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The Best Villains Of The Summer 2022 Anime Season


What is an anime without a great villain? They are central pieces to the story & aid in character development, fuel conflict, & hold the viewer’s interest. Villains also help viewers to underst& the goals & motivations of the hero. As a result, antagonists in stories are equally as significant as the heroes.

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Anime, as a medium, is tasked with producing different kinds of villains for fans consumption. They could be morally grey & misunderstood like Tsukasa from Dr. Stoneor outright evil & sadistic like All For One from My Hero Academia. Summarily, anime villains are one of a kind, & the summer of 2022 offered many Unbelievable ones.


10/10 Negative Weiss – RWBY: Ice Queendom

negative weiss

Not only do huntresses-in-training Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, & Yang Xiao Long face monsters threatening their world, but they also have to battle a new & terrifying evil, Negative Weiss. She is the cold & sinister version of Weiss Schnee & the main antagonist of RWBY: Ice Queendom.

Negative Weiss was created when a Nightmare, a thorny flying Creature of Grim capable of possession, brought to life a negative aspect of Weiss Schnee in her Dreamscape. Negative Weiss is an unsympathetic & authoritarian individual, & due to the powers given to her by the Nightmares, she is also a formidable villain.

9/10 Walter – My Isekai Life


Balancing his new life in a new world is the least of Yuji Sano’s as he also has to be wary of powers lurking in the shadows planning to destroy his world. One such power is Walter of the Blue Moon cult, whose main objective is to summon the fabled sage, a nigh-omnipotent being, & bring death & destruction to the world.

To further his villainous objectives, Walter formed the Blue Moon cult out of the Blue Moon church, an organization founded by his old friend turned enemy, Father Steyl. Walter is a challenging antagonist for Yuuji & his allies, especially at the show’s climax when he takes a dragon-like form.

8/10 Animus – Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer


Yuuhi Amamiya’s boring & average life are turned upside down when a talking lizard informs him he must use his newfound powers to stop a mage who wishes to destroy the world with the Biscuit Hammer—a large mallet hovering over the world. This mage goes by the name Animus & serves as the series’ main antagonist.

Animus possesses many godlike abilities, including teleportation through space & time. For instance, he went back in time re to annihilate the Earth with his biscuit hammer. In addition to his intimidating hammer, Animus also controls an army of golems that follow his every comm&, making him a foe to be reckoned with.

7/10 Yukiji B&o – Fuuto PI

yukiji b&o

Apart from protecting the city of Futo from Dopants, the Kamen Rider Double, Shotaro Hidaki & Raito Sonozaki have to contend with the mysterious & villainous Yukiji B&o. As the leader of Street (a criminal gang) & the former CEO of Chi Operations, Yukiji makes a very strong villain & proves difficult for Shotaro & Raito to defeat.

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In addition to the wealth of resources at his disposal, he can also transform into an Aurora Dopant. In his Aurora Dopant form, Yukiji can shoot powerful energy blasts from his h&s to either kill or incapacitate his opponents.

6/10 Asmodeus – Engage Kiss


In his quest to uncover the truth of his family’s disappearance, Shu Ogata does not Advance across many other roadblocks quite like the ancient demon, Asmodeus. They act as the main antagonist of the romantic comedy series, Engaged Kiss.

Asmodeus’s main goal is to bear a human-demon hybrid to serve as a portal that will allow demons to pass into the realm of man. Asmodeus has in their arsenal a plethora of abilities, such as immortality & shapeshifting abilities, that makes them a scary villain to Advance up against..

5/10 Anko Uguisu – Call of the Night

anko uguisu

Call of the Night follows the blood-sucking romance of Kou Yamori, an insomniac, & Nazuna, a vampire. Both these characters face obstacles that challenge their relationship throughout the anime, like the Vampire Council, & Anko Uguisu also represents one of those obstacles.

After Nazuna is unable to turn her into a vampire, Anko, consumed by vengeance & the despair of her parent’s death, devotes the rest of her life to killing vampires. Consequently, Anko becomes a strong vampire hunter who threatens to thwart Kou’s effort to become a vampire.

4/10 Faraday – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Faraday is originally shown as a previous Militech employee, who fixes jobs for Maine & his crew, seemingly not having a lot of stake in the gr& scheme of things. However, Faraday ends up going against Maine’s understudy, David Martinez, who he betrays in order to gain favor among his superiors at Arasaka.

Accompanying his wealth & vast connections, Faraday is very meticulous & has keen attention to detail. He is also ruthless, ready to eliminate anyone who feels will st& in his way or deems surplus to requirements.

3/10 Majima – Lycoris Recoil

Untitled design(18)

As the leader of the terrorist group responsible for attacking & bombing the Kita-Oshiage subway station, Majima is the main villain in Lycoris Recoil. His objective is to put an end to the peace upheld by the Direct Attack, a secret agency responsible for combatting crime.

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By committing acts of terrorism, Majima hopes to counter the “bleached, sanitized, healthy, & unwholesome fragrance of a lie” he claims to detect. Following his escape from the Lycoris after their attempt to thwart his terrorist attack & capture him, he finds out about them & proceeds to hunt down Lycoris agents.

2/10 Kakeru Ryuen – Classroom of the Elite

ryuen kakeru

While not many characters within Classroom of the Elite are morally upst&ing, Kakeru Ryuen takes the cake for being the most underh&ed & despicable of them all. He is the infamous delinquent who leads his class through fear & coercion.

Kakeru also has a gang of goons performing his dirty deeds at his disposal, adding to his intimidating reputation. Despite his predisposition to violence, he is quite intelligent, being able to convince Kōhei Katsuragi to help him during the final test in season one of the show. Due to these traits, he is the kind of villain every hero would be wary of.

1/10 Tsaindorcus Vaision – Overlord


The fourth season of Overlord retains its enjoyable & interesting character but introduces one deemed strong enough to rival Ainz Ooal Gown in the form of Tsaindorcus Vaision. He is a Dragon Lord, often referred to as the Platinum Dragon Lord.

Tsaindorcus’s goal is to eradicate the New World of players as they are a danger to it. Being a previous member of the Thirteen Heroes, he has been called the strongest being in the New World. Tsaindorcus also possesses the ability to destroy undead beings, a great threat to Ainz Ooal Gown.

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