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Blue Lock: Episode 6 Review


The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Blue Lock, “I’m Sorry,” now streaming on Crunchyroll & Netflix.

Blue Lock continued its fast pace from last week, leaving little time for conversations between characters & more time to play on the pitch in Episode 6, “I’m Sorry.” This episode was full of action, goals, weird antagonists – & most interestingly, a huge betrayal we never saw coming. We feel personally hurt by what happened, even though we knew something like this was likely to happen eventually! But we didn’t expect it like this.


Blue Lock has continued to hold onto its 9th position on MyAnimeList’s Fall Anime Rankings, & a score of 8.25. While we had been hoping it would go up a bit with last week’s well-paced episode, holding onto its spot is also good. It is still the highest-ranking sports anime, & being outranked by the likes of Bleach & Spy x Family is underst&able.

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Weirdest Antagonists Yet


Blue Lock has a huge number of eccentric & quirky characters, both on Isagi’s Team Z & the other teams they encounter. Holding the title of being the weirdest yet is quite an achievement as the bar is already set high. Episode 6 introduced Wanima brothers of Team W, a pair of twins who are a nearly unstoppable force when they are together.

These two brothers’ secret weapon was that they could communicate using only eye contact to make their play, making it impossible for others to guess what they were going to do. And considering only one of the brothers actually talked, & he just interpreted for the other all the time, it’s a good thing they can read one another’s expressions. And their expressions were straight up strange all the time!

The Wanima brothers were very unsettling in addition to being skilled soccer players, & they were also important to a couple of character’s stories, too. For one, they were the former teammates of Chigiri, & made him question the previous injury he had spoken with Isagi about last episode & lose his confidence on the pitch. Secondly, they were key to the betrayal that came from within the rankings.

Stabbed in the Back


So far in Blue Lock, Wataru Kuon has been a kind & gentle leader. He stepped up as the coach for Team Z, coming up with strategies for them every match & giving them pep talks before & after games. We have not even talked about him in our reviews before because, being honest, he was a nice guy but not that interesting. That all changed this week…

In the first half of the match between Team Z & Team Y, Kuon scored a hat trick, or three goals. It is a very rare thing to happen in soccer, & a major achievement for a striker. Team Z went into halftime ahead & feeling confident. Then in the second half of the match, Kuon gave up several goals to the other team. Isagi caught on pretty quickly, & even though Kuon apologized for his errors, Isagi noticed his teammate’s suspicious smile.

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That’s right; Kuon betrayed Team Z. Not only was he giving away goals to Team W, he went to them & revealed all Team Z’s secret weapons & strategies the previous night! The Wanima brothers revealed everything as Kuon turned on his teammates, making the game 12 against 10 instead of 11 against 11. With his own victory secured, Kuon decided it was safer to leave everyone else behind.

A Huge Cliffhanger


When Episode 6 ended, the game had only just finished. Team Z were the losers, even with Kuon having the highest personal score out of anyone on the team. According to the rules originally set by Ego, the top player out of each team will move on to the next round even if the rest of their team is eliminated. That was the route that Kuon was taking, having lost faith that Team Z could move forward as a whole.

We do not know yet how the rest of the team will take his shocking betrayal from the inside, especially as they still have one more match to play against top-ranking Team V with Kuon on the team. And we do not know what will happen to them since they lost this match. Blue Lock has always been about players playing for themselves more than for their team, but this is the first time we have seen it truly in action with real consequences.

We can predict that Raichi at the least is going to have some choice words to share with Kuon next week considering his attitude all the time, but we are curious to see how everyone is going to react. Plus, Ego seemed very interested in how Team Z was h&ling the betrayal – could there be another twist coming, where Kuon is eliminated, & the others move on? With Ego’s twisted thinking, anything could happen, & we will be anxiously waiting for Episode 7!

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