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Best One Piece Episodes


One Piece is one of the longest-running anime & it is certainly among the best. The anime’s quality of animation has drastically improved since the beginning of the Wano arc. With the improvement in the quality of anime, the series has made a lot of new fans.

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The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy & the Straw Hat Pirates have entertained viewers for years, & one would hope that there’s plenty more to Advance. Each episode of One Piece is packed with adventure, action, & humor. Some episodes leave a lasting impression on the fans while others aren’t nearly as impressive. These just so happen to be the most impactful of the series.

Updated November 18, 2022 by Suzail Ahmad: Ever since the One Piece anime entered the Wano Country arc, it has improved the pacing as well as the animation. Almost every other episode of the anime manages to cause a stir within the community.

Currently, there are many talented animators working on the show, & they put in a lot of effort to ensure that viewers can enjoy quality episodes. As the Wano Country arc enters its final act, viewers can expect many more outst&ing episodes. Here are some of the best One Piece episodes that can be enjoyed over & over again.


19/19 Straw Hat Luffy – The Man Who Will Become The Pirate King (Episode 1015)

Luffy & Roger parallels

The title of the 1015th episode carries a lot of weight. It focuses on Luffy & his journey so far. The episode has a flashback where Ace can be seen talking to Yamato about Luffy & his dreams. It also poignantly draws parallels between Luffy & Gol D. Roger.

The anime staff did a fantastic job of animating the episode & the storyboard was outst&ing as well. The episode also signals the beginning of “Roof Piece,” which many viewers consider to be the best part of the Wano Country arc as it is filled with enthralling action.

18/19 A Barrage Of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks Of The Worst Generation! (Episode 1017)

Worst Generation on the roof

The episode concentrates on the fight between the new generation & the old vanguard. The members of the Worst Generation were struggling to l& any significant hits on the two Yonko. On the other h&, Huge Mom & Kaido were enjoying themselves. They were interested to see how far the Supernovas could push them.

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Once Luffy & co. gained enough confidence, they began attacking the two monsters that stood in their way. All the Supernovas focused their attacks on Kaido, & it looked like the tide was finally turning in their favor. This episode got things going, making it a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

17/19 Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Advance Together (Episode 1000)

The Straw Hat Crew

One Piece Episode 1000 will go down in the history books. As the thous&th episode of the series, there was a lot of expectation from it, & needless to say, the staff at Toei Animation delivered on every front. They brought back the iconic “We Are,” but updated it with the current designs of the Straw Hat Pirates.

This was enough to trigger nostalgia. The episode also perfectly highlighted the differences between the past & present. It wasn’t lacking in action as it showcased the much-awaited fight between Kaido & Oden’s retainers.

16/19 My Crewmate’s Pain Is My Pain, Zoro Fights Prepared To Die. (Episode 377)

Zoro with Nothing Happened

Since the time skip, Zoro has rarely been tested by the opponents, which is the complete opposite of his adventure before the crew entered the New World. In the Thriller Bark arc, the Straw Hats struggled a lot to get the better of Gecko Moria & his crew. The crew was absolutely battered & no one except for Sanji & Zoro had the strength to st& up. Unfortunately for the crew, Bartholomew Kuma was also present on Thriller Bark, & he was given the task to eliminate Luffy.

Kuma decided to carry out the mission, but he was stopped by Zoro. Impressed by Zoro’s spirit, Kuma offered him a deal, which involved the Straw Hat taking in all of Luffy’s pain. Without a second thought, Zoro jumped inside Luffy’s pain bubble, & in a few seconds, his entire body was covered in blood. When Sanji woke up after being knocked out by Zoro, he was shocked to see the latter covered in blood. When Sanji asked what had happened, Zoro replied, “Nothing Happened.” This moment cemented Zoro’s status as one of the coolest characters in the series, & it showed how far he was willing to go for the sake of his captain.

15/19 Thank You Merry! The Sea Of Separation In The Snow (Episode 312)

Luffy crying at Merry's funeral

The Going Merry was the first proper ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, given to them by Kaya’s servant, Merry. The ship played an important role in their journey to several isl&s throughout the Gr& Line.

After carrying the Straw Hats for a long time, the Going Merry reached its limit during the Enies Lobby arc. The damage that the ship had taken over several arcs made it impossible for it to continue. After the Straw Hats emerged victorious in their fight against CP-9, the Going Merry was given a proper funeral, which undoubtedly brought tears to many eyes.

