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Best Racing Manga With No Anime Adaptation


There are many different types of manga genres for avid readers to enjoy & discover new worlds. There are just as many types of readers as there are series with multitudes of varieties. For gearhead fans, there are numerous series available that deal with modified vehicles speeding down mountain bends, hitting tight corners, or narrow straightaways.

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Racing mangas are one of the most celebrated genres in the world & deliver adrenaline-pumping action as drivers go head-to-head, putting everything on the line for victory & respect. Unfortunately, many racing mangas struggle to deliver the wide range of emotions of roaring engines & street races. However, there are several series for fans to enjoy that excel at portraying racing accurately. Here are some of the best racing manga with no anime.


6/6 Countach

countache manga

Sorayama is a down-on-his-luck ex-racer who hits pitfall after pitfall after a family accident. On the same day he loses his job, he gets dumped by his girlfriend, & becomes depressed. Surprisingly, he receives a letter in the mail from his younger self, congratulating him for his accomplishments & speaking on how Chilly it must be to own a Countach Lamborghini.

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Unfortunately, Sorayama doesn’t own a Countach & hasn’t done any of the great things in the letter. A new fire is lit inside Sorayama to fight for his dreams & accomplish the goals he used to have for himself. Sorayama steps back on the racing scene & begins to leave everything on the tracks while finding himself again.

5/6 Zero Angel

zero angel manga

Zero Angel is a unique story in the racing genre. By day, Aika Misaki is a Dazzling young idol that is sponsored by a kart racing company. She is a Shimmering & cheerful girl with a decent fanbase. However, by night Aika takes to the streets of Yokohama in a Subaru WRX STI & leaves all her competition in the dust.

Aika is the talk of the street racing community as she is undefeated & has unparalleled skill when driving on her home course. Zero Angel is created by Kia Asamiya, a prominent author known for Silent Mobius & having worked on Star Wars & Batman stories.

4/6 Toppuu GP

Toppuu GP manga

Toppuu GP is an introduction to the world of motorcycle racing in the Moto GP, where drivers step behind two-wheeled engines & put their bodies on the line in close-quarters racing. Toppuu Uno is a young, aspiring Moto GP racer who wants nothing more than to ride all the way to the top & become the number one racer in the world.

However, while on his journey, Toppuu will discover that he is not the only racer with skill on the track & that to win, he must do more than just be the fastest. Toppuu GP has immaculate art & is authored by Kosuke Fujishima of Gungrave & Tales of Phantasia. The series has over seventy chapters of breathtaking action & is still ongoing.

3/6 Dricam

dricam manga

Drimcam is a story about a young Drift prodigy named Rin Todoroki. Rin has made a name for herself being an expert driver during her high school years but now wishes to relax & start her university life fresh. The local automotive club members have other ideas as they become aware of her history & beg for her to join their club.

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Rin is caught between a rock & a hard place as the members of the Auto-club are at risk of losing everything & desperately need her help. Dricam is an ongoing manga & has reached over one hundred chapters.

2/6 MF Ghost

mf ghost manga

MF Ghost is a classic racing manga created by Shuichi Shigeno, known for the highly praised Initial D series that followed street race drifter Takumi Fujiwara. MF Ghost is a spin-off of the Initial D series & has several characters that make crossover appearances.

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MF Ghost follows young racer Kanata as he steps onto the MFG racing scene, a race organization that has arisen from the rising popularity of self-driving cars & the ab&onment of combustion-engined vehicles. Kanata is a skilled racer but has an ulterior motive of finding his father, who disappeared years prior. Kanata begins to gain notoriety for his exquisite driving skills & even encounters some of the legends from Initial D.

1/6 Over Rev!

over rev manga

Ryoko Shino was a thriving track runner until an unfortunate accident crushed her dreams of going pro. Ryoko found herself stagnating in life until she encountered two cars racing along the road. Ryoko was inspired when she discovered that one of the drivers was a woman not too much older than herself & became infatuated with the idea of racing.

Ryoko goes broke & tries drifting for the first time with no practice. Surprised by the experience, Ryoko decides to take drifting seriously & regain the adrenaline rush she’s been missing. Along the way, Ryoko makes new friends & even some rivals as she takes on the perilous world of street racing.

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