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Best RPGs On Xbox Game Pass


Perhaps more than any other genre, role-playing games offer players a chance to fully immerse themselves in both a world & a story. By taking control of both a character & the quest they must embark on, fans of RPGs can experience the rewarding upward climb of progression.

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Most RPGs tend to be hefty time sinks, but that only goes to show how immersive these titles can be. Luckily for those who own Xbox Game Pass, phenomenal RPG games are available at a moment’s notice. Whether someone prefers JRPGs, Western epics, or indie darlings; Microsoft’s subscription service has them covered. What are the best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass?


Shadowrun Trilogy


Approximate Game Length 60-80 Hours
Genre Tactical RPG
Developer Harebrained Schemes
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 1.97 GB
Microsoft Store Page Shadowrun Trilogy

Three titles for the price of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, this compilation contains Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Carve, & Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition. These cyberpunk tactical RPGs guide players through mission-based levels that feature solid combat, great stories, & an immersive world. While the CRPG subgenre can be intimidating for the uninitiated, Shadowrun is one of the more approachable representatives since the games do not have an overabundance of mechanics that need to be memorized. Consequently, this trilogy serves as a good entry point into this style of game.


A party of 4 in Omori talking to a Gator Guy in a street

Approximate Game Length 20-70 Hours
Genre Turn-Based RPG
Developer Omocat LLC
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 2.19 GB
Microsoft Store Page Omori

So many RPGmaker games have been released over the years that they tend to blend together; however, once in a while, a project comes out that dem&s attention. Omori is one such game. This indie RPG follows a group of young friends as they spend their summer vacation in the dream world of the titular boy. Despite boasting cute & creative visuals, Omori borders on psychological horror at times, & the game touches upon themes of depression & loneliness. A distinctive RPG unlike almost anything else on Xbox Game Pass, this game should not be skipped, & Omori even has multiple endings.

Assassin’s Creed Origins


Approximate Game Length 30-80 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 49.67 GB
Microsoft Store Page Assassin’s Creed Origins
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed has been around since 2007, but 2017’s Origins marked a significant turning point in the franchise’s run. While previous entries incorporated some elements, Assassin’s Creed Origins was the first entry to truly embrace the RPG genre.

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Set in Ancient Egypt, this open-world game follows Bayek as he goes on a personal quest for vengeance while also setting up the conflict between the Templars & Assassins. With revamped combat, a respectable progression system, & a gorgeous world, Origins is one of the best RPGs on Game Pass.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

moana in disney dreamlight valley

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Sim
Developer Gameloft SE
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 8.45 GB
Microsoft Store Page Disney Dreamlight Valley

Even though it is in Early Access, Disney Dreamlight Valley already feels like a fully fleshed-out experience that fans of Mickey Mouse will almost certainly adore. This life sim tasks players with building a town & recruiting familiar faces from Disney’s beloved animated films, including Pixar characters. In order to separate itself from the likes of Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces quite a few RPG mechanics to the mix, be it in the form of quests or experience points. They enhance the experience by constantly rewarding players for their actions, providing a sense of progression. Relaxing & lovely, this game is not just for die-hard Disney lovers.

Scarlet Nexus


Approximate Game Length 25-75 Hours
Genre Action JRPG
Developer B&ai Namco Studiuos
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 16.67 GB
Microsoft Store Page Scarlet Nexus
Amazon Listing Page Xbox

B&ai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus was one of 2021’s most surprising releases, particularly when it comes to JRPGs. Taking place on an alternate Earth that is under siege by Others, Scarlet Nexus follows two OSF members, Yuito & Kasane, who sign up to protect humanity. However, things get complicated very quickly, a fact amplified by the game offering players their pick from the two protagonists. In order to experience Scarlet Nexus‘ whole story, two playthroughs are necessary. Along with a strong narrative & a fun selection of secondary characters, Scarlet Nexus delivers fast-paced combat that progresses nicely as more abilities are unlocked either through Yuito or Kasane’s skill trees or their relationships with other OSF members.

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos – Chicken Edition

dungeon of Naheulbeuk rpg characters

Dungeons & Dragons casts a wide shadow over the RPG genre, both in the tabletop & video game mediums. The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is filled with not-so-subtle nods to the iconic property, all framed through a comedic lens that parodies more than just D&D.

