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Best 6 Star Characters In Bleach: Fearless Souls


With the much-awaited “Thous&-Year Blood War” arc arriving this October in anime form, fans of Bleach might want to once again explore some of the series’ most iconic arcs & storylines, & the Bleach Fearless Souls game is a fun way to do just that. In this action-adventure gacha title, players build their dream team of three Bleach characters to relive the story, exploring fan-favorite arcs & discovering secrets that players may not have noticed in the manga.

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As with other collectible character games, Fearless Souls does have its own set of powerhouse characters, particularly among the coveted 6 Star Characters. Who are the best 6 star Bleach Fearless Souls characters?

Updated on 15 November 2022 by Rhenn Taguiam: Fans of the Bleach anime can finally rejoice as Ichigo, & his friends face off against Yhwach in the Thous&-Year Blood War Arc, where the Shinigamis have to make a last st& to protect both mankind & Soul Society. And to fans of the series who want to take control over some of the most powerful beings in the Bleach anime, perhaps getting into Bleach: Fearless Souls is a great way for theorycrafters & RPG fans to use Bleach characters to their full potential. In this list are additional 6-Star Characters that serve as the best of the best among the RPG, including a lieutenant hiding immense powers, the certified powerhouse among the Shinigami Captains, the near-final form of a notable protagonist, & even a movie villain.


15/15 Szayelaporro Grantz (Resurrection)

Szayelaporror Grantz of Bleach Brave Souls

Among Aizen’s Espada is the Arrancar Szayelaporro Grantz (Resurrection), one of the most sadistic characters to ever be introduced in the series – with a sinister take on combat to rival the Quincy As Nodt. And this is for good reason, as his nature as a scientist allowed him to create “dolls” of his enemies that he can torture to his whim. The only person to ever stop him was fellow scientist Mayuri of the Shinigami, who lured Szayelaporro to consume a concoction that slowed time for him so much that Mayuri’s lethal stab wound would take centuries for him to feel.

In the game, Szayelaporro is a potent 6-Star, especially in the context of his overall toolkit. Skills alone, such as Long Reach, Havoc, & Adrenaline, greatly exp& the reach & enhance the multi-target nature of his attacks. This is on top of Melee (Poison) attack style & his Teatro de Titere (Special Move) that creates a doll that copies the form of its opponent & deals immense damage on top of inflicting Poison on any enemy target it hits.

14/15 Nanao Ise (Resurrection)

Nanao Ise Resurrection of Bleach Brave Souls

Contrary to her bubbly uncle & Captain Shunsui Kyoraku of 1st Division, Nanao Ise is a strict warrior holding everything about the Shinigami in high regard. Such is her comm&ing presence that she’s not just an expert in Kido techniques but even boasts high mobility via Shunpo. In fact, Shunpo allowed Nanao to be just as fast as masters Kyoraku & 13th Division Captain Jushiro Ukitake, proving that Nanao is more than meets the eye.

Nanao exemplifies the nature of the support unit as not entirely being dedicated to healers, especially since her toolkit involves debilitating the enemy lines so the rest of her team can l& the killing blow. For instance, Skills such as Sprinter, Bruiser, & Berserker alone vastly improve her offensive output. But it’s her Weaken Defense, which adds a defense debuff to her Special Move, that takes the crown. This is due to the fact that her Hyapporankan/Gochu Tekkan (Special Move) not only deals immense damage to foes but also paralyzes them on hit.

13/15 Sosuke Aizen (Fourth Fusion)

Sosuke Aizen 4th Fusion from Bleach Brave Souls

The defection of Aizen came as a complete shock to Bleach fans during the first few arcs in the manga, & his true plan was only ever revealed when he came into the possession of the almighty Hougyoku. Courtesy of this ever-powerful artifact, Aizen has gone into slow fusions in order to fully assimilate its power, with Sosuke Aizen (Fourth Fusion) serving as proof of his attainment of the status as being beyond everything that is both mortal & Shinigami.

This Aizen variant emphasizes the nature of an offensive unit as just that – pure offense. Skills of his such as Bruiser, Frenzy, & Devastation alone greatly boost his damage output. And it doesn’t help that Long Reach & Enhancer greatly improve this Aizen variant’s overall range & Special Move prowess. Players may want to pay close attention to Aizen’s Full Incantation Kurohitsugi (Special Move), as this attack not only deals immense damage but even has the slightest chance of instant-killing foes.

12/15 Kenpachi Zaraki (The Lost Agent)

Kenpachi the Lost Agent Version in Bleach Brave Souls

Despite his notoriety as a blood-lusting warrior, Kenpachi Zaraki (The Lost Agent) is easily one of the most powerful characters in Bleach lore. Aizen, arguably a few steps away from godhood, himself cited Kenpachi as one of the biggest threats to his plans. This proved true even until the final few arcs, as Kenpachi’s thirst for fighting can defeat outright reality manipulators & nigh-immortals.