14/19 Destructive! One Shot, One Kill – Raimei Hakke! (Episode 915)

One Piece Kaido defeats Luffy with one hit

This was the first episode that demonstrated the difference in strength between Kaido & Luffy. Luffy was furious when he saw Kaido attacking the ruins of Oden Castle. Thinking that his crewmates had fallen victim to Kaido’s attack, Luffy began attacking a drunken Kaido.

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Luffy managed to l& more attacks on Kaido, but the outcome of the fight was still the same. Once Kaido entered his human form, he used Raimei Hakke to knock out Luffy. The disparity between the power was frightening as Luffy’s attacks only made Kaido sober up, & the latter managed to take out Luffy in a single strike.

13/19 Raid! Inheriting Oden’s Will (Episode 995)

One Piece Scabbards attack Kaido

Oden’s flashback in this episode endeared him to the One Piece community & showed why the Scabbards were willing to die for him. The Scabbards carried the resentment towards Kaido for a long time, & when the time to let it out finally came, it made the fans emotional.

The episode showed that despite the excruciating pain, the Scabbards continued to adore Oden & continue to carry his will.

12/19 Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy’s Full-Power Gatling (Episode 309)

Luffy attacks Lucci with Jet Gatling

Due to his involvement in the Water 7 & Enies Lobby arcs, Rob Lucci is considered one of the best antagonists in the series. During his fight against Luffy, the CP-9 hitman was on the front foot for the majority of the time.

Luffy was badly beaten up by Lucci, & he needed extra motivation to take down the latter. This came in the form of Usopp, who encouraged Luffy to get up & fight for his friends. Luffy & Lucci exchanged a barrage of punches, which almost made Luffy fall back to the ground. However, he remembered his promise to Usopp & unleashed one final attack, which was enough to defeat Rob Lucci.

11/19 Shanks Moves! Ceremony To The Rampaging Age! (Episode 316)

One Piece Whitebeard & Shanks clash

The episode involved two of the Yonko, Shanks, & Whitebeard. The Marines did everything in their power to prevent the two Yonko from meeting each other; however, ended up failing quite miserably.

Shanks’ entry on Whitebeard’s ship managed to get everyone off their seats. With his Conqueror’s Haki, Shanks damaged the ship & knocked out many members of the Whitebeard Pirates. The episode ended with Whitebeard & Shanks clashing their weapons & splitting the sky, a fight never to be forgotten.

10/19 The End Of The Battle! Oden Vs. Kaido! (Episode 972)

Kaido versus Oden

As mentioned above, Oden’s flashback made him one of the most loved characters in the series. From being an outcast to becoming the hero of Wano, it’s fair to say that Oden overcame many hurdles throughout his journey.

In this particular episode, Oden clashes with Kaido. He absolutely hammers his opponent & is about to finish him off, but Kurozumi Higurashi manages to distract Oden. The distraction paves the way for Kaido to l& a critical hit on Oden, which knocks out the latter.

9/19 Huge News! An Incident That Will Affect The Seven Warlords (Episode 957)

One Piece Doflamingo grinning

This is the first of two episodes that were directed by Megumi Ishitani. The Seven Warlords have always been a force to be reckoned with & they also helped the World Government in the Paramount War.

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However, after the Levely’s conclusion, the Seven Warlords are relieved of their duties. With the Warlord system no more, the Marines Start to pursue the remaining Warlords. In addition to the abolition of the Warlord system, there was Depraved news concerning Sabo, which leaves the members of the Revolutionary Army in distress.

8/19 A Legendary Battle! Garp And Roger (Episode 958)

Roger's bounty poster

The Four Emperors or the Yonko are feared throughout the world because of their insane strength. For a long time, the bounties of the Yonko were unknown, but that changed with the release of episode 958.

In this episode, Brannew reveals the ridiculously high bounties of the Yonko, & to make things even more intense, he also revealed the bounties of Whitebeard & Gol D. Roger. This memorable moment adds to the legends of the two iconic characters.

7/19 Disappearing Crew – The Final Day Of The Straw Hat Crew (Episode 405)

Luffy distraught after his crew is sent flying by Kuma

The Straw Hat Pirates are one of the strongest crews in the series. Led by their lively captain, Luffy, they have conquered one impediment after another. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the crew.

