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Best 5 Star Characters In Bleach Fearless Souls


Thanks to Bleach Fearless Souls, fans of the acclaimed Bleach franchise can explore not only the series’ full story but even build a dream team of three Bleach characters to both relive the series’ best moments & discover things they may not have noticed in the main story. And thanks to Fearless Souls & its unique character improvement system, fans can create exactly the kind of characters they want for their team.

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While the game does have 6 Star Characters as its most coveted pieces of a team, the game does have 5 Star Characters that specialize in particular areas. When improved enough, these rare 5 Star Characters can go toe-to-toe with their ultra-rare counterparts. Although the question does remain – which are the best 5 star Bleach Fearless Souls characters?

Updated on 16 November, 2022, by Rhenn Taguiam: Fans looking forward to catching up to the Thous&-Year Blood War final season of the Bleach anime may be excited to see the full-blown conflict between Shinigami Ichigo & Quincy Yhwach in gorgeous animation. And fans of Bleach who want to take control of some of the anime’s most powerful might want to consider giving Bleach: Fearless Souls a shot.

After all, among the anime RPG’s hundreds of characters are a decent selection of 5-Star units, one star short of the elite 6-Star variant but almost just as powerful enough with the right builds. Among must-haves here is the Blood War form of a deadly villain, the gr&father of a rather cold Shinigami Captain, & even Ichigo in his most powerful transformation.


15/15 Nnoitora Gilga (Fierce Battle Version)

Nnoitora Gilga Fierce Battle Version from Bleach Brave Souls

When the Bleach series first introduced the elite Espada among the Arrancar, Nnoitora Gilga (Fierce Battle Version) was one of the first to die due to underestimating the Shinigami Forces. This doesn’t mean Nnoitora is a slouch, however, as even his advanced Pray (Resurreccion) form gives him advanced healing & incredibly high spiritual prowess, making it fitting for a berserker like Kenpachi to be the one to finish him off.

Nnoitora demonstrates how some of the best DPS in an RPG, like Fearless Souls, emphasize stacking damage instead of base output. This is courtesy of his blend of damage-boosting Skills (Bruiser, Frenzy, Berserker, Devastation), as well as boosts to status ailment duration (Debilitator) & even Damage to Lacerated Enemies on top of a counter to Freezing (Freeze Resistance). These all work well with his Cero (Special Move), which not only deals immense damage but Lacerates enemies, leaving them open to more damage.

14/15 Sosuke Aizen (Thous&-Year Blood War)

Sosuke Aizen from the TYBW Bleach Brave Souls

When Sosuke Aizen (Thous&-Year Blood War) was revealed to be alive all along in the final arc of Bleach, fans may wonder whether he may be a villain or not. And luckily for fans, Sosuke shares the same distaste towards Yhwach as those of the Shinigami, being able to contend with the Soul King’s son without so much of a struggle compared to the rest of the characters.

This variation of Aizen functions similarly to his role in the final arc, that of an assist & less of a main figure. This is reflected in his toolkit too, with Debilitator boosting the duration of status ailments, & Last-Ditch Survival giving him another shot at life should he die in the match. Aizen is no slouch either, as his Hado 99: Goryu Tenmetsu (Special Move) summons five (5) dragons that deal immense damage & Weakens their targets, giving the rest of the team an easier time finishing off foes.

13/15 Ginrei Kuchiki (Sealed)

Ginrei Kuchiki of Bleach Brave Souls

One might wonder where Byakuya Kuchiki got his signature br& of calculating coldness, & perhaps Ginrei Kuchiki (Sealed) may be the Reply. Despite his age, Ginrei Kuchiki served as Byakuya’s predecessor as both head of the Kuchiki Clan & the 6th Division, having served as both for more than a century.

Ginrei exemplifies the efficiency required for a functioning support – sustainable effects & survivability. His toolkit immediately gives him more maneuverability, courtesy of anti-freezing (Freeze Duration -100%), anti-stagger (Poise), & even better mobility (Sprinter). These work well with his Soren Sokatsui (Special Move), which not only deals immense damage but may Paralyze foes, perfect for giving the rest of the team a lot of room to dish out their special moves.

12/15 Ichigo Kurosaki (Thous&-Year Blood War – True Bankai)

Ichigo TYBW True Bankai in Bleach Brave Souls

While fans of Bleach may at first feel weird about Ichigo’s slow power creep throughout the story, his heritage may very well have been the cause of his odd nature. Being half-Shinigami & half-Quincy, added with a tinge of Hollow corruption, Ichigo was never meant to access his powers in a normal capacity. It was only at around the end of the series, during the Thous&-Year Blood War Arc, that he got access to his real Zanpakuto & his True Bankai, which proved powerful enough to defeat the supposed son of the Soul King, Yhwach.

Even before accessing the full 6-Star version of this toolkit, the Ichigo Kurosaki (Thous&-Year Blood War – True Bankai) as a 5-Star is already potent as a character. His -100% to Paralysis & Weaken Duration immediately makes True Bankai Ichigo a rather deadly tank, & this is on top of his Enhance that boosts his buff durations. These Skills complement well with his True Zangetsu (Special Move), which is a two-step attack that deals straightforward immense damage to its targets.

