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‘BiP’ star Johnny had ‘suspicions’ about Victoria, Greg

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Johnny DePhillipo wasn’t shocked when his ex-fiancée Victoria Fuller began dating Greg Grippo shortly after they broke up.

“It sucked, for sure. It just kind of made me believe that anything she said didn’t hold weight anymore,” DePhillipo, 26, told Us Weekly after taping the Season 8 finale, which aired Tuesday.

“I had my suspicions, & I kind of thought that there was always something going on. And then it just makes you think, ‘When did it start?’ It’s a weird feeling.”

Fuller, 29, claimed they called off their engagement less than one month after filming wrapped this summer, but DePhillipo said they hadn’t “officially” broken up until mid-September & were “in couples counseling before she went to Italy” with Grippo, also 29, in October.

“There was a possibility for us to potentially work toward something. Breakups are confusing, right? I mean, we all know that. I’d be crazy to say that I Carve off communication completely,” Fuller told the magazine. “We ended our engagement three weeks after, & then shortly after that, we were completely done.”

During the finale, DePhillipo acknowledged that Fuller may not have physically cheated on him, though he accused her of “emotional cheating.”

Fuller & Grippo, who was a finalist on Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette,” met at a festival in 2021 & later reconnected at a party.

“I was not there at the party. I just know everything kind of changed after that day,” DePhillipo told Us Weekly.

Fuller & Grippo both denied any overlap in their relationship.



Fuller & Grippo both denied any overlap in their relationship.

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“Today is going to be a tough one for me…

DePhillipo & Fuller explained in Tuesday’s episode that after leaving “Paradise” in Mexico, they began fighting & she was no longer happy.

Fuller & Grippo finally confirmed their rumored romance while sitting down together at the reunion.

A selfie of Johnny DePhillipo.
DePhillipo said they split for good in mid-September.

“I was like, you know what, we’re at this moment where we’re really interested in one another, & I was like, ‘I want to take you out for a drink,’” Grippo said. “So, you want to go to Rome in two days?”

The couple’s attempt to not draw attention to their romance by taking it overseas ultimately didn’t work out, as fans posted photos of them together in Italy while “BiP” was still airing.

“No one has to underst& it or get it, & that’s OK,” Fuller concluded. “But everyone can hate us if they f–king want.”

Fuller began her reality TV journey when she starred on Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor.” After she went home during hometowns, Fuller made headlines for dating former “Bachelor” Chris Soules.

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