A turn-based tactics game with rock-solid combat & a lengthy campaign, this title manages to blend a completely non-serious tone with challenging gameplay that is fully realized; this release is both light-hearted & unforgiving. Although not overly stacked with RPG mechanics, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is absolutely soaked in the genre’s imagery & conventions, even if some of them are only included to serve as a punchline.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Fighting enemies in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Approximate Game Length 10-20 Hours
Genre Side-Scrolling RPG
Developers Natsume Atari, Rabbit & Bear Studios
X|S Enhanced Released On X|S
File Size 5.02 GB
Microsoft Store Page Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a side story designed to introduce this universe & franchise prior to its proper Enormous debut in 2023’s Hundred Heroes. As such, players should limit their expectations since this release does somewhat feel like an appetizer to a more complex meal that is yet to Approach. Nevertheless, there is a lot to enjoy in this side-scrolling action RPG, be it the charming visuals or the likable trio of playable characters.

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The plot revolves around CJ, a scavenger who decides to help rebuild a town that has fallen on dark days. This process involves collecting stamps, upgrading weapons & armor to unlock new abilities, & plenty of dungeon crawling. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a fun game that should keep someone entertained for a few hours.

Torment: Tides Of Numenera

Torment Tides Of Numenera

Approximate Game Length 17-30 Hours
Genre Story-Driven Isometric RPG
Developer inXile Entertainment
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 7.03 GB
Microsoft Store Page Torment: Tides of Numenera
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

Inspired by Planescape: Torment, one of the all-time great RPGs, Torment: Tides of Numenera is a unique beast since it emphasizes dialogue above everything else. This is a story-focused game that casts players as a lowly being who is simply striving to survive, an ambition that sees them form relationships with an array of companions. Most of the campaign revolves around reading text & exploring some widely creative locations, with battles occasionally sprinkled in for good measure. As the writing is top-notch throughout, Tides of Numenera manages to weave a fascinating & gripping tale.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler cast

Approximate Game Length 60-100 Hours
Genre Turn-Based JRPG
Developers Square Enix, ACQUIRE
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 3.42 GB
Microsoft Store Page Octopath Traveler

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series has largely moved away from turn-based combat, but the company has not completely rejected the old ways of doing things. Octopath Traveler is a throwback to the ’90s in terms of its combat & visuals, although it sets itself apart by featuring eight separate stories focusing on individual characters. The narratives are largely disconnected & can be taken on in any order, a creative decision that has its share of positives & negatives.

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Although not a perfect game, Octopath Traveler‘s strengths outshine its weaknesses. The combat system is intuitive & fun, while the game boasts an absolutely stunning art style that can rival any title in Square Enix’s library.

Nobody Saves The World

Form character wheel menu on Xbox in Nobody Saves the World

Approximate Game Length 15-20 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer DrinkBox Studios
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 993.5 MB
Microsoft Store Page Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves The World debuted in January 2022 on Xbox Game Pass, & the indie RPG is mechanically sound. The game’s Enormous selling point is the ability to swap forms so players can discover the ideal setup to take on the many dungeons found in the game. Packed with quests, amusing dialogue, & upgrades to unlock, Nobody Saves The World quickly establishes an addictive gameplay loop that will keep people coming back for more. A creative & fun game, Nobody Saves The World is a stellar addition to the Xbox Game Pass RPG collection.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farm

Approximate Game Length 50-175 Hours
Genre Simulation
Developer ConcernedApe
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 1.30 GB
Microsoft Store Page Stardew Valley
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

Launching in 2016 & added in December 2021 to Xbox Game Pass, Stardew Valley has blossomed into one of gaming’s most enduring farming sims. The indie game comes packed with so much content & freedom that two people could wind up having completely different experiences. Whether planning out a year’s worth of farming or sparking a romance with one of the NPCs, Stardew Valley is incredibly immersive.

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Offering endearing visuals, expansive customization options, & a lot to discover, this game will keep somebody playing for months on end. For those looking for a title that doesn’t prioritize combat but is still quite challenging in places, Stardew Valley is a stellar pick.

