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Silly Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Goat Simulator 3

Out of all the things a player may wish to live as in a simulator game, a goat may be pretty low on the list. That was until Goat Simulator headbutted its way into the gaming scene in 2014 & showed the world what a little goat with a mischievous disposition was capable of. Now, Goat Simulator 3 offers even more bizarre encounters & several new ways to torment citizens.

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It would be an understatement to say that Goat Simulator 3 doesn’t take itself seriously. Even the title of the game pokes fun at Coffee Stain Studios’ own expense, referencing the eight-year hiatus between the first & second titles, which now skips straight to the third. The Wreck hasn’t dampened the lunacy of the series, however, with even more goat-fueled chaos around every corner.


8/8 Discover The Mutant Chicken

What was likely a recurring nightmare for Colonel S&ers, in Goat Simulator 3, you can discover a giant chicken who will eat the player & lay them as an egg. In Fairmeadows Ranch, west of Brumehill Cemetery, you will find the aptly named Chicken Eggs Farm.

Heading to the south side of the farm, the player will discover a wooden building with a large bowl in front of it. By ringing the bell & quickly getting into the bowl, a gigantic chicken will appear from the shadows & swallows Pilgor.

7/8 Find Your Inner Goat Through Yoga

Goat st&s on mat during yoga session in Goat Simulator 3

Life can be stressful, especially for a crazed goat who spends every waking hour causing destruction. In Suburbsville, north of the Pointy Foods Factory, there is a small wooden-clad building called Chatana Yoga, where Pilgor can find inner peace.

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After staying completely still on the yoga mat, & listening to the soothing voice of the instructor for five minutes, Pilgor will be shrouded in glowing pink lotuses & will earn the ‘Beauty, Fitness, Mindfulness & Meditation’ trophy for its efforts. You can track the progress by the number of lights on the lotus carving on the wall, but keep in mind the timer restarts if you move.

6/8 Lord Of The Goats – Unlocking G&alf’s Outfit

Goat returns the one ring to Mount Inferno & unlocks G&alf's outfit in Goat Simulator 3

In Goat Simulator 3, even a goat can be the unlikely hero tasked with taking the one ring to its fiery resting place. East of Fair Meadows Ranch, southwest of Yakedo Hot Springs, you will find a building that suspiciously looks like the house of a famous Hobbit.

Inside, the player will find a gold ring with strange engraved writing on it, which gives the goat the power of invisibility. To complete the event, Pilgor must jump into Mount Inferno, which can be seen in orange on the Mornwood Falls area of the map. After hearing the disappointment of god, the goat will revive wearing G&alf’s hat & robes.

5/8 Save Steve And Become A Fish Goat

Goat saves Steve & is transformed into a gold fish in Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 introduces br& new animal types in the form of Pig Goat & Rhino Goat. However, a third unlikely goat hybrid can be unlocked by heading to Yakedo Hot Springs & saving Steve the Goldfish from drowning.

By heading into the water & dragging the distressed-looking fish onto dry l&, Pilgor is instantly transformed into a flopping goldfish, which can still do everything a goat can, only adding watery effects to the actions. You can still show your gear in this form for humorous effect.

4/8 Pilgor Turns To The Dark Side And Unlocks A Light Saber

Goat plays Imperial March from Star Wars to unlock Lightsaber in Goat Simulator 3

Pilgor can do some truly despicable things in Goat Simulator 3, so it shouldn’t Approach as a shock that he can turn to the dark side. In Brumehill Cemetery, located in Suburbsville, there is a church with a bell tower on top.

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If Pilgor jumps up & rings the bells in the theme of the Imperial March from Star Wars, the mausoleum will open up & award the player with a double-edged lightsaber. The order the bells must be played is – Middle, Middle, Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Left, Right, & Middle.

Goat captures Becky with the big feet in Goat Simulator 3

Only in Goat Simulator 3 can a human with Enormous feet be hunted down while a rampaging goat is left free to its own devices. In the center of Mornwood Falls, where the river splits around the isl&, Pilgor will find Wrathful citizens who have sighted Bigfoot.

After a short investigation, the player discovers that a woman named Becky is causing the commotion, who just happens to have larger feet than the average person. After taking her from the campsite, the player must put her in the cage to unlock the Homo Sapiens gear.

2/8 Swallowed By A Whale And Spat Back Out Again

Goat swims to buoy & is swallowed by a whale in Goat Simulator 3

East of Goatenburg, the player can find two fishing docks with a large buoy floating nearby. If Pilgor swims out & jumps onto it, he will be met with a gigantic whale looking for lunch. After being swallowed, the player will discover that other people, & entire buildings, have shared the same fate.

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Once Pilgor has had enough fun jumping around the trampoline-like dingies & tarpaulin sheets, he can return by bouncing up & hitting the whale’s tonsils, causing it to regurgitate the goat.

1/8 Swat Fly-Man And Take His Outfit

Goat becomes Fly-Man & headbutts like a comic book character in Goat Simulator 3

Pilgor has the opportunity to become a superhero in Goat Simulator 3, but it takes a pretty villainous action to do so. Downtown, east of Coscon, is a large billboard advertising a bug swatter.

By climbing up the ladder & headbutting the red swatter, Pilgor can make it swing side to side. Time it perfectly, & the unsuspecting Fly-Man will splat right into it. This will award Fly-Man’s gear & comic book action text when headbutting.

Goat Simulator 3is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S.

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