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Cast Announced For New Lupin Anime

Wright Film & TMS announced the main cast & broadcast date of the new Lupin III anime series at Anime NYC.

A new anime project in the Lupin III franchise was announced in October by Wright Film & TMS Entertainment. The new anime, titled Lupin Zero, is a six-episode series set to be streamed this December.

This past Friday, the main cast & release date were revealed by Wright Film & TMS staff at the anime’s world premiere at the Anime NYC event, which took place over the weekend of November 18-20. The premiere revealed some main cast members, as well as a December 16 release date for Lupin Zero.


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The story of Lupin Zero is set in the year 1960 & tells the story of Arsène Lupin III as a young boy, combining stories from the original manga with some br&-new material. The series will be available on HIDIVE from December 16.

Lupin Zero will be produced by Telecom Animation Film (Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!) & various staff members involved in the Lupin Zero project have contributed to past Lupin anime projects, including Daisuke Sakō, the Lupin the Third: Part 5 chief animation director & Lupin III Italian Game animation director; Asami Taguchi as the series’ character designer; while Yoshihide Otomo is in charge of composing the music.


Ichiro Okouchi is in charge of the scripts, while setting research for the series is credited to Seiichi Shirato. Cast information for Lupin Zero reveal Tasuku Hatanaka (Denki Kaminari, My Hero Academia) cast as Lupin III; while Shunsuke Takeuchi (Askin Nakk Le Vaar, BLEACH: Thous&-Year Blood War) is cast in the role of Jigen.

Thus far, an official teaser trailer for the upcoming Lupin Zero has been released; however, no further information regarding the cast has been made available at this point in time. The short miniseries will serve as a brief glimpse into the life of the elusive Arsène Lupin before he became the way he is the most familiar to fans.

The original Lupin III manga was written & illustrated by Monkey Punch, beginning its serialization in Weekly Manga Action in August 1967. It has since spawned a franchise that includes various animated series & film projects; live-action adaptations; video games; musicals & even several manga. Lupin Zero will be available for streaming on HIDIVE on December 16.

Source: ANN

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