Death’s Door

Death's Door Floating Door

Approximate Game Length 8-15 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Acid Nerve
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 2.98 GB
Microsoft Store Page Death’s Door

January 2022 has been a fantastic month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, particularly those who love indie RPGs. Death’s Door is a must-play for Legend of Zelda fans, delivering an adventure packed with discovery, excitement, epic boss battles, & unique dungeons. Boasting a rewarding but difficult combat system, Death’s Door maintains a steady, gripping pace throughout its campaign, which also does not overstay its welcome. Do not ignore this one.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest 1

Approximate Game Length 5-8 Hours
Genre Turn-based RPG
Developer Double Fine Productions
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 1.03 GB
Microsoft Store Page Costume Quest

A charming Halloween-themed RPG, Costume Quest is imaginative & endearing, which is to be expected from Double Fine. While two siblings are out trick or treating, one of them is abducted by a monster; naturally, the remaining child must go on a quest to rescue their stolen family member. Along the way, they unlock new costumes that will inspire their combat style during battles. Costume Quest has charming visuals that perfectly suit the Halloween setting, & the game’s battle system presents a fun twist on classes & jobs. As this RPG is short & relatively easy, it is a great pick for young players taking their first steps into the genre.

Wastel& 3

Wastel& 3 game

Approximate Game Length 40-80 Hours
Genre Turn-Based RPG
Developer inXile Entertainment
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 21.03 GB
Microsoft Store Page Wastel& 3

All three Wastel& games are available on Xbox Game Pass, & each one improves on the last. Wastel& 3 is a challenging strategy turn-based RPG reminiscent of classic Fallout titles, & it comes with a dark sense of humor & a desire to constantly challenge players with difficult decisions.

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A deep & flexible combat system should keep the game feeling fresh throughout its considerable length, while Wastel& 3‘s story & world-building are second to none. Co-op is also possible for those who want to travel through Colorado with a friend.

Fable 2

Fable 2 game

Approximate Game Length 12-25 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Lionhead Studios
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 6.59 GB
Microsoft Store Page Fable 2
Amazon Listing Page Xbox 360

Released in 2008, Fable 2 returns players to the wonderful world of Albion. All three games in the series have their positives & negatives, but Fable 2 is the most complete & satisfying experience in the trilogy. Players roam an enchanting realm as they set out to carve their own paths & highlight their unique quirks. Albion reacts to the player’s actions, developing to match the choices made throughout the adventure. Fable 2 takes place in a living, breathing world that empowers users but also doesn’t forget the deeds (or misdeeds) they perform. Although not Incredible, the real-time combat system is serviceable & offers enough variety to remain engaging throughout the campaign.


Eville game

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Social Deduction
Developer VestGames
X|S Enhanced Available on Series X|S
File Size 2.93 GB
Microsoft Store Page Eville

Eville is a different sort of role-playing game compared to nearly everything else on Xbox Game Pass except for perhaps Among Us. In this multiplayer-focused title, players spawn into a fantasy world as either villagers or conspirators. The latter people try to kill the former, while villagers must decipher who are the conspirators among them. Utilizing a day & night cycle, Eville allows players to go on simple quests that reward money that can be used to craft items to protect themselves from conspirators. The game even assigns players unique roles that tweak the gameplay considerably.

Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition

Pillars Of Eternity 2 Deadfire Exploring the auditorium

Obsidian Entertainment is firmly established as a leading developer in the RPG sphere, & Pillars of Eternity might be the company’s crowning achievement. Both entries in the series rank among the best role-playing games on Xbox Game Pass, but Deadfire gets the nod since it saw the franchise grow out of its Baldur’s Gate roots into something more singular.

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A pirate-themed adventure, this isometric RPG gives players a ship & a crew to sail the ocean, allowing them to visit a multitude of isl&s & take part in naval battles throughout their journey. The story is solid, but Deadfire shines the brightest in its combat, customization, & sense of discovery.

Weird West

weird west weeks basement

Approximate Game Length 20-40 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer WolfEye Studios
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 6.58 GB
Microsoft Store Page Weird West

Essentially a top-down RPG with twin-stick shooter gameplay, Weird West lives up to its name by delivering a fantastical western adventure. Revolving around five bounty hunters, WolfEye’s game shines the brightest in its storytelling & world-building. Despite opting for fast-paced combat, Weird West still succeeds in delivering immersion & encouraging strategic thought. The gameplay is instantly fun while still offering a fair amount of depth. As it is quite polarizing, Weird West is the perfect title for a service like Xbox Game Pass since players might need to get some h&s-on experience to decide if it is for them.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Remastered

A cutscene featuring characters in Ni no Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch

