pink, guilt-ridden, tried his very best to make her smile, but he kept failing until he finally decided to put on an infant costume. Even after she passed away, he continued to dress as an infant, & he would try to help out people who were in need. By the end of the Dressrosa arc, Senor had cemented his place as one of the better side characters in the arc.

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