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Best Uses Of HD Rumble On Switch Games

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, the hybrid console showed off a whole host of unique features that gamers couldn’t wait to try out. Although never the Switch’s greatest highlight, “HD Rumble” can be a joy to experience when utilized in the right manner. Several of Nintendo’s own Switch games make use of the unique feature, while a few third-party titles also implement HD Rumble into their games well.

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Essentially, HD Rumble is a haptic feedback engine hidden inside the Joy-Con & Pro Controller, similar to that of PS5’s DualSense. 1-2-Switch, which was a launch game for the system, provides several excellent uses of HD Rumble throughout the game. Since then, a ton of developers have added Nintendo’s vibration function into their games to enhance the gaming experience. Here are some examples of how good HD Rumble can be on certain titles.


7/7 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Originally released on the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 remains the best-selling game on the Switch. Mario Kart has always been a pick-up-&-play racer that the whole family can enjoy, & this version can be played on the Enormous screen as well as on a h&held device.

Nintendo really shows off the Switch’s HD Rumble feature in this game. There is a real weight to skidding when using a Joy-Con or Pro Controller, & players certainly experience the bumps when colliding with other characters. Mario Kart fans can feel the subtle clinch of a coin & the fierce drive forward of a Mushroom boost better than ever thanks to HD Rumble.

6/7 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight is a Dazzling game, especially when played on the newer Switch’s OLED screen. This thrilling action adventure is intense, & Nintendo’s vibration feature turns up the intensity to 100. The Hollow Knight world is immersive at the best of times, but HD Rumble adds that little bit more to the experience.

Players will feel everything while playing this instant classic on the Switch if using a Joy-Con or Pro Controller. From wall-sliding to combat, HD Rumble makes the Switch the perfect way to play Team Cherry’s Metroidvania game.

5/7 Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected on Nintendo Switch

Tetris Effect: Connected is one of the most unique experiences you can have on the Switch. Tetris divides opinion among fans, but this version offers way more than the st&ard Tetris game. First & foremost, the graphics & colors are stunning, especially when viewed on an OLED screen.

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One of the st&out features on the Switch version is the superb haptics in the Joy-Cons. Whether clearing a row or getting a Tetris, players are immersed into action with HD Rumble. You can even intensify the Rumble in the settings, which really cranks up the voltage. Tetris Effect: Connected should not be missed on the Switch.

4/7 Golf Story

Golf Story on Nintendo Switch

Golf Story is a unique title on the Switch that makes excellent use of HD Rumble. As the player would expect, it’s essentially a golf game, but it offers far much more than just striking balls around with a controller. Golf Story has excellent role-playing elements, but it really shines with its use of HD Rumble.

Apart from first-party Nintendo titles, Golf Story use of Rumble is just about as good as it gets. Different layers of grass impact how the vibration feels in your h&, & the game even uses the vibration to make sound effects in the controllers. Fans of Nintendo’s HD Rumble should definitely check out Golf Story.

3/7 Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was released exclusively for the Switch around Halloween 2019, & fans of the series were treated to excellent gameplay, stunning graphics & a great story. The use of HD Rumble in this game is also great.

The real magic happens when Professor Elvin Gadd h&s Luigi the Poltergust, which is used to vacuum up ghosts & other items. Every vacuumed item is incredibly satisfying thanks to the use of HD Rumble. There is also a pulse in the controller that helps you track down hidden enemies, which players miss out on when using the Nintendo Switch Lite version of the console. Using the Joy-Con is particularly enjoyable in Luigi’s Mansion 3 thanks to the game’s superb haptics.

2/7 Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey is highly-regarded as the best game on the Switch, & one of the best first-party Nintendo games of all time. Of course, Nintendo were going to make the most of their HD Rumble in this 2018 hit, & the feature works a treat on Odyssey.

The Rumble feature has been labeled by some as gimmicky since it was first unveiled, but the haptic motors in the Joy-Con & Pro Controller in this game truly does enhance the experience. From collecting coins, opening zips & riding the scooter in New Donk City, playing through Mario Odyssey & making the most of the HD Rumble experience is not to be missed out on.

1/7 1-2-Switch

1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

1-2-Switch was announced alongside the Switch console, & Nintendo were determined to show off what the new Joy-Con controllers were capable of. This is a multiplayer party game that utilizes the HD Rumble feature in just about every way possible.

In this game, you can milk cows, shake sodas, count ice cubes & Respond telephones. It really is a unique title on the Switch for its HD Rumble use. Despite the game receiving Depraved reviews from the critics, players should give 1-2-Switch a go for its Rumble features alone.

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