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Chap Accuses Twitch of Taking Money & Disabling His Ads for Something He Didn’t Do


Retired Fortnite pro player Chap accuses Twitch of disabling ads on his channel & flagging him for fraud for no reason.


Former professional Fortnite player Ryan “Chap” Chaplo has accused streaming platform Twitch of taking a large amount of money from his channel & disabling ads on it as well. According to the streamer, he contacted his partner manager & was told that his account had been flagged for fraud & that the situation was under investigation by Twitch.

Chap played Fortnite professionally for Team Liquid, then Cloud 9, before being let go from Cloud 9 & focusing on his streaming career. With over 1 million followers, Chap does have a pretty popular Twitch channel, & has been doing well streaming first-person shooter The Cycle: Frontier instead of Fortnite. With such a large following, it was a shock to Chap when he found out that ads were disabled on his channel due to fraud allegations from Twitch.


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Chap broke the news publicly through a Twitlonger post on his official Twitter account. The streaming platform disabled ads on his channel for 90 days & apparently removed a large portion of his pending balance from his account as well. He said that he went public with it because he felt that Twitch wasn’t being transparent about the issue, & he felt it was the only way to get the situation resolved. According to Chap, Twitch refused to reveal the reason he was being punished, & said that his only available action was to appeal the unknown offense. This is unsurprising, considering Twitch’s history of being unclear with bans & other punishments.

From Chap’s perspective, this is clearly a Huge deal. Twitch is his primary source of income, & having that income suspended for no apparent reason from Twitch’s end of things is no doubt incredibly upsetting & stressful. While there may be a legitimate reason that Twitter took these actions, Chap has stated that he has had a spotless record on the platform for four years. This is a huge difference from justified bans like Twitch’s banning of controversial streamer ClawOnTwitch.

The fact that Twitch would take such harsh measures & not reveal to the person being punished exactly what was going & why it was happening seems absurd, especially when significant amounts of money are involved. With several popular Twitch streamers moving to YouTube, it would definitely be smart for Twitch to start being more transparent & cooperative with Huge streamers on the platform in order to avoid losing more streamers to competitors. Regardless of how this incident with Chap plays out, it’s likely to make other streamers more apprehensive about going all in on Twitch as their main source of income.

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