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Best Series To Watch If You Love HBO’s The White Lotus


HBO is home to brilliant television series that pull in viewers & entrance them with enticing drama & side-splitting comedy. HBO has been a powerhouse for exciting series for decades & continues to push out spectacular series that become award-winning classics.

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The White Lotus is one of the most recent series released by HBO; the show was created, written, & directed by Mike White, known for School of Rock. The show stars Jennifer Coolidge, Connie Britton, & Murray Bartlett & tells an episodic story about a h&ful of residents at a tropical resort. Each episode pries into the lives of each person trying to get away from the reality of the world & exposes the secrets of their past & the skeletons in their closet. As The White Lotus slowly comes to a close until It’s likely next season, here are some similar shows to watch & binge on a weekend.


7/7 Barry


Barry stars Bill Hader as Barry Berkman, a struggling actor in Los Angelus moonlighting as a hitman to pay the rent. The series explores the struggles of being a gun for hire & how it eats away at the passion Barry feels inside, wanting to perform.

Each episode is a whacky series of unfortunate events that l& Barry in a pit of trouble where he must then resort to his more undesirable traits in order to get himself out of his predicament. Barry has three seasons & recently announced its fourth with Bill Hader returning; fans of dramatic action will enjoy the show & find it hard to put down.

6/7 The Shrink Next Door

the shrink next door

The Shrink Next Door is a dark comedy mini-series developed by Georgia Pritchett for Apple TV; the series is based on a podcast created by Joe Nocera.

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Dr. Herschkopf is a small-time psychiatric therapist that becomes a sinister member of the lives of his patients. Herschkopf uses the vulnerability of the people he treats to instill himself in their lives & take advantage of their weaknesses. The Shrink Next Door is loosely based on the real events that took place involving Dr. Herschkopf, who was ostracized from the psychiatric field for violating his oath.

5/7 Hacks


Jean Smart stars as Deborah Vance in this comical romp about a washed-up female comedian struggling to retake the stage in a risky endeavor. As Deborah plans a comeback as a casino headliner, she meets Ada Daniels, played by Hannah EinBinder, a publicly shamed comedy writer who’s been blacklisted by most clients. The two form a partnership, & personalities clash from Deborah’s delusional diva mentality & Ada’s abhorrent arrogance. Hacks is a surprisingly well-developed story that gives a strong impression of one’s struggles as they strive for greatness, flaws & all.

4/7 Huge Little Lies

big little lies entry image

Huge Little Lies is a suspenseful drama that takes place in the city of Monterey, California. Reece Witherspoon is Madeline McKenzie, a stay-at-home mom who, along with Nicole Kidman’s character, Celeste White, becomes friends with Jane Chapman, played by Shailene Woodley.

Jane is a single mother struggling to keep everything under control who becomes the center of controversy when her young son is caused of assaulting another female student. The main focus of the story is Jane’s attempt to combat the hostility now directed at her & her child as the conflict quickly reaches a boiling point & blood is shed.

3/7 The Flight Attendant

the flight attendent

Breakout star Caley Cuoco stars in this murder-mystery drama as Cass&ra Bowden, a young flight attendant whose life is in a downward spiral thanks to alcoholism. Things become dire when one poor decision finds Cass&ra at the center of a murder after a one-night st& goes sour as she wakes up next to her suitor, stiff as a board.

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Panic forces Cass&ra to flee & search for the Reply that could aid her in proclaiming her innocence. Caley Cuoco delivers a strong presence in the suspenseful series developed by Steve Yockey.

2/7 Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Featured Image

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is the spin-off series of the highly acclaimed murder & suspense show that originally debuted on ABC Family of the same name. The story follows a group of “it girls” who are terrorized by an unseen force that seeks to judge them for the grievances their parents committed.

In a winding mystery that tests the mental fortitude of the girls, terror & potentially fatal encounters wait around every corner. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin was based on the best-selling novel by Sara Shepard & adapted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

1/7 Succession


Succession enthralls viewers with the story of the cutthroat environment of the Roy family; high-society millionaires, the several children of Logan Roy face off in psychological warfare to become the heir to their father’s multimedia empire as their confidence in his health begins to wane. Every sibling plays their cards in order to gain more control over individual family members, which fills the series with shady double-dealing, betrayal, & hostile business practices.

Brian Cox stars as the family head, Logan Roy, alongside Hiam Abbass, Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, Natalie Gold, Sarah Snook, & Alan Ruck as his children.

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