Luffy & co. went through a hellish nightmare at Sabaody Archipelago. Luffy’s entire crew was sent flying to r&om locations by Bartholomew Kuma, with Luffy left powerless to do anything. This is a massive turning point for the series & sets up some great development for the entire crew.

6/19 The Parting Time – Pudding’s Last Wish (Episode 877)

Pudding crying after removing Sanji's memories

Midway through the Whole Cake Isl& arc, no one would have thought that Pudding & Sanji’s story would turn out to be as good as it was. With Toshinori Fukuzawa at the helm, the One Piece anime delivered yet another outst&ing episode.

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Pudding recalls the time that she spent with Sanji. After kissing him she immediately removes the memories from Sanji’s mind. Pudding is then left alone with nothing but Sanji’s memories by her side. It was one of the most emotional episodes the anime has put out in a while.

5/19 A Heartbreaking Duel – Luffy Vs. Sanji – Part 2 (Episode 808)

Sanji kicks Luffy at Whole Cake Isl&

Luffy & his crew share a deep bond. The Straw Hats are like a family & they are willing to throw their lives away for each other. So when a member of the family decides to leave, it causes agitation within the group.

Sanji was forced to leave his crew & marry Pudding against his will, so Luffy goes to Whole Cake Isl& & seeks to convince Sanji to return. But Sanji, knowing that disobeying Germa 66 would cause the death of the Straw Hats & Zeff, fights & beats Luffy pretty badly. As Sanji walks away, Luffy delivers an emotional speech that left many fans wondering how things would play out between the two going forward.

4/19 A Fist Of Divine Speed – Another Gear Fourth Application Activated! (Episode 870)

Luffy beaten up by Katakuri

Luffy has fought many villains in the series, but very few have put up the same level of fight as Charlotte Katakuri. Charlotte is the strongest Sweet Comm&er of the Huge Mom Pirates, & one of the most proficient users of Advanced Observation Haki.

Luffy had to beat Katakuri to reunite with the rest of his crew. When Luffy realizes that he can’t overpower Katakuri with his regular Gear Fourth form, he decides to use a br& new form; Gear Fourth: Snakeman. Luffy’s transformation into Snakeman was nothing short of Dazzling with Incredible animation by the talented Naotoshi Shida.

3/19 Kaido’s Trump Card! The Tobi Roppo Appear! (Episode 982)

Luffy smiling in Episode 982

One Piece Episode 982 is arguably one of the best episodes in the entire One Piece series. Megumi Ishitani acted as the episode director for this legendary episode, in which the Tobi Roppo were revealed, with the Straw Hat Pirates \busy taking down the guards who could hinder the raid on Onigashima.

Luffy & co. decide to make a toast for Jimbei’s return, but decide against it after the Scabbards & the rest of the allies march onto Onigashima. Meanwhile, on Onigashima, the Beasts Pirates & Orochi are celebrating crushing the possibility of a raid. It was an excellently executed episode & still holds strong.

2/19 Settling The Score – Whitebeard Vs. The Blackbeard Pirates (Episode 485)

Whitebeard dies st&ing

The Marineford Arc is among the best-ever anime arcs. If Ace’s death wasn’t enough to push fans into a state of emotional turmoil, Oda decided to take things a step further with the death of Whitebeard.

Whitebeard comes face to face with Blackbeard, who was responsible for the deaths of Ace & Thatch. Despite being unable to use his powerful devil fruit, the legendary pirate manages to beat Blackbeard. The episode’s strongest moment comes from Whitebeard making one last contribution to the world of pirates by announcing that One Piece is real.

1/19 Looking For The Respond – Fire Fist Ace Dies On The Battlefield (Episode 483)

Akainu kills Ace with his fist

Perhaps the most impactful episode in the series so far, this one revolves around the death of Portgas D. Ace, while Luffy & the Whitebeard Pirates work to free Ace from the execution platform.

When Ace was finally freed, everyone believed that he was going to survive. But Akainu had other ideas. The Admiral charges in to take Luffy out, but Ace throws himself in front of Akainu’s attack. Akainu’s attack impaled Ace’s body & led to the latter’s death. This leaves Luffy in a state of shock & mourning, serving as one of One Piece’s most powerful moments.

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