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You Can Now Buy a Hoodie for Your Xbox Controller


Among the many items offered through the Xbox Gear Shop this year is a hoodie that gamers can buy to put around their Xbox controllers.


The Xbox Gear Shop continues to grow ahead of the holidays, & one of the new items is a hoodie that players can buy to put on their Xbox controllers. Since its first generation of consoles, Microsoft has maintained a lineup of Xbox accessories, & this Xbox hoodie combines fashion & console accessories into one small package.

The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie comes in two colors but only one size because the Xbox series of controllers may all fit inside the small article of clothing. Xbox has had a growing lineup of its own clothing for people, ranging from t-shirts & jerseys to sweatpants & holiday sweaters, but the mini controller hoodie is the first time the Gear Shop is offering apparel for Xbox controllers. Beyond the garments offered on the Xbox Gear Shop are a light-up Halo energy sword replica, a heat-changing mug, an Xbox logo rug, an Age of Empires Stein, & much more, which are highlighted in the Xbox holiday gift guide.


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Xbox fans can purchase the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie in white with light gray or a more fitting black with green, both being equally capable of sheltering a single Xbox Series X/S controller. This small hoodie for an Xbox controller costs $25, & Microsoft offers an estimated delivery date of December 30 despite the fact that there aren’t any currently in stock which may bode well for gamers trying to reserve one. Beyond the aesthetic benefits of getting this Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie, Xbox gamers may feel a temperature difference upon holding a controller after removing it from one of these hoodies versus picking one up from a flat surface.

Should Xbox fans choose, this mini controller hoodie could easily fit over smaller gaming pads like the Xbox 360 controller, or even one from other platforms like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, if they’re content to cover another console’s accessories with Microsoft br&ing. These controllers aren’t the only things that Xbox plans to keep warm over the Winter, as the Gear Shop is also offering two different jackets that people can use to cover their tall cans. Although Xbox sells hoodies for gamers as well, there aren’t any that match the look of the Mini Controller Hoodie, which may be a missed opportunity for fans to match their controllers in celebration of the platform.

While many Xbox fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the addition of these mini hoodies for their Xbox Series X/S controllers, others have asked where the Enormous AAA games are which is something that Phil Spencer has discussed c&idly. Because console warring continues to rage on, some Xbox fans are pointing to the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie as a reason to invest in the br& like the mini-fridge before it.

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