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Wak&a Forever Shows The Potential of a Namor Game


Black Panther: Wak&a Forever is now in theaters, & thanks to positive word of mouth, it is expected to perform very well at the box office. The well-reviewed film not only manages to pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman through multiple moving scenes, but it sets up the future of the Black Panther IP through a few different characters. Further, it features a terrific antagonist in Namor, & hopefully the character reaches mainstream appeal thanks to his appearance in the film.


While a Namor film or Disney+ series is one way that the character could continue to grow more popular, it could be interesting to see a video game centered on the Submariner one day. If a developer were to take inspiration from how he is depicted in Black Panther: Wak&a Forever, taking control of the arrogant ruler of Talokan could lead to an extremely fun experience.

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Namor’s Abilities Are Perfect For a Game

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Though underwater levels in video games are notoriously weak, Namor’s abilities could help make these sections significantly more fun. Players could ally with sea creatures like whales, zoom through the sea at incredible speed, & comm& troops into battle. However, what could make a Marvel game about Namor particularly fun is that gameplay would not be limited to underwater combat.

Namor may be stronger when he is in the water, as his healing factor & strength are both increased, his wings allow him to be a formidable threat on l& as well. If they function like they did in the film, players would essentially be able to double jump & dash through the sky, & the developer of this hypothetical game could keep things fair by adding cooldowns for Namor’s midair movement. Being able to fight in the sky, dive in the water, & battle another enemy under the sea could make for a stellar gameplay loop.

The siren song featured in Black Panther: Wak&a Forever could be another fun ability to mess around with when controlling Namor in a game. While it could be used to make enemies kill themselves like in the film, skill tree upgrades could allow players to modify the ability, with one siren song debuffing enemies & another brainwashing them so that they will fight alongside the player.

A Namor Game Could Take Players To Talokan


Much like Ryan Coogler made the nation of Wak&a feel like a real place with its own culture, the director imbued Namor’s city of Talokan with tons of personality & history. The scene where the city is showcased was breathtaking, & players would surely like to see more of the city. A video game could provide that experience, letting players explore various locations in Talokan as well as key areas around Namor’s home. Going from a vibrant underwater city to a deep part of the ocean with mysterious creatures & enemies to fight could be a ton of fun, offering experiences & locations that are rarely seen in games.

Namor’s anti-hero status makes him an interesting protagonist, as though he cares greatly for his people, his hatred for surface dwellers & those different from him usually sees him thrust into the villain role. While the rumored Black Panther game could use him as a villain, which would still let gamers see Talokan & could result in a great boss battle both in the sky & on l&, he could absolutely carry his own game. A hero that shines in the air & sea would be tough to craft combat systems for, but the payoff could absolutely be worth it. With Namor shining so brightly in Black Panther: Wak&a Forever, he could do the same in the realm of video games.

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