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Bradley Cooper Cast As Frank Bullitt In Steven Spielberg’s New Film


Bradley Cooper will step into one of Steve McQueen’s most iconic roles Spielberg’s original take on the character.

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Stephen Spielberg & Bradley Cooper seem like they might make an odd pairing, but for each other the two feel like peanut butter & chocolate & like the famous Reese’s cup have been looking for a project that will make their two great tastes taste great together. That coming together would for a new Bullitt movie.

Deadline has revealed that Spielberg & Cooper have seemingly found their dream project. They are going to team up for a new Frank Bullitt movie—reportedly not a remake of the original—based on the San Francisco detective originally played by one of the coolest men to ever grace the silver screen, Steve McQueen.


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Having looked for a project that would pair them for a while, Steven Spielberg & Bradley Cooper took to each other like a ducks takes to water & they were at first teamed up on Cooper’s new directorial project, Maestro, which Spielberg was originally set to direct until he saw how good Cooper’s remake of A Star is Born was & bowed out (while remaining producer, alongside Martin Scorsese). But it turned out all the pair needed to find the right project was a magic Bullitt.

Bullitt Chase Scene Steve McQueen

They’re going to pair on a movie that’s expressly stated to not be a remake of the original (whether or not it’s a reboot or a continuation is anybody’s guess) & the film, also produced by McQueen’s son, Chad & gr&daughter Molly McQueen. The film will center on Cooper playing Frank Bullitt, the San Francisco detective based on one of the real-life cops who investigated the Zodiac murders. The film is going to be written by Josh Singer who Carve his teeth on The West Wing & recently wrote Spotlight & for Spielberg, The Post.

The character, played by Steve McQueen in the 1968 crime movie classic, was, like Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty” Harry Callahan, based on the San Francisco homicide detective David Toschi (the detective that Mark Ruffalo played in the David Fincher movie, Zodiac). The original film is most famous for an extended car chase in Bullitt’s mustang that sees the detective having to go down San Francisco’s famously winding Lombard Street at a breakneck pace & in cars (unlike those of movies like the Fast & Furious today) not expressly designed for such reckless speed & braking.

The new Bullitt is still in development. The original movie is available on dem&.

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Source: Deadline


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