11/15 Ururu Tsumugiya (Christmas)

Ururu Tsumugiya of Bleach Brave Souls

This variant of Ururu Tsumugiya (Christmas) in the Bleach game is a devout believer of Santa Claus, even as an adult, & has thus practiced taking care of all gifts she receives. However, this also made her very guarding of the presents she has, more than willing to use her high spiritual power & martial expertise to defend them. Outside this variant, Ururu is one of the employees in the Urahara Shop & is known for her mobile prowess.

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Despite her meek exterior, Ururu Tsumugiya can become quite a potent support unit in Fearless Souls. Aside from Skills that already boost her attack output (Bruiser, Berserker, Devastation), Medic allows her healing to affect all allies, while Debilitator boosts the duration of ailments affecting enemies. These blend well with her Substitute Sleigh (Special Move), which not only deals immense damage to foes but also inflicts Freeze – making them very vulnerable to the rest of the team.

10/15 Homura And Shizuku (Movie 3)

Homura & Shizuku

In the third Bleach film, Bleach: Fade To Black, siblings Homura And Shizuku are siblings who had to absorb the essence of a Hollow in order to save Rukia, who once took care of them. However, their interactions with her in the film caused everyone in Soul Society to forget about her, plunging Soul Society into incredible disarray. Armed with both their unique teleporting ability & Hollow powers, Homura & Shizuku make their way in Fearless Souls as one of the best 5 Star Characters that players can acquire.

While it’s totally possible to upgrade the sibling duo to 6 Stars, even their core competencies at 5 Stars are immense. Their skills alone make them a force to reckon with as damage-dealers. Their Long Reach & Bruiser Skills enhance their overall AOE & normal attack damage, & Debilitation ensures their inflicted status ailments last much longer.

9/15 Hanataro Yamada (New Year)

Hanataro Yamada

Although clumsy & easily the source of a few running gags in the anime, Hanataro Yamada does currently serve the co-3rd Seat of the 4th Division in the Gotei 13. His core competency as a healer made him the leader of the 14th Advanced Relief Team. And not only that, but his Zanpakuto Hisagomaru can not only absorb & heal injuries but redirect them as a strong energy attack.

As such, Hanataro Yamada’s New Year variation is a surprisingly strong 5 Star addition to anyone’s team. This time around, he’s not mainly a healer but rather a charger. His “Shrine Visit Stampede” special move allows him to charge the battlefield on Bonnie & damage everyone around him. Skills such as Long Reach, Bruiser, & Devastation boost his damage to decent levels. And his Melee (Heal) attack style allows him to heal others during quests, making him a decent sub-support.

8/15 Toshiro Hitsugaya (Thous& Year Blood War – Zombie)

Toshiro Hitsugaya Zombie

During the Thous& Year Blood War arc, the Quincy Giselle “The Zombie” Gewelle transformed Toshiro Hitsugaya into a zombie under her control. Already a competent Shinigami Captain in his own right, zombified Toshiro is a deadly foe to face with his ice powers. In Fearless Soul, the Zombie form of Toshiro is an interesting 5 Star Character to possess, primarily due to the extra debilitating effects of his freeze-oriented build.

His Special “Daiguren Hyorinmaru” still allows Toshiro to Freeze his opponents with his attacks. However, his Melee (Weaken) Style also ensures enemies are left vulnerable in his wake. Skills such as Debilitator & Poise not only increase the duration of these effects but also ensure he isn’t staggered when taking damage.

7/15 Sosuke Aizen (Japanese Parasol)

Aizen Japanese Parasol

It’s such a surprise that an extremely deadly foe like Sosuke Aizen has a rather calming Japanese Parasol variant in Fearless Souls. In its bio, he is simply journeying across Hueco Mundo to invite others to join him in the admiration of his outfit. But in the plot, Aizen is perhaps one of the most terrifying villains to grace the series. Such is his desire to attain godhood that his power makes him practically unkillable, with Soul Society having resorted to imprisoning him instead.

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Such is the case of Aizen as a 5 Star Character as well. His Special “The Mirror World” drags enemies into a void before he attacks them & causes Paralysis. It doesn’t help that his Skills such as Bruiser, Berserker, & Devastation increase all aspects of his attacks. This variation of Aizen is a decent all-rounder & one to grab for any 5 Star team.

6/15 Yammy Llargo (Can’t Feel Your Own World)

Yammy Llargo

Prideful Yammy Llargo is a powerhouse in Bleach, boasting his sheer physical prowess to contend with the likes of both Captains Byakuya Kuchiki & Kenpachi Zaraki. In the Can’t Feel Your Own World light novel, Yammy achieves an enhanced form through the Hogyoku, with his bone-based initial upgrade becoming lava-esque. This is the form he uses in Fearless Souls as a 5 Star Character as well.

