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Bethesda Denies Allegations From Doom Composer Mick Gordon


bethesda response mick gordon allegations

Bethesda has released a statement responding to allegations from Doom & Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon. Gordon released an extensive written “defense” detailing his work on Doom Eternal, alleging that Id Software put him into unhealthy working conditions, withheld pay, & publicly maligned him. Bethesda has now responded to Gordon’s assertions, dismissing them without directly addressing any specific topic or evidence that Gordon provided.

The statement from Gordon was released this past week & presented his sordid experience with Id Software studio director Marty Stratton. The piece delved into the creation of the music featured in Doom Eternal, as well as the controversial release of a physical edition of the soundtrack. It also exp&ed on Stratton’s 2020 post to Reddit, which blamed Gordon for the controversy surrounding the soundtrack. Gordon put all responsibility at the feet of Bethesda, Id, & Stratton.


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Bethesda’s response, while significantly shorter, similarly acknowledges no blame or responsibility for the situation. Bethesda claims that Gordon, “both mischaracterized & misrepresented the team at Id Software, the development of Doom Eternal, Marty Stratton, & Chad Mossholder with a one-sided & unjust account of an irreparable professional relationship.” It goes on to say that Bethesda is aware of the situation in its entirety, sides with Stratton & Id Software, & rejects Gordon’s “selective presentation” of the truth.

With that said, while Bethesda does say that it’s willing & ready to share “full & complete documented evidence” to confirm its stance, it will only do so at “an appropriate venue as needed.” Whereas Gordon shared an extensive trail of emails & documentation covering his work on Doom Eternal that supports his allegations, Bethesda is deciding not to do so at this time via social media. Given the severity of the legal situation at h&, this is more than underst&able but is unlikely to garner much support online.

In addition to the response to Gordon, Bethesda also takes the opportunity to resoundingly decry harassment & threats of violence made against individuals mentioned “on either side.” Bethesda says that Gordon’s statement has “incited” this kind of unacceptable behavior & that it’s taking “swift & appropriate” action in order to protect Bethesda employee health & safety.

While the entire truth behind the situation is unlikely to see the light of day, Bethesda is being called out regarding certain key points stated in what it shared. For one, Gordon made clear that the Id Software development team “deserves celebration” in his statement, contrary to Bethesda saying Gordon “mischaracterized & misrepresented the team at Id Software.” Further, some fans are saying it’s hypocritical to say Gordon’s defense “incited” harassment without acknowledging Stratton’s 2020 Reddit post‘s role in the situation. Needless to say, an amicable solution to the conflict between Bethesda & Gordon seems very far away.

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