Originally released as a PS3 exclusive, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has steadily made its way to other ecosystems, including an Xbox debut in September 2022. Level-5’s action JRPG tells the story of Oliver, a young child who loses his mother & winds up traveling to a fantasy realm filled with heartbroken people. In order to fix things, Oliver goes on a journey that involves making a few companions, collecting monsters known as Familiars, & traveling to gorgeous & unique cities. Featuring cutscenes by Studio Ghibli, Wrath of the White Witch matches stunning visuals with strong & emotive writing. The combat system can be a bit frustrating, but the game’s positives far outweigh its negatives.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

Middle-earth Shadow Of War

Approximate Game Length 20-60 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Monolith Productions
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 49.07 GB
Microsoft Store Page Middle-earth: Shadow Of War
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

Middle-earth: Shadow of War did not enjoy the most glowing of debuts, courtesy of a grind-heavy final act that pushed players to spend cash. Those microtransactions were eventually removed, & the game is in a much better place these days. Building upon Shadow of Mordor‘s foundations, Shadow of War is an action-heavy romp through The Lord of the Rings universe.

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A massive map & a fun combat system that progresses nicely as new abilities unlock are both great selling points, but Shadow of War‘s crowning achievement is its nemesis system, which allows Talion to build rivalries with Orcs. This system makes each playthrough feel adaptive & unique, & few things in gaming are as satisfying as a player finally besting an Orc who had their number up to that point.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins xbox Party

Approximate Game Length 60-80 Hours
Genre Real-Time RPG
Developer BioWare
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 6.44 GB
Microsoft Store Page Dragon Age: Origins
Amazon Listing Page Xbox 360

The addition of EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brought with it plenty of great RPGs, including some of the best trilogies in gaming. Dragon Age: Origins is the definition of an epic; a gr&iose adventure filled with political intrigue, narrative depth, complex combat, & unforgettable characters. The game is at its best on PC, but the Xbox 360 version is perfectly playable. The sequels are also worth checking out, but Dragon Age arguably peaked with its first entry, setting a st&ard that few fantasy RPGs have Approach close to replicating.

Garden Story

Player fishing in a river in The Grove in Garden Story surrounded by plants & a bridge

Approximate Game Length 10-20 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Picogram
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 371.02 MB
Microsoft Store Page Garden Story

Cute visuals aside, Garden Story is an action RPG that pits players as a grape tasked with protecting four towns from the Rot. This journey requires upgrading weapons, crafting items, & unlocking skills courtesy of Memories, all things the hero must use to take on & defeat the bosses associated with each town’s dungeon. Most of Garden Story‘s ingredients will be familiar to people who have played their share of indie RPGs, & the game’s most eye-catching feature is its unique world. Still, the title brings everything together in a way that is satisfying.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon


Approximate Game Length 45-70 Hours
Genre Turn-Based JRPG
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
X|S Enhanced Yes
File Size 37 GB
Microsoft Store Page Yakuza: Like A Dragon
Amazon Listing Page Xbox

There are more than a few well-established JRPG franchises, but the genre received a surprising addition when Yakuza: Like a Dragon was released. Replacing its traditional beat-’em-up combat with a turn-based battle system, Like a Dragon pushes the Yakuza license in an exciting new direction while paying tribute to classic properties like Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest.

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With a new protagonist & setting, this entry is a great starting point for newcomers to the series, & it is a must-play for anyone who liked the stories but hated the gameplay of previous Yakuza games.

Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition

Dragon Quest XI

Generally regarded as the gr&daddy of the JRPG genre, Dragon Quest made a Enormous comeback in the west with the release of its 11th main entry. The Definitive Edition is comfortably the best way to experience this masterpiece, providing plenty of quality-of-life changes such as an option to speed up battles & a vastly improved soundtrack. While the game doesn’t feel antiquated, Dragon Quest 11 S does stick close to its classic formula; turn-based combat, a straightforward “good vs evil” narrative, & plenty of humor. If something is not broken, then there is no use in fixing it.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Comm&er Shepard

Approximate Game Length 25-40 Hours
Genre Third-Person Action RPG
Developer BioWare
X|S Enhanced Yes (As part of Mass Effect Legendary Edition); No (On its own)
File Size 13 GB
Microsoft Store Page Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

Though most RPGs are rooted in fantasy, sci-fi narratives have blossomed within the immersive genre. The Mass Effect franchise is a prime example of this. Mass Effect 2 builds upon the solid foundation of the first game in the series & actually improves upon it.

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The excitement & challenges of facing a galactic threat are matched only by the meaningful choices & relationships that players can form with the character of Comm&er Shepard.