This form of Yammy uses his rage incredibly in combat, boasting prowess as a tank. His Special “El Gigante De La Ira” allows him to augment his attacks with Melee (Burn), forcing enemies to take damage over time. And while his Debilitator Skill already enhances the duration of the Burn status, his Skills Poise & Freeze Duration practically make Yammy immune to both Freeze & Stagger effects. Fans who need a charger can find Yammy as an ever-reliable tank.

5/15 Lilynette Gingerbuck (Halloween)

Lilynette Halloween

In the story, Lilynette Gingerbuck is the cheerful yet mischievous other half of the Arrancar Coyote Shark & achieves full power when they combine. As such, she doesn’t have a Zanpakuto but is instead the sealed version of Coyote Shark’s weapon – Los Lobos, which serves as a pair of extremely powerful firearms.

Fans of the series could delight in having the Halloween Variant of Lilynette as her own individual, however. In the character bio, this Lilynette is spending her time in Hueco Mundo to acquire as much c&y as possible. And this reflects in her Special “Treat Me!” which has her spill her c&y & deal damage to foes around her. While her Melee (Heal) trait ordinarily heals herself, her Medic Skill allows her to extend these effects to her allies, making her the ideal healing support.

4/15 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Can’t Feel Your Own World)


Throughout the Bleach series, it’s child-like Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck that served as Ichigo’s guide in Hueco Mundo. And when faced with a dire threat, Ichigo is surprised that the crybaby Nel is actually one of the most powerful Espada in existence, possessing an adult form she keeps hidden. This time around, the Can’t Feel Your Own World light novel had Nel get an upgrade courtesy of the Hogyoku – making her powers more devastating than ever.

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In Fearless Souls, this iteration of Nel is also one of the most powerful 5 Star Characters players can acquire. Her “Lanza De Luz Galuza” Special will have Nel unleash her signature Cero from a hill. This isn’t just a fancy attack, though, as this also inflicts Melee (Weaken) to opponents in her wake, giving her allies enough time to swoop in for the kill. And Nel isn’t just useful for her Special alone, as her Skills Bruiser, Berserker, & Devastation boost all her attack types. Most importantly, Poise essentially negates attack-based stagger, meaning Nel can’t be stunned when hit.

3/15 Ulquiorra Shifar (Third Anniversary)

Ulquiorra Third Anniversary

The silent yet deeply-calculating Ulquiorra Shifar became one of Ichigo’s fiercest rivals throughout his stay in Hueco Mundo. Despite being only designated Cuatro (4th) among Aizen’s Espada, his devastating Murcielago Zanpakuto & its Resurreccion pushed Ichigo to surpass even his own limits. In Fearless Souls, Ulquiorra gets an even more powered-up form for the game’s Third Anniversary. Now empowered by the Hogyoku, Ulquiorra gets a four-winged form with green flames, capable of destroying anything he laid his eyes on.

In the game, “Tormenta De Murcielago” serves as his Special Move, capable of dragging opponents towards his field of vision for a harsh blast. Not only that, this attack inflicts the Melee (Weaken) ailment, weakening opponents. Moreover, his attacks can also enhance his team’s defense through Melee (Buff) & Melee (Barriers), making Ulquiorra an effective all-rounder – capable of both supporting & dealing fierce damage.

2/15 Tier Halibel (Halloween)

Tier Hallibel Halloween

Despite Tier Halibel & her quiet appearance, her status as the Tres (3rd) Espada in Aizen’s army isn’t to be trifled with. Being one of the highest-ranking officers in Aizen’s army, she boasts the Tiburon Zanpakuto & a Resureccion that gives her a shark form & power over water. She essentially becomes the de-facto ruler of Hueco Mundo after Aizen’s defeat, but in Fearless Souls, her Halloween form transforms her into a vampire performer.

She isn’t to be messed around with, however. Her “Dynamic Performance” Special is a singing act that inflicts massive damage & the Melee (Paralysis) status to opponents. Her attributes can be further enhanced with the Paralysis Duration Skill, which at maximum upgrades can double the time her enemies are afflicted with this condition. This makes Tier the perfect setup member, as her stunning abilities can leave enemies wide open for the kill.

1/15 Yhwach (Thous& Year Blood War)

Yhwach TYBW

The Quincy Yhwach serves as the final antagonist of the Bleach series, sparking the Thous& Year Blood War with a viciousness that almost wiped out the entirety of the Shinigami Forces. His Almighty ability alone can allow him to see across timelines, allowing him to predict his enemy’s moves before they even think it. And he arrives with the same viciousness in Fearless Souls, becoming one of the most powerful 5 Star Characters for players.

The game’s iteration of “The Almighty” Special deals a devastatingly-powerful attack with the Weaken status, making enemies more susceptible to damage. What perhaps makes Yhwach more frightening are his extra attributes depending on his state. On his base, he possesses Ranged/Melee (Weaken), as well as defense-buffing Melee (Barriers). If he uses his Melee (Transform), he Yhwach taps into an empowered form with stronger stats. This makes Yhwach an all-rounder, being capable of setups that finish off opponents quickly.

Bleach Fearless Souls was released in 2016 on PS4, Android, iOS, & PC.

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