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The shotgun has a special place in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Those who use them love them & those who don’t use them hate them. In close quarters, they outduel even an SMG with stopping power that can’t be matched. Plus, while their range is short, it’s not entirely zero.

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With only four selections in the shotgun category for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players will have a profound choice to make when they decide to use a shotgun. Each one functions in a special what that will either excite the user or leave them wishing they could change in the middle of the match.


4/4 Bryson 890

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022) Bryson 890 Weapon Selection

Category Rank
Damage T-2nd
Fire Rate T-3rd
Range T-2nd
Accuracy 3rd
Recoil Control 2nd
Mobility T-2nd
H&ling 2nd

Outside of a pixel’s worth of difference in h&ling, the Bryson 890 is the same or worse than the Bryson 800 in every way. Weapons like this often have an advantage to using them that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet & this is indeed true for the Bryson 890.

The shotgun uses a magazine instead of loading individual shells. The problem is, if the gun is only down a few shots, this is actually worse than the st&ard reload. It’s also louder. Tuning the weapon can help out with these issues, but it’s better to tune up a gun that is average or better.

3/4 Bryson 800

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022) Bryson 800 Weapon Selection

Category Rank
Damage T-2nd
Fire Rate T-3rd
Range T-2nd
Accuracy 2nd
Recoil Control 1st
Mobility T-2nd
H&ling 3rd

If it weren’t for its worse variant, the Bryson 800 would be last on the list. It does have the best recoil control but this is generally a dump stat for shotguns that take time to shoot between blasts already. For the Bryson 800, the time between shots is an eternity.

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The pump between each shot takes far too long. If the opponent didn’t die in the first hit, they’ve got plenty of time to recover, turn, & shoot their attacker. Using the best loadout for the Bryson 800 can help quicken up the time between shots or make each shot more lethal, but it’s probably best to just use a better shotgun.

2/4 Expedite 12

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022) Expedite 12 Weapon Selection

Category Rank
Damage 4th
Fire Rate 2nd
Range 4th
Accuracy 4th
Recoil Control 3rd
Mobility T-2nd
H&ling 1st

Players get the Expedite 12 & it’s a solid gun for the entire game. From the first level until it’s time to prestige, this shotgun is ready to be a part of the action. The shotgun is automatic, much faster than the Bryson variants, & the seven shells in each reload are plenty to clear whole rooms.

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It does rank dead last in accuracy, range, & damage. The accuracy & range are to be assumed for most shotguns, but the damage does keep this from being the top dog on the list.

1/4 Lockwood 300

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022) Lockwood 300 Weapon Selection

Category Rank
Damage 1st
Fire Rate 1st
Range 1st
Accuracy 1st
Recoil Control 4th
Mobility 1st
H&ling 4th

The Lockwood 300 takes first place in five of the seven metrics used for weapons. The downside is that it only has two shells loaded at a time. That hardly matters when two shells take out two enemies or one enemy at a distance.

The recoil control is the worst for shotguns, but, even though the firing rate is tops, there is still plenty of time to steady & ready another shot to compensate. The low h&ling does make it hard to aim down scopes promptly & it is something to watch out for. For anything closer than mid-range, hipfire will eliminate the need for h&ling at all. Get the graphics set just right & enemies will be obvious & easy to take out.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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