Kenpachi’s reputation as the “OG Berserker” of Bleach is emphasized further in this variant. His deadly nature is further augmented with further range (Long Reach), stronger AOE (Havoc), & boosting most damage types (Berserker, Devastation, Flurry). Icing to the cake here would be Poise, which disables stagger should Kenpachi take damage. This is all the more beneficial for his straightforward nature, as his Demon’s Strike (Special Move) is an immense damage-dealing move that doesn’t have unique gimmicks but compensates well for incredible damage output.

11/15 Shuren (Movie 4)

Shuren in Bleach Brave Souls

It appears beyond Soul Society & the Mortal World is an actual Hell, where souls are sent when they are wicked in life. And this is exactly the theme of Bleach: The Hell Verse, the fourth feature film of the Bleach series, where Ichigo contends with pyrokinetic Hell denizen Shuren (Movie 4) as he executes a plan to control all of existence.

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Shuren is definitive proof that some of the deadliest characters in Fearless Souls work best when dealing damage over time, & this is what the character exemplifies. Key to this character’s build is Skills such as Bombardment, Debilitator, & Fire Duration that greatly boost his Special’s duration & damage dealt. And this massively augments his capabilities, especially when Hell’s Fire (Special Move) not only deals immense damage but also Burns anyone its hits, practically becoming a deadly DOT when combined with similar effects such as Poison.

10/15 Sojiro Kusaka (Movie 2)

Sojiro Kusaka

It’s in the second Bleach film, The DiamondDust Rebellion, that fans get introduced to Sojiro Kusaka. This red-eyed warrior was once both friend & rival to Toshiro Hitsugaya until his death, only to be resurrected for nefarious reasons. Aside from being almost on par with the Shinigami Captain with his swordsmanship, Sojiro also has the same Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru, & therefore control over ice.

Sojiro’s Movie 2 Variation is hailed as one of the most powerful 6 Star Characters in Bleach: Fearless Souls. His “Frigid Barrage” Special summons an ice dragon that inflicts Freeze on all enemies. More than that, his skillset does allow Sojiro to be an effective setup creator, with Weaken Defense (Skill) weakening opponents & Debilitator (Skill) enhancing the length of status ailments.

9/15 Yukio Hans Vorarlberna (The Bond)


Peaceful & collected to a point, youngster Yukio Hans Vorarlberna serves as No. 005 of the Fullbringer organization Xcution, where he uses his Fullbring “Invaders Must Die” to tap into his video game-like pocket dimension. After acquiring some of Ichigo’s power, Yukio’s evolved Fullbringer allows him to bring his game “in the real world,” giving him some degree of special abilities such as weaponized glitches.

In Fearless Souls, Yukio’s The Bond Variant is one of thebest 6 Star Characters precisely for his upgraded “Invaders Must Die” ability. Through the “There’s No Escape!” Special, Yukio can unleash video game cubes as weapons to deal massive damage & inflict Paralysis against foes. He’s also somewhat efficient as a damage dealer since Debilitator (Skill) extends the length of his inflicted ailments, whereas Bombardment (Skill) increases the number of hits of his Special Move that can potentially affect more foes.

8/15 Soi Fon (Thous& Year Blood War)

Soi Fon

Hailed as one of the fastest beings in the entirety of Soul Society, Soi Fon is no one to be trifled with. Serving as the 2nd Division Captain, Soi Fon’s sheer mastery over speed led her to become the comm&er of Soul Society’s Stealth Forces as well. It’s expected for someone with her mobility to outpace opponents in combat, & this makes her one of the best 6 Star Characters in Fearless Souls as well.

Thanks to her “Mukyu Shunko” Special, Soi Fon taps into her supreme footwork & attacks faster than ordinary eyes can follow. In her wake is massive damage to unfortunate targets. What’s more, Soi Fon possesses a Melee (Transform) ability that, when used, gives her an enhanced form with stronger Melee (Buff) attacks. When combined with her Special Move, Soi Fon becomes an excellent finisher.

7/15 Orihime Inoue (The Bond)

Orihime The Bond

Throughout the series, Orihime Inoue stays by Ichigo’s side as one of his human confidantes. And when she unlocked her latent psychic powers via the Shun Shun Rikka, her supportive arsenal became a massive help to Ichigo & his allies. In Fearless Souls, Orihime’s The Bond variant shows her still trying to grasp the full extent of her abilities.

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However, this iteration of Orihime is still one of the most useful 6 Star Characters in the game, especially with her healing prowess. Her “I Won’t Hold You Back!” Special not only heals her team for massive health, but Orihime also does so while attacking with her Koten Zanshun. This effectively gives Orihime’s ordinary support role a combative edge. Not only that, her special Melee (Barriers) & Melee (Heal) allow her to both give defensive & healing buffs to allies throughout combat.

