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How Complex the Bloodborne Board Game is Compared to the PS4 Title


Based on how most of FromSoftware’s recent action games are arguably modern classics, it’s a testament to how good Bloodborne is that it still st&s out from the crowd. Since the game debuted on the PS4 back in 2015, its Lovecraftian horror themes & brutal difficulty have captivated players. So much so that dem& for a remake or remaster of the title for PC & PS5 frequently makes headlines online.

It’s little surprise considering the acclaim Bloodborne has garnered that FromSoftware & Sony have exp&ed the game into other forms of media. While the game’s comic book, figure, & paying card tie-ins have all found success, its board game adaptation arguably recreates the essence of the video game the best. While it adapts some of its complexities beat-for-beat, it also puts intriguing spins on some of the game’s more complex themes.


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Bloodborne’s Lore

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Designed by Eric M. Lang & Michael Shinall, Bloodborne: The Board Game uses most of the elements that players have Advance to love about its video game inspiration. Anyone who’s played FromSoftware’s game will appreciate how the pair have incorporated its complex lore & setting into the experience. While the action takes place on a r&omly drawn board, the locations of Yharnam are present in tile form.

Thanks to the tabletop nature of Bloodborne: The Board Game, players won’t be able to explore the entirety of the PS4 version’s story. Instead, part of the charm of the experience is the fact that they can role-play their way through condensed campaign chapters. Iconic monsters like the Blood-Starved Beast can feature as miniature pieces, though, which means players can still experience the horror of encountering them.

Bloodborne’s Mechanics

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Even though Bloodborne: The Board Game is a tabletop adaptation of a third-person action game, the original’s mechanics are present in altered guises. For example, at the start of every campaign, solo or cooperative players kit out their Hunters with trick weapons, firearms, & stats. Elements like consumable items & upgrades feature too. However, players have to draw & discard these each turn as they interact with Yharnam & complete missions.

Just like the video game, the enemies that populate Bloodborne: The Board Game are a Huge part of the experience. As players complete turn-based actions they will often have to fight & escape the monsters they run into. Each turn players can perform five different actions, such as attacking, interacting with an item, or returning to The Hunter’s Dream to replenish their stats & use Blood Echoes to buy upgrades.

Instead of physically performing each of these with a controller, though, players have to draw cards to determine how effective their moves are. While that might sound like a slower process than the PS4’s Bloodborne, the fact that enemies also draw cards makes the experience a frantic affair. In general, the board game’s concepts might sound more complex, but the fact that they adhere to the game’s principles of survival so closely means they translate over remarkably well.

Bloodborne’s Deaths


One of the charms of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games is the brutal difficulty that often underpins them. Deaths are frequent as players are forced to learn & adapt. While Bloodborne: The Board Game embraces this concept too, it’s arguably even harder than its video game inspiration. When players die in Yharnam they’re returned to The Hunter’s Dream, foes respawn, & the cycle begins again.

What makes Bloodborne: The Board Game harder & more complex, though, is the fact that The Blood Moon rises on every return trip to The Hunter’s Dream. Unlike FromSoftware’s original PS4 title, that means there’s effectively a time limit working against the player. As a knock-on consequence of this, it’s possible for players to die permanently if they can’t complete their campaign missions in time.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4.

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