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BREAKING: Disneyland Resort Magic Key Pass Sales to Resume Today – WDW News Today

Disneyland Resort will resume selling Magic Key Passes today.
The Inspire, Believe, and Imagine passes will be available beginning no earlier than 9:00 a.m. PT this morning. The Enchant Key is available for renewals only at this time.
Visit the Disneyland website here to join the queue to purchase a Magic Key pass. Disney notes that “Magic Key pass availability is limited and being in the queue does not guarantee the ability to purchase any Magic Key pass.”
Available only to Southern California residents.
“With an incredible year ahead, we’re happy to open new sales for select Magic Key passes in time for holiday giving and to create opportunities for guests to treat themselves and their families to a year full of experiences during the Disney100 celebration,” a representative for Disneyland Resort said.
Sales of all passes were paused earlier this year. Renewals opened in August.
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The virtual queue needs a major overhaul. My daughter was in the queue for 8 hours with little progress showing on the bar. It ‘timed out’ and gave her a message to refresh the page, which in the past, she was told never to do because it puts you at the back of the line. At that point, with no other option, she refreshed only to get a message that she missed her 10 minute window. Now I’ve been waiting in the virtual queue for over 13 hours already. The progress bar moved very slowly all day long, but stopped any progression at about 10pm. It is now after 1am. I’m debating whether this is even worth it. My husband and I had magic keys, were told prior to renewal that we had 30 days after our expiration to renew. It was 8 days after expiration that we went to renew our keys and couldn’t. We called and were first told that annual passes always had to be renewed prior to expiration. (That’s a lie.) On our second call to defend our magic keys, we pointed out that we were told, and found proof on the website, that renewals would be available for 30 days after expiration. They then responded by saying that ‘terms and conditions may change without notice’. If we could have gone over there in person to purchase our magic keys today, we would have gladly waited for hours in line, but we live out of state. Not sure what is going on over there, but it’s nothing good with Chapek (or Cheapek as my husband likes to call him) at the helm.

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