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Warzone 2 Safecracker Contracts Explained


Call of Duty Warzone 2 is currently dominating the discourse surrounding the massive & longst&ing shooter franchise, & it is clear to see why. Offering a huge amount of new content & a fresh gameplay experience, fans are once again becoming enamored with the IP’s take on the battle royale formula.

A core part of how Call of Duty Warzone 2 fosters engagement is via the presence of in-game contracts & activities that can be completed for some very attractive rewards. While this was also a feature of the original Warzone, new activities like the safecracker contract are br&-new, & can offer an even more advantageous slew of benefits.


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Warzone’s History of In-game Contracts


A growing factor of battle royale gameplay across the industry concerns increasing player engagement & the breadth of content that is available to them in-game, beyond that of outliving their opposition. Warzone has always done this in one of the most intriguing ways, offering players an array of contract types that can be optionally carried out to gain a serious advantage over other players.

Historically, these Warzone contracts have ranged from things like recon contracts, which reward players with knowledge of the next safe zone’s location, to most wanted contracts, which force players to hunt down a targeted opposing player for an attractive financial reward. Other in-game contracts include scavenger routes that need to be sought out, or time-sensitive supply runs that necessitate a rapid & knowledgeable traversal of the map.

These in-game activities offer huge amounts to the Warzone formula in the way of providing a living & breathing sense of interaction in the game world, while breaking up the often frustrating battle royale formula into more compartmentalized sections of rewarding gameplay. The fact that these contracts have carried over & have been built upon within Warzone 2 is a testament to these aforementioned benefits, with the safecracker contract being one of the most popular & rewarding new additions to the game.

Warzone 2’s Safecracker Contracts

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Backpack

Along with br&-new game changing implementations like AI controlled strongholds & a reworked 2v2 Warzone gulag system, the safecracker contract of Warzone 2 is one of the most recognizable new in-game activities for players to engage in. Safecracker contracts can be found anywhere around the vast new map of Al Mazrah, & are marked on the map with a small safe icon.

Upon picking up a safecracker contract, three nearby safes will become available to the player, & they’ll need to open each one for full contract completion. Unlike the methodical safecracking of Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign, Warzone 2 safes are simply opened by a detonation, with C4 being planted on the safe once a player interacts with it, regardless of whether C4 is actually in a player’s inventory.

After st&ing a safe distance away from the explosion, players will be able to collect loot from the opened safe, which will usually take the form of money & a r&om selection of other items. If all three safes are opened, Warzone provides an additional monetary bonus to the player. The safecracker contract is popular in part because it has a rapid turnaround in team-based playlists where all safes can be opened simultaneously through teamwork. Given how important money is within Warzone 2 in how it fosters loadout & killstreak purchases from buy stations, it is no wonder that the profitable safecracker contract is proving to be as popular as it already is.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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