6/15 Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto (One-Armed)

Yamamoto One Armed

It’s no doubt that Genryusai Yamamoto will go down in legend as perhaps the strongest Shinigami Captain in existence. After all, he isn’t just the comm&er-in-chief of all the Shinigami by title. As proven by his combat prowess, he can take on multiple Shinigami Captains at once while only using a single arm. And it took the likes of Aizen & Yhwach to even harm Genryusai, both of which are some of the most powerful beings in Soul Society.

In Fearless Souls, Genryusai’s One-Armed Variation takes the cake, with the character representing the time Aizen was able to Slice his arm in their fierce confrontation. Through “All-Engulfing Ocean Of Fire,” Genryusai can unleash a huge explosion that inflicts Burn on opponents around him. Combine with status-prolonging Debilitator (Skill) & the anti-stagger Poise (Skill), Genryusai is an unstoppable damage dealer.

5/15 Ichigo Kurosaki (Fourth Anniversary – Fully Hollowfied)

Ichigo Fourth Anniversary

Series protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki isn’t simply a Shinigami, but rather someone who possesses the natural powers of a Hollow as well. As a celebration of Fearless Soul’s Fourth Anniversary, an entirely new version of Ichigo’s Full Hollow form can be acquired as a 6 Star Character. This Full Hollow form is horrifying in the manga, & its terrifying prowess can be felt in the game.

Through “Immanent God Blues,” this Ichigo can unleash a powerful aerial Cero that can inflict massive damage to opponents. This attack & Ichigo’s overall damage toolkit become all the deadlier when combined with enhancements such as anti-staggering Poise (Skill), as well as Decreased Damage Taken (Skill) from Captains.

4/15 Yachiru Unohana (Thous&-Year Blood War)


Despite being all smiles, Yachiru Unohana is one of the deadliest Captains among all Shinigami. This isn’t because of her status as the 11th Division Captain but rather her legacy as the first “Kenpachi.” Even her name means “Eight-Thous& Styles,” denoting her mastery over the blade. It’s said that when she & Kenpachi finally clash, one of them is bound to die. Yachiru finally unleashes the full extent of her power in the “Thous&-Year Blood War” arc, & it’s this variant that makes her one of the best 6 Star Characters in Fearless Souls.

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Thanks to her Special “Minazuki (All Things End),” Yachiru unleashes her Bankai, that not only deals massive damage but also heals her allies. Not only that, the Special has a small percentage of instant-killing a foe. Her role as a DPS/Healer is further augmented with anti-stagger Poise (Skill) & team-based healing perks of Medic (Skill).

3/15 Yasutora Sado (The Bond)

Yasutora Sado The Bond

Of all Ichigo’s allies, Yasutora Sado, aka Chad, is perhaps the kindest. While being more of a bruiser, he has more to offer than meets the eye. After all, it seems Chad’s massive strength is a result of his nature as a Fullbring, endowing him with arms that have enhanced abilities.

With the “Brazo Izquierdo Del Diablo” Special, Chad unleashes a punch that not only damages opponents immensely but also Paralyzes them. Moreover, Chad has a Melee (Buff) feature that further augments his attacks. These make him an effective bruiser, especially since he also possesses the anti-stagger Poise (Skill) & buff-boosting Enhancer (Skill).

2/15 Kenpachi Zaraki (The Belief)

Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the most unstoppable powerhouses among all the Shinigami Captains. While he relishes in combat, he has a soft spot for his ever-so-loyal companion Yachiru. In his The Belief variant in Fearless Souls, Kenpachi is seen accompanied by Yachiru as he checks up on Ichigo in the human world.

Thanks to his “The Demon Awakens” Special, he “transforms” & unleashes an attack that deals massive damage & Weakens enemies. This leaves them vulnerable for the team or Kenpachi to finish off. Thanks to anti-stagger Poise (Skill), ailment-prolonging Debilitator (Skill), & buffs for all his attacks, Kenpachi is a solid all-rounder in terms of damage.

1/15 Nnoitora Gilga (Can’t Feel Your Own World)

Nnoitora CFYOW

Despite being a rather “minor” Espada in the series, Nnoitora Gilga boasts one of the most powerful skills in the Bleach universe, especially when he attains his Hogyoku-empowered form. Instead of wielding scythes, his body seems to become made of spiritual blades, giving Nnoitora access to as much slashing fun as possible.

His “Santa Teresa Guadana” Special will have Nnoitora attack with his words, inflicting Paralysis alongside devastating damage. When he uses Melee (Transform), Nnoitora gains Melee (Buff), giving himself bonus stats for a duration. This actually makes Nnoitora quite a competent sub-tank, as he also possesses anti-stagger via Poise (Skill), defenses when quests Start via Star Barrier (Skill), & overall attack bonuses.

Bleach Fearless Souls was released in 2016 for PS4, Android, iOS, & PC.

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