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5 Best Teen Horror Movie Villains


While the fall of 2022 has given horror fans some frightening villains, like The Mother in Barbarian, there’s nothing quite like the killer in a film with teenage characters. Since these high schoolers are going through the motions of their dramatic daily lives, it’s even more memorable when a scary element is introduced like a slasher villain hell-bent on revenge.

From one of the most iconic villains in a popular franchise to a character who spoofs these types of killers, there are many villains from teen horror movies who stick out from the crowd & deserve credit for scaring & entertaining fans.


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Since the first Scream movie is set during Sidney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) high school years, the first two Ghostface killers are definitely excellent teen horror movie villains. Stu Macher is the best Ghostface because Matthew Lillard’s character is so silly, funny, & a good example of how the Scream franchise has a sense of humor throughout. It makes perfect sense that Stu would team up with his friend Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) & be part of Billy’s plan to get revenge on Sidney because Billy’s dad had an affair with Sidney’s mom Maureen.

While each Ghostface killer in Scream is compelling, the villain has the most impact in the 1996 movie since this is the first time that horror fans see them. Ghostface’s black cape & white mask, which is inspired by Edvard Munch’s famous painting “The Scream,” have become so closely associated with the horror genre that it’s. hard to overstate their importance.

An alien in The Faculty

The Faculty is an underappreciated ’90s horror movie where the villains are teachers who turn into aliens. What’s so fascinating about these aliens is that they live underwater, which makes them feel like a science experiment gone wrong.

Kevin Williamson wrote Scream & The Faculty, so the two movies share his memorable writing style which always puts characters before any terror. What makes the aliens even scarier & more compelling is that the students who they are targeting are “misfits” who don’t necessarily want to fit in but who are still having a difficult time in high school. That gives this movie a relatable element, despite the fact that aliens are taking over a school setting.

Alicia Witt as Natalie & Rebecca Gayheart as Brenda sitting together in Urban Legend

The urban legends in the 1998 horror movie are so memorable, from “The babysitter & the man upstairs” to a man with a hook waiting outside a car, that the film’s villain might pale in comparison. Still, Brenda Bates (Rebecca Gayheart) is a great killer since she flies under the radar throughout the movie. Brenda is best friends with the main character Natalie Simon (Alicia Witt), which allows her to hide in plain sight & seem like an unlikely contender.

When Brenda is revealed as the one behind the murders as she has been copying these famous “true” stories that “happened to a friend of a friend of mine,” it’s definitely a surprise. Sure, Brenda isn’t the smartest horror movie villain & she doesn’t have a Chilly costume or mask. She still st&s out among other ’90s villains since her Huge reveal is somewhat shocking.

2011’s Fright Night is one of the best horror movie remakes & tells a strong story of Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) dealing with dating & family & other typical high school topics. While Charley is an excellent horror movie main character, the film’s villain, vampire Jerry D&rige (Colin Farrell), st&s out as well.

Fright Night is an underrated vampire movie & Jerry is terrifying since he lives next door to Charley & tries to seduce his mom Jane (Toni Collette). Charley races to ensure that the people in his life underst& what he’s telling them, but while his journey is exciting to follow, Jerry is an unforgettable villain who has a perfectly chilling smile. Since Jerry is so charming, it feels like he gets whatever he wants, which makes him even scarier.

Billy Murphy in The Final Girls

Billy Murphy (Daniel Norris) is the villain of the brilliant & hilarious 2015 film The Final Girls & he’s a take on classic slasher villains like Jason Voorhees. Billy was bullied when he was younger & now he’s out for revenge in the ’80s horror movie Camp Bloodbath. Since Billy goes on a killing spree at a camp, his presence allows The Final Girls to poke fun at Jason.

Billy’s mask looks much sillier than Jason Voorhee’s Friday the 13th hockey masks, which is likely on purpose since he’s not supposed to be scary. Billy’s background is also a commentary on how often slasher villains, especially those in teen movies, are getting revenge because people were mean to them in the past.

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