Fallout: New Vegas

Image from Fallout: New Vegas showing the Courier in front of the titular Strip.

Approximate Game Length 25-100 Hours
Genre RPG
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 5.51 GB
Microsoft Store Page Fallout: New Vegas
Amazon Listing Page Xbox 360

All the main 3D Fallout games are on Xbox Game Pass, & they each offer something that sets them apart from their siblings. Fallout 76‘s multiplayer-focused design provides longevity, while Fallout 4 fine-tunes the gunplay to deliver a streamlined but enjoyable campaign. If someone is specifically seeking an RPG, Fallout: New Vegas is almost unquestionably the pick of the bunch, & Obsidian’s game has aged well in the areas that matter the most (writing & world-building). Its gameplay has always been quite clunky, but it does not take anything away from the title’s impeccable storytelling & quests. Newcomers to the franchise should consider starting with this entry.

Fallout (PC Game Pass)

fallout 1

Approximate Game Length 15-35 Hours
Genre Top-Down RPG
Developer Interplay Entertainment
File Size 2.18 GB
Microsoft Store Page Fallout

Xbox Game Pass has the 3D Fallout games, but anyone yearning to get the full package will need to pick up a PC Game Pass subscription. Along with the modern releases, PC Game Pass has Fallout, Fallout 2, & Fallout Tactics, all of which are highly regarded games in their own right. While Bethesda’s era has produced the most popular entries in the series, some fans might argue that Fallout & its immediate sequel are the franchise’s strongest RPGs.

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The original Fallout was groundbreaking in 1997, delivering complex writing & systems that encouraged player choice & experimentation. The Wastel& is a harrowing & devastatingly punishing world that chews out all but the most adaptable survivors. Fallout 2 is just as great as its predecessor, but newcomers should start with the first game before jumping into its sequel.


Undertale Papyrus Date

Approximate Game Length 8 Hours
Genre RPG Adventure
Developer Toby Fox
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 275 MB
Microsoft Store Page Undertale

If a small RPG outing is preferred to a typical massive endeavor, then Undertale is the perfect fit. This delightful indie title contains a heartfelt story with the minimalist trappings of early RPG games. Humor wraps itself around players, & it also covers a story that revolves around empathy & kindness. Undertale is a short adventure through an underground world of friendly monsters that will stick with players long after they have determinedly completed their campaigns.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Exploring the world in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Approximate Game Length 55-100 Hours
Genre S&box RPG
Developer Omega Force, Square Enix
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 4.4 GB
Microsoft Store Page Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest is the gr&father of turn-based JRPGs, but the franchise has seldom hesitated to dip its toes in different waters. Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes inspiration from Minecraft by focusing on crafting. In the campaign, players visit various isl&s to aid villagers in rebuilding their towns, a process that involves gathering resources & a bit of creativity. Builders 2 is not completely devoid of traditional RPG elements either, as the heroes will periodically face off against enemies. The real-time combat is simplistic, but it is a welcome addition to the overall package.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Mascot

Approximate Game Length 15-30 Hours
Genre Shooter RPG
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
X|S Enhanced No
File Size 33 GB
Microsoft Store Page The Outer Worlds
Amazon Listing Page Xbox One

The balancing act that is The Outer Worlds carries all the calling cards that developer Obsidian is known for, walking the tightrope between meaty mechanical depth & expert storytelling in fine fashion. After being plucked from an ill-fated colony ship by liberty-loving fugitive Phineas Welles, players have an impressive amount of agency in deciding their narrative impact on the colonies & how they make it — whether by Enormous guns, Enormous words, or Enormous brains.

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The atmosphere of Halcyon is beautifully sardonic & darkly humorous, making even the heavy-h&ed social commentary of Fallout: New Vegas blush when compared to its hilarious corporate caricatures. Try the Saltuna while you’re passing through.

Skyrim screenshot showing character about to do Fus Ro Dah

Skyrim has essentially ruled the open-world RPG roost since its unsubtle & highly-anticipated release in 2011 — that alone should be enough to showcase its necessity for any RPG enthusiast’s repertoire. While it can be safely accused of shedding the deeper mechanical complexities of its predecessors, the cold fact of the matter is that Bethesda did more than a few things right. Skyrim preserves the franchise’s legacy of beautifully designed open worlds filled with enough content to keep even the most dedicated gamers busy for years while exp&ing the scope of its audience exponentially. It’s practically gaming’s equivalent to required reading at this point, & it’s not